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What happened to Charlie Tucker on Mountain Men? wife, net worth. 2022

Image of Charlie Trucker on Mountain Men, His wife, net worth, married life

Charlie Tucker, a man who prefers to live off the land, hails from the northern part of Maine, USA. He is a reality TV personality and businessman. The retired logger is probably best recognized for being part of an American reality TV series titled “Mountain Men”.

Tucker was active in the show during the 2nd and 3rd seasons which aired from 2013-2014. After becoming a global sensation, he decided to bow out of the show to focus on his business.

But have you ever wondered how rich Charlie Tucker is at the moment? Authoritative sources claim that Tucker’s net worth is at least $500,000. His total bank account accumulated from his long career as a business owner and reality TV personality. He is a state-approved logging business contractor as well as a fur trapper.

Charlie Tucker from Mountain Men married to his wife? Kids?

You might think we know all about Mountain Men Charlie Tucker’s wife and kids, but we don’t. The retired logging contractor and TV star is very private. He rarely shows his other side, the family side. In fact, to date, we do not know what his wife and children look like. We do not even know whether he is married. Even so, the main northern resident is a local celebrity in the US.

Mountain Men Charlie Tucker Net Worth.

Tucker started off as a logging business owner in the northern part of Maine, USA. His business has grown by leaps and bounds and has increased his net worth significantly. With the wealth he accumulated, he was able to build a cabin in the woods.

Mountain Men - Rotten Tomatoes

During winters, he worked as a fur trapper to survive in the woods. He, however, retired from logging activities and focused more on living in the woods. He’s long believed that human beings were intended to live a more primitive life.

The producers of the reality show “Mountain Men” once visited his cabin in Maine. They became so interested in Charlie’s way of life and invited him to join their show.

“Mountain Men” is produced by Warm Springs Productions. It made its debut in 2012. Airing through the History Channel, the TV series follow the lives of several men living in isolated areas in the United States. The men survive by living off of the modern world.

They normally use old-fashioned skills and techniques to survive. Other cast members of the show include Marty Meierotto, Tom Oar, Rich Lewis, and Kyle Bell.

Charlie Tucker from Mountain Men’s Net Worth is $500,000


Tucker joined the show in the 2nd season in 2013 and appeared for 16 episodes of the season. He continued to appear in the show in 2014, appearing in all 15 episodes of that year. In the series, he often worked with Jim Dumond. Jim is a former owner of Dean’s Motor Lodge and a retired game warden. In fact, Dumond is the one who introduced Tucker to the “Mountain Men” producers. Charlie Tucker’s net worth increased significantly, thanks to this opportunity. And aforesaid, Charlie owns a logging business.

What happened to Charlie Tucker on mountain men? Is he still on the show? Or did he leave?

Charlie Tucker joined the reality TV series “Mountain Men” show in 2013 after the producers of the show met him in 2012. He featured in 16 episodes of the second season. After appearing in 15 episodes of the third season, he quit the show to pursue other important things. It is alleged that he left the popular show to continue his business venture.

Upon leaving Mountain Men, Charlie Tucker continued working as a private leaseholder in the recreational component of the Main Woods. The land covering the North Main woods is approximately 3.5 million acres. It attracts over 100,000 visitors annually. This could be an underestimate, as his businesses may be making more profit.


Charlie Tucker was born in Maine, USA. His exact date of birth is unknown. The former Mountain Men cast started as a logger in the Great North Woods. He then became a fur trapper and a businessman. The countryman is notoriously private – rarely talking about his family. He has been very careful to keep his wife and children out of the spotlight. His parents, siblings, wife, and children remain unidentified as of this writing.

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