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What Happened to Mike Horstman on Mountain Men? Dog Adele

Image of Mike Horstman

Michael Paul Horstman was born on December 19, 1954, in Jonesville, New York. He was known as one of the mountain men when he was featured in the seventh season of the show “Mountain Men”.

Mike has been interested in hunting since a very young age.

Who is Mike Horstman?

Mike Horstman is a bear hunting guide who lives alone in the wilderness of Kodiak Island, Alaska. He has been living on the island for more than 40 years.

Neither of his parents had any hunting background and yet Mike had always been interested in hunting. Mike had killed a bear by the age of 17 with the help of his uncle.

Image of Mike Horstman

Mike stayed in Idaho for a while, polishing his hunting skills. Then in the winter of 1979, Mike finally arrived at Kodiak Island, Alaska, and has been there ever since.

Mike Horstman on Mountain Men

Mike Horstman joined the show “Mountain Men” in 2018. He lives alone in his home cabin on the isolated Kodiak Island.

His home is accessible only by plane or boat. Mike is a hunter as well as a hunting guide. In the show, he is often seen setting traps for a hunt or tanning the animal hide.

Mike’s only friend in the wilderness is his dog, Adele.

Is Mike Married to his wife?

Mike Horstman has been living alone as a bear hunter since he settled on Kodiak Island. He has appeared on the History channel’s shows “Mountain Men” and “The Hunt”.

Although Mike‘s parents have been urging him to come back home to Jonesville, the 67 years old recluse refuses to leave his island. Mike has not been in any romantic relationship since he had been living alone on the island with his dog, Adele.

Is Mike Horstman still on Mountain Men?

“Mountain Men” has been running since 2012. The show is on its 11th season.

Mike Horstman has been on the show for five years. the show, Mike is often seen hunting animals for their aired on September 1, 2022.

Mike Horstman Guide Service and fur.

Mike Horstman lives off hunting and gathering on his remote island of Alaska. In addition to this, Mike has been a certified hunting guide since the mid-1980s.

He guides amateurs as well as professional hunters. Mike provides his bear hunting guide services for only 11 weeks a year.

Net Worth

Mike Horstman has lived in the wilderness almost all of his life. His appearance in the show “Mountain Men” and “The Hunt” established his career as a hunter and gatherer.

Mike earns an annual salary of 20k dollars and his net worth in 2022 is estimated to be 200k dollars.

What happened to Mike Horstman Dog Adele

Mike lives with his dog, Adele on Kodiak Island. Adele is the German wire-haired pointer that is with Mike all time on the island.

Image of Mike Horstman with his Dog

German wire-haired pointer is a versatile hunting dog breed and very loyal to its masters.

His dog adele has been with him for a long time and with him, in almost every adventure he takes out in the wilderness. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Mike Horstman’s dog Adele is also a star of the show as many people absolutely love her as she is a sweet dog.

But lately, Adele hasn’t made appearances on the show and fans are wondering what happened to her. According to unconfirmed news, Adele got attacked by a bear and lost her eye that’s why Mike chose to leave her out of the camera and screen.

We hope Adele is fine and well.

4 thoughts on “What Happened to Mike Horstman on Mountain Men? Dog Adele”

  1. You remind me a lot of my Father! You live the way my Father always talked about. My Mom, not so much. I appreciate all your knowledge and amazing strength to live with Adele and enjoy peace. I’m on 20 acres in Montana and I will never live in a city again. Anyway, thx for Mountain Men. I enjoy😊

  2. He loves his dog Adele! Heard she was hurt by a bear! Shame he doesn’t have a backup dog that Adele could train!

  3. Adele is a beautiful dog and looks more like a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon than a German Wirehaired Pointer. Similar dogs, but yet different. Really have to believe Adele is a Griff. Both are excellent bird dogs. Best wishes for Adele and hope she is okay. From both me and Emery, my Griff.

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