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Tom Oar Heart Problem: Current Health Update

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“Mountain Men,” the popular History series, provides a window into the rugged lives of survivalists who have embraced the vast wilderness of North American mountain ranges. Think of your typical woodsman, residing in a secluded log cabin, far removed from the nearest neighbor, and you’ll start to conjure an image of the “Mountain Men” cast.

After more than four decades in the Montana mountains, Tom Oar faces a compelling reason to depart from his cabin. In the fourth episode of Season 11 of “Mountain Men,” it becomes clear that Tom has been wrestling with significant health issues in recent weeks. Tom, a former rodeo cowboy with an enduring passion for demanding physical activities, finds his life upended by this unsettling health revelation.

The situation prompts Tom and his wife Nancy to embark on a perilous 80-mile journey to Libby, seeking professional medical evaluation. Here’s a comprehensive update on Tom Oar’s current health status.

Tom Oar’s Health Issues

In the fourth episode of Season 11, titled “Heart and Soul,” viewers learn that Tom experienced a distressing incident. He awoke in the middle of the night, struggling for breath. When Nancy suggested seeking medical attention and Tom agreed, it became evident that this issue was far from trivial.

“I’ve never had any health problems,” Tom remarked. “I’ve always been very healthy throughout my life.”

Tom Oar Health update
Tom Oar Health update

Following a battery of medical tests, cardiologists delivered a disconcerting diagnosis – Tom’s heart was not functioning as it should, and fluid had begun accumulating in his lungs. Consequently, he was prescribed medication to strengthen his heart, along with instructions to wear a heart rate monitor for continuous monitoring. Given the considerable distance of Tom and Nancy’s cabin from the nearest healthcare facility, the cardiologists recommended Tom wear a defibrillator vest to be prepared for emergencies.

What really happened to Tom on ‘Mountain Men’?

The fourth episode concludes with Tom and Nancy heading to the health clinic in Libby, Montana, to receive Tom’s official diagnosis. This appointment is pivotal for Tom, as it will determine whether the medication is effective or if surgery is needed.

“This heart condition has ushered in an entirely new perspective on life for him,” Nancy acknowledges. Tom’s declining health has transformed their daily routine and the dynamics of their decades-long marriage.

While Tom can no longer perform the tasks he once handled with ease, Nancy has taken on the responsibilities. Nevertheless, she remains hopeful that Tom’s medical evaluation will yield positive outcomes, enabling them to continue their cherished way of life, which has spanned 40 years.

Tom Oar Return for Season 12

In the upcoming 12th season of this captivating reality series, History’s beloved “Mountain Men” and women continue to demonstrate the art of mastering off-the-grid living, reminding us that it’s not a lifestyle for everyone. Executive producer Chris Richardson provides insights into what to expect in the new season.

First and foremost, fans can rest assured that the indomitable 80-year-old Tom Oar will return, unwavering in his commitment to hunting and trapping. He remains a revered craftsman and a cherished mentor to a new generation in northwest Montana.

Joining Tom in the wilderness are familiar faces such as Eustace Conway, Jake Herak, and brothers Kidd and Harry Youren. Additionally, the new season welcomes a few fresh faces, promising another thrilling chapter in the lives of these modern-day mountain men and women.

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