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Erin Napier Reveals her daughter is sick.

Erin Napier reveals her daughter is sick

Erin Napier is a common and probably most famous name in the world of home renovation shows. She has been one of the fan-favorite HGTV hosts and a popular star of the tv show “Hometown”. Together with her husband Ben Napier, the couple renovates and remodels old homes in Laurel. Recently Erin Made an announcement about a health issue that one of her daughters is facing. 

Erin Napier has Two daughters. 

Ben and Erin Napier have two daughters. The oldest daughter Helen Napier is 4 years old and their younger daughter Mae Napier was born on May 2021, that makes her a little over a year as of now. 

Erin Napier reveals their daughter is sick. 

On an Instagram post made by Erin on  October 2nd, her daughter is sick and she couldn’t get a good night’s sleep. 

She posted a picture with the caption

Portrait of an underslept mama of a sick girl in her favorite clothes (I may never take this off)


Now we all know how difficult it is to have our little ones sick in our homes. Erin is already working hard for the new season of the show and the family health issue is not an easy thing to deal with on top of all that workload.

Now although, Erin wasn’t clear with the detail as to who was sick and what had happened, let’s all just pray for her fast recovery.

Do you think Helen Looks like Erin? or more like her dad Ben? let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


3 thoughts on “Erin Napier Reveals her daughter is sick.”

  1. It is so hard when a small one like this is sick. They cannot really tell you what is bothering them. My prayer is that she heals quickly and that the parents are given all the patience in the Jworld.

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