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How Old are Tom and Nancy Oar? Nancy Is Younger than You’ve Thought

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The History Channel’s series “Mountain Men” has introduced us to a group of daring individuals living in the remote mountain terrains of the United States. Among them is Rich Lewis, known as the “Houndsman of Ruby Valley,” a skilled lion hunter. On the subtler side, we have Tom Oar, a former rodeo cowboy turned tanner and blacksmith, residing in the Yaak River Valley of Montana with his wife Nancy. The show features other naturalists and hunters, including Eustace Conway, Marty Meierotto, Morgan Beasley, and Jason Hawk. In this article, we’ll delve into the life of Tom Oar, who traded modern-day convenience for a life in the woods in the 80s, accompanied by his wife.

Who is Tom Oar? How old is he?

Tom Oar, born in March 1943 in Illinois, U.S., is currently 80 years old as of 2023. Growing up in a Caucasian household with an older brother named Jack Oar, Tom’s early years were marked by the aftermath of World War II and the economic challenges that followed. Raised in the countryside outside Rockford, Illinois, Tom developed a deep passion for the outdoors. His childhood included learning horse trick riding from his father at the age of seven and later gaining confidence in his rodeo skills, supported by his mother. While his educational background is unclear, Tom’s early experiences set the stage for a life centered around the wilderness.

Who is Nancy Oar? How old is she?

Nancy Oar, Tom’s wife and fellow cast member on Mountain Men, was born in 1949, making her 73 years old in 2023. The couple has been a consistent presence on the reality TV series, captivating viewers with their survival skills in the challenging environment of Montana’s Yaak River Valley. Nancy embraced a primitive lifestyle alongside Tom since 1970, enduring the harsh conditions of freezing weather. The couple, married for over 40 years, didn’t publicly share details about their children. While Tom has two children, Chad and Keelie, from a previous marriage, no information about Nancy’s children is available. The Oars, dedicated to their life in the woods, raised a pet dog named Ellie.

Love birds: Tom Oar and his wife Nancy Oar
Love Bird: Tom Oar and his wife, Nancy Oar

How many children do Nancy and Tom have?

Nancy and Tom’s love story began in Troy, where Tom worked as a combo rider. Despite their deep connection, the couple, who would later become inseparable, maintained a private stance about their relationship. Following their marriage, they chose not to publicly discuss the intricacies of their personal life. Nancy, propelled into the limelight through her husband Tom Oar’s fame, embarked on a journey that would see them spending over four decades together.

Tom Oar has two children, Chad Oar and Keelie Oar, from his previous marriage to Jan Frazer. Unfortunately, Tom and Jan’s marriage ended in divorce. Chad Oar, now a co-owner of Carriage Tours of Ocala, resides in Petersburg, Florida, with his high school girlfriend, Kim Burnette. Chad has two children. Tragically, on April 26, 2015, Tom’s daughter Keelie Oar passed away in St. Petersburg, USA.

As Tom and Nancy Oar continue their journey on “Mountain Men,” their lives offer a fascinating glimpse into the challenges and rewards of a primitive lifestyle in the heart of nature.

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