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Brandon Davis: What Happened to Hometown Producer and Video Grapher.

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Image of Brandon Davis with his wife, Brooke Davis

Brandon Davis was a reality tv producer and videographer remembered for his work on HGTV Show Hometown. Being part of the show meant that he got to work closely with the likes of Ben and Erin Napier, the series’ hosts. Before he joined the network, Brandon worked for Black Horn Productions, a company based in Connecticut.

Moving away from the camera, we learned that Brandon was also an extraordinary athlete who loved to venture out into the outdoors, fishing, and hunting. Here’s what really happened to Hometown Producer Brandon Davis.

Who was Brandon Davis from Home Town?

Image of Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis is a known American producer. He is known as the producer of the HGTV Show called Hometown

Brandon Scott Davis was a budding entrepreneur and cinematographer who co-founded Black Horn Co. He was born on the 2nd of March 1986 in Jones County, to Sonya Dykes and Mark Davis.

Notably, Brandon grew up with two siblings, Emily, and Ethan Davis. Brandon and his siblings were raised by both parents, right up until their divorce.

After this, they got a new stepfather, Stogey Dykes. As kids, they were also enrolled at West Jones High, which, Brandon graduated from in 2005.

He’d then take a gap year to explore various corners of the world, which, gave him a better understanding of music and religion. At the time, these were two of the most important facets of his life.

In 2010, Brandon married his long-time partner, Brooke Davis-Jefcoat. Another six years would follow before the couple would have their only child; a son named Kingston Rhodes.

What happened to Brandon Davis?

On the 8th of March 2018, Hometown fans were rocked by the news that one of the show’s producers, Brandon Davis, had passed away. Medical reports revealed that he had died from natural causes, after succumbing to a seizure.

They caused an abrupt, and uninhibited disturbance in the brain. Brandon’s funeral service was held four days later, on the 12th of March, at Venture Church’s Hunt Club Campus.

This is a religious institution based in Hattiesburg. After the lovely ceremony, everyone headed to Lake Park Hills cemetery, Brandon’s final resting place.

Hometown Brandon David

Brandon was a beloved tv producer, father, husband, sibling, and son. This means that his death impacted numerous people across the country.

His brother, Ethan Davis, used his personal blog to eulogize his brother Brandon. Ethan talked about how sudden his brother’s passing was, and how it had impacted their lives.

Other than that, Ethan also revealed that his brother was a huge tennis fan and a prominent member of the Crosspointe Community Church. Aside from his brother, Brandon was additionally eulogized by his friend and co-worker, Erin Napier.

She used her Instagram page as a handle to write a very touching and compelling tribute to her former co-worker.

In Erin’s own words, Brandon’s passing left a wound in Lauren that would take an ample amount of time to heal. Moreover, his family set up a tribute page where friends and fans alike could offer words of encouragement and keep his memory alive.

How Did ‘Home Town’ Honor Brandon Davis’ Legacy?

During the season 5 premiere of Home Town which aired in January 2021, viewers saw hometown star Erin and Ben Napier pay tribute to Brandon and his family. They helped Brooke and her new husband, Robbie, renovate a gorgeous 1940s home to start their next chapter. She thanked the Napiers for helping her through the most difficult period of her life.

“Ben and Erin had a huge part of the journey that Kingston and I took,” Brooke shared during the episode. “They helped support Kingston and I financially and just emotionally. It was a great time of healing for me and for Kingston.”

In March 2021, Brooke and Robbie welcomed son August Beck Jefcoat, making Kingston a big brother.


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