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Is Morgan Beasley coming back on Mountain Men? Why did he leave in the first place?

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Mountain Men,’ a reality series on the History Channel, delves into the lives of individuals and families who’ve made the bold choice to live off-the-grid across various parts of the USA. Among the notable figures in the show are Morgan Beasley and Margaret Stern. Introduced in season 4 and season 6, respectively, they brought their expertise in outdoor living and a shared love for nature and animals. While their presence was impactful, fans were left wondering about their absence in the ninth season. Here’s an in-depth look at their journey:

Who is Morgan Beasley?

Morgan is far from your ordinary individual. A true mountain man, he resides off-the-grid in the remote Alaskan wilderness, where he confronts severe weather, untamed wildlife, and challenging terrains. A multifaceted personality, he’s a pilot, guide, songwriter, and an avid horse lover. Although he holds a degree in Environmental Science, Morgan’s preference is to learn from nature and his own experiences. Over the years, he’s ventured across the Alaska Range, worked as a wrangler at sheep hunting camps, and, alongside his partner Megan Stern, constructed his own homestead. Morgan’s presence on ‘Mountain Men’ for five seasons provided viewers with insights into his adventurous lifestyle and survival skills. He’s a man who follows his own unique path, living life on his own terms and cherishing the apricity, the warmth of the sun.

What happened to Morgan Beasley’s from ‘Mountain Men’?

Morgan’s last appearance on the show was in 2019 during the Season 8 finale. The series portrayed the challenging journey of Morgan and his partner, Margaret, as they endeavored to create a homestead life in the perilous Alaska Range. Thanks to their diverse backgrounds, their experience proved invaluable. Following Morgan’s environmental science degree from Idaho State University, he pursued a wide array of professions including construction, fishing, horse packing, and trail crew guiding. Margaret, who studied botany and natural history at the College of the Atlantic in Maine, boasts expertise in farming, draft horse work, and taxidermy.

Image of Caption Mountain Men cast Morgan Beasley
Caption: Mountain Men cast Morgan Beasley

In the present day, the couple operates Apricity Alaska, a rustic wilderness homestead in the remote foothills on the Western side of the Alaska Range, accessible only via a small airplane. Nature enthusiasts can visit the homestead to experience the modern world of homesteading, offering personalized activities such as horseback riding, hiking, untouched vistas, and organic garden-to-table meals prepared over an open fire.

Reasons for Morgan Beasley’s Departure

While Morgan hasn’t explicitly articulated the reasons behind his departure from ‘Mountain Men,’ it’s probable that he sought more autonomy in his lifestyle. He’s vocal about his aversion to industries and may have grown weary of living his life in front of production crews. Instead, Morgan has chosen to direct the camera himself, maintaining an unfiltered autobiographical perspective on his YouTube channel.

Image of Caption: Mountain Men Morgan Morgan asks for your help from his youtube channel
Caption: Mountain Men Morgan Morgan asks for your help from his youtube channel

His content covers flight videos, how-to guides, hunting expeditions with his dogs, and even features his musical talent as he works on an album. Morgan occasionally shares songs on his Patreon, providing various avenues for followers to remain connected to his life.

Is Morgan Beasley Returning Anytime soon?

Unfortunately, Morgan seems content and fulfilled in his post-‘Mountain Men’ life and hasn’t indicated any intentions of returning to the show. Nevertheless, he continues to provide a wealth of opportunities for interested parties to keep updated on his endeavors, offering an educational and informative glimpse into his unique journey.

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