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Erin Napier current Health Update after Throat Surgery.

Hometown Star Erin Napier Throat Surgery

Erin Napier is a reputable designer who focuses on renovating old houses in need of a makeover. Other than that, she also dabbles with business, a little writing, and a lot of television. In total, it is estimated that Mrs. Napier has been featured in four different shows on HGTV.

Most of these are direct spin-offs of the Hometown franchise, which, she hosts with her husband Ben Napier.

Unsurprisingly, Erin is also popular on Instagram, where she has approximately 1.3 million followers. Her posts give us an insight into her private life, which is how we knew that she was hospitalized.

Erin was hospitalized.

Image of Erin Napier when she was hospitalized
Erin Napier when she was hospitalized

On the 16th of May 2022, Erin Napier had to spend a night at the hospital to get a procedure done. Her doctors had her admitted so that she could get her throat operated on, which would in turn fix the issue she had.

Erin revealed that she was a bit apprehensive before the procedure. However, a visit from an old friend brightened her day.

Rodney, who has worked at the hospital for the past 15 years, brought her some chicken soup and kept her company for a couple of hours.

Mrs. Napier went on to share her appreciation for her old friend, who has been by her side through various illnesses, and the birth of her children. Aside from having friends and family in her corner, several fans also commented on Erin’s post, wishing her a speedy recovery.

How is she doing now? Current health update.

We can report that Erin Napier fully recovered from her throat surgery back in May 2022. Her most recent posts on Instagram reveal that she has been out and about, which tells us that she is no longer on bedrest.

In fact, the two of them even went out to the movies a few days ago to watch the new Top Gun movie.

What other health problems has Erin had in the past?

Unfortunately, Erin Napier has had to contend with multiple health problems since she was just 19. Erin had to live with serious abdominal pain for a prolonged period because her doctors couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was wrong with her.

She was constantly plagued by cramps and pain that could potentially last for 24 grueling hours. If that wasn’t horrible enough, she’d even be laid out for a full week, unable to move due to the pain she felt.

It took ten years of uncertainty before her doctors decided to conduct an exploratory surgical procedure on her. It revealed that her appendix had essentially been rupturing and mending itself for years now.

This caused the discomfort she had experienced over the years. Fortunately, the surgeons were able to fix the issue. Despite worries that her condition might affect her fertility, Erin Napier was still able to have children in the end.

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