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Erin Napier Shares Her Excitement On Her Instagram Live For The Launch Of Osprey Kids

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Image of Ben Erin with his wife, Erin Napier

On Thursday evening, Erin also talked about their campaign through her Insta live. She shared her experience of growing up in the 90s and how amazing it was even without having thumb documents in her teenage years.

Additionally, Mrs. Napier mentioned that Osprey is a big deal to begin a non-profit. She also asked other parents to join in their journey to control adolescent screen addiction.

Image of Erin Napier on her Instagram Live
Erin Napier on her Instagram Live

In her IG live, the ‘Home Town’ host stated, “What if we just Hope other parents like us find each other? If we could give it a name and like to give language to the things that we believe in. And, it was something that we and our best friends were already doing.”

Erin claimed her first cousin Jim and his wife Mallorie, who had appeared in Home Town, and her other friends Josh, Emily, Adam, and Lily, had already begun their informal awesomeness without giving it a name.

She remarked, “Our kids were all, we just decided early on we’re not going to give our kids access to the whole world when they’re kids because they’re going to have to have such a less burdened adolescence if we can all do that.”

Thus, their campaign aims to create a community around children so that they don’t feel alone. As Erin said, “That’s how the world can be changed.”

She continued: “A lot of people are saying you’re so naive. You don’t know, not in it yet. You only have a kindergartner and that’s true. And, probably I’m super naive but I also think I’m happy to be naive. I’m excited to see what is possible and I think we have to try. We have to at least try and we should start from the point of at least resistance once when our kids are little and they don’t even know what social media is.”

Image of ben and Erin Napier on Osprey event
Ben and Erin Napier on Osprey event

At the Osprey event, the Napier couple along with Dr. Catherine & Taylor Sledge (President of Osprey), Dr. Adriana Stacey (adolescent screen addictions expert and MD of psychiatry, as well as, Ashley & Hu Meen (Chief Executive Office of C Spire) would be in the discussion panel.

The cost for 100 tickets for the event is $20 for the 5 to 6: 15 pm reception, while the price for the 1,000 tickets for the 7 pm panel is $5.

This campaign has a fantastic goal because today’s children are more engaged with social media than outdoor activities. As expected, it will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the children’s growing up.


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