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What happened to Morgan Beasley and Margaret Stern? What Are They Doing now?

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Image of Morgan Beasley with his wife, Margaret Stern

Morgan Beasley and Margaret Stern are an Alaskan couple who enjoy living off the grid. They built a homestead (Apricity) in a secluded portion of Alaska, cut off from the rest of the modern world.

Their love for the wilderness is what eventually earned them a place on the History Channel’s Mountain Men. The series not only followed Morgan and Margaret, but also several other survival experts determined to curve a living in the wild.

We are here to find out if Morgan and Margaret are still on the show as of 2022.

Morgan Beasley and Margaret Stern on Mountain Men

Image of Morgan Beasley with his wife, Margaret Stern
Morgan Beasley with his wife, Margaret Stern

Morgan Beasley first joined the Mountain Men Cast back in 2015, during the premiere episode of the fourth season. His experience as a caretaker, tour guide, and wrangler made him an interesting addition to the show.

As soon as he got to Alaska, Morgan found work as a sheep wrangler, which enabled him to save up all the money he needed to go on extended treks across Alaska.

In total, Beasley has featured in more than 78 episodes spread across four seasons. During his time on the show, fans got to watch Morgan’s unique DIY and construction skills. He could basically fix anything regardless of what supplies happened to be available at the time.

Safety was always Beasley’s greatest concern, whether he was hunting, flying a plan, rock climbing, or riding a horse. Despite being Morgan’s partner, Margaret did not make an appearance on the show until the sixth season rolled around. She was first featured on the episode titled ‘Generations’. Throughout Margaret’s four year run on the show, fans got to watch as Stern displayed a wide range of skills.

Not only was she adept at finding edible plants, but she is also a licensed pilot, just like her partner. Additionally, she is adept at tracking, rafting, and even saddling.

Are Morgan Beasley and Margaret Stern still on the show? Why did they leave?

Morgan and Margaret both left the show back in 2019, during its eighth season. In the episode titled Seize the Day, fans watched as Beasley dragged a variety of greenhouse supplies back to their camp. After this, both he and Margaret effectively decided to leave the show. Unsurprisingly, most fans wanted to know why the couple did not sign on to appear in a fifth successive season.

The working theory is that they both wanted to pursue other things at the time. Margaret, for instance, took up a course in Ethnobotany.

In addition to this, she also enrolled in a Fisheries and Wildlife Management Program to further her career in that field. All this wouldn’t have been possible if she was still tied down to television.

Shooting schedules can often be gruelling, taking up large chunks of time. Another reason why Morgan and Margaret decided to depart is that they wanted to spend more time building up their homestead without the scrutiny that reality television often comes with.

Lastly, we found that the couple needed time to build their own business. As we mentioned before, they set up the Apricity Alaska Homestead, which lies on the Western Front of the Region.

They currently offer guests the chance to vacation at the range in the summer. Moreover, they also grow fresh produce, which they then sell to neighbouring towns. With all the additional income they currently earn, there was no real need to return to reality television.

What are Mountain Men cast Morgan Beasley and Margaret Stern Doing now?

Both Morgan Beasley and Margaret Stern have moved on to bigger and better things since leaving Mountain Men. Currently, Margaret is listed as the Co-ordinator for the Outreach and Communications along the Susitna River Coalition.

Switching our attention to Morgan, we found that he started his own YouTube Channel. Both Morgan and Margaret use the platform to give fans an insight into their lives in the Alaskan Range. The most recent video they uploaded saw Margaret returning home after a trip to a treeline.

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