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Margaret Stern Lost her Best Friend, Maggie. What happened?

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Image of Margaret Stern with her dog

Margaret Stren is a mountain adventurer, entrepreneur, and producer who became famous through her appearance on the History Network’s reality TV show “Mountain Men.” The lady and her husband, Morgan Beasley, joined the show in 2017 on Season 6.

After living a remote life in the freezing mountains of Alaska for 2 yeras, the pair left the show in 2019 after Season 8. Despite leaving the show, the pair still maintains a close relationship with their fans and frequently shares important life details on their social media.

Likewise, Stren shared some tragic news with her Instagram followers on Instagram last year. What happened?

Remain with us to know everything.

Mountain Men Cast, Margaret Stern Bids Good Bye to Her Dear Friend

On 2nd May 2022, Stern revealed that she had lost her dearest friend, Maggie. Maggie was the couple’s cute pet dog, with whom they had a strong relationship.

In the tragic Instagram post, Margaret shared a series of cute pictures with Maggie and wrote they lost their dearest friend and adventure partner only a few days ago. She said Maggie was one of the most determined and optimistic parts of her life.

Image of Margaret Stern

The star further wrote,

There will never be as good a horse-riding, river rafting, 4-wheeler surfing, snow machine driving, pseudo skijoring, backpacking, road, and air tripping, couch snuggling buddy around.”

Similarly, she wished that no matter where her dear Maggs would end up, she would have access to all of her favorite activities, including plenty of snow for playing in, rivers for swimming, enormous bones for collecting, and squirrels for chasing.

After the post went online, her fans showered the comment section with heartfelt messages to console her. One of her followers wrote,

“Aww. So sorry! She had a great life! I had to put my 12-year-old buddy down in February, and I’m still grieving hardcore. It is so hard to let them go! 💔”

Maggy was truely more than a pet to Margaret as it accompanied her everywhere. The “Mountain Men” cast frequently shared glimpses of their adventure.

In 2018, Margaret shared about one such adventurous week with her pet, where she mentioned how pleased she was with Maggie for remaining awake next to her sleeping bag every night and enabling her to sleep peacefully.

The cause of Maggi’s passing was natural due to old age.

What is Margaret Stern Doing Now After Leaving Mountain Men

Stern and her husband left Mountain Men after Season 8. The couple who first landed in Alaska in 2015 loved the adventurous life there and bought a massive plot of land to run a homestead, Apricity Alaska.

On the show, viewers could witness how the pair managed resources for their business. Similarly, the pair built the space independently, from their house to the animal shed.

Now, though they are no longer a part of Mountain Men, they are solely looking after their homestead, where they provide various traveling packages, including horse adventures, hiking, etc., to travelers. In addition, sources claim that Margaret co-produced an “Alaska Range Homestead” series with her husband in 2020. And they even sell handicrafts and jewelry.

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