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Erin Napier Reveals The Second Half of HGTV Home Town Season 6 Has Completed. Releasing Soon!

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Image of Ben Napier and Erin Napier

The American broadcasting network, HGTV, has aired numerous home renovating reality TV series to date. However, only a few have gained as much success and popularity as Ben Napier and Erin Napier’s Home Town.

Since its premiere on HGTV in January 2016, the pair has renovated numerous houses in Mississippi. Coming to September 2022, Home Town is in the midst of its sixth installation.

Ben and Erin announced in August 2021 that season 6 would feature 20 episodes in it. However, after the 10th episode aired on 27 March 2022, there have been no further chapters yet. Erin Napier had to take a break as she was pregnant with her daughter Mae between season 5 and 6

It has made the show fans wonder about the show’s status. When will the second half of season 6 begin airing? Or has the show been canceled? Or will it come to HGTV with the new season? Below is what we have on HGTV Home Town season 6.

The Second Half of Hometown Season 6 Status

The latest news to follow will most probably provide Home Town fans and viewers a sigh of relief. Only a few hours ago, i.e., on 16 September 2022, Erin Napier announced that they have completed filming the remaining episodes of season 6.

Via her official Instagram handle @erinnapier, she shared the news with her 1.3 million followers. Erin uploaded a picture featuring herself with other original casts Ben Napier, Tim Harland, and Angie and wrote, “The 4 of us have made 90 episodes of #HGTVHomeTown together.

Image of Erin Napier and Ben Napier

The original crew since day one: our DP Tim Harland, famously the most thoughtful and beloved man in the film industry, and Angie, the most fierce showrunner / talented problem solver we could ever ask for. We’ve finished shooting the second half of season 6, which means it won’t be long till it’s on your TV! (or computer or wherever you watch.”

When Will the Second Half of Season 6 Air on HGTV?

Via her Instagram post, Erin Napier revealed that Home Town fans would soon get to watch brand new episodes of their favorite show. However, she did not reveal the exact date of its release.

So, we shall have to keep patience until official announcement surfaces from HGTV or Ben and Erin on the show’s release date.

Season 7 is Happening.

Erin’s representative made an unofficial announcement that they are ready for season 7 of the HGTV show hometown. The 7th season of the fan-favorite show will be released next year in 2023.


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