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Keith Bynum Revealed Rock The Block producers are “Professional Liars”. Full story.

BARGAIN Block stars Evan Thomas and Keith Bynum have raised serious concerns about the producers of Rock The Block.

Rock The Block features prominent HGTV renovation personalities competing to enhance identical properties’ value within a six-week timeframe. Esteemed judges like Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers and Mike Jackson from Married To Real Estate assess the transformations.

Despite the show’s format, winners Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt from 100 Day Dream Home also weighed in on the competition.

In a post, Evan hinted at potential underhanded tactics: “Was there some lowballing going on? Keith and I chose to judge fairly, despite our mistrust of production (the lead producers’ reputation for deception and manipulation is a story for another day lol).”

Keith echoed Evan’s sentiments in the comments, teasing, “The truth about the mistreatment and deception will surface soon!!!”

The above comment was made after the airing of the 6th episode “Surprise Bedroom Redemption”, where the teams were made to jude each other.

Fans were eager to uncover the behind-the-scenes happenings.

HGTV’s Evan Thomas alleges that the Rock the Block production team is rife with ‘liars and manipulators,’ a sentiment echoed by co-star Keith Bynum.

“Spill that production team tea,” one viewer exclaimed in all caps, while another noted, “Evan had time today!”

Amidst the buzz, a third fan remarked, “Considering your show is the highest rated, and social media is buzzing on your behalf, they should rethink this bs.”

Expressing disappointment over the outcome, a fourth fan shared, “I was literally flabbergasted when you didn’t win. Your whole room design exuded peaceful meditation. It was extremely disappointing.”

However, Evan’s latest Instagram post left fans with questions.

On an HGTV-related Reddit forum, fans shared their concerns. “Whoa! I truly hope they aren’t getting screwed over. This seems quite messy and problematic,” one commented, while another worried about the future of the show: “I just hope it doesn’t cause Bargain Block to get canceled.”

While season 5 crowned The Twins sisters from Unsellable House as winners, fans perceive Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas as champions.

Fans Voted Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas as Winner.

Season 5 of “Rock the Block” has emerged as one of the most contentious seasons to date, with a significant portion of viewers passionately advocating for HGTV stars Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas to claim victory. Despite this fervent support, the win ultimately went to the twin sisters from “Unsellable Houses,” sparking widespread debate among fans.

Viewers were so unsatisfied with the results that they took matters into their own hands and conducted a survey to vote for who they believed should have won this season.

According to a survey conducted on a Reddit forum, the majority of respondents expressed a preference for Keith and Evan’s house and design, indicating a clear divergence from the actual outcome of the show. Out of the 589 voters who participated in the survey, the breakdown of votes for each team was as follows:

– Keith and Evan: 299 votes (approximately 50.76% of total votes)
– Sarah and Bryan: 199 votes (approximately 33.79% of total votes)
– Lyndsay and Leslie: 69 votes (approximately 11.71% of total votes)
– Page and Mitch: 22 votes (approximately 3.73% of total votes)

These results underscore the significant disparity between viewer preferences and the official outcome of the competition. Despite the win by Lyndsay and Leslie, a substantial portion of the audience felt that Keith and Evan’s design deserved the top spot.

One fan who rooted for Keith and Evan wrote,

Keith’s & Evan I think should’ve won due to the extra rooms & aesthetics. The kitchen & living rooms were gorgeous. I don’t like the fireplace on the closet but it’s a huge closet so it didn’t matter if it took some storage away.

And every other Hgtv used to talk about cohesiveness between rooms and not doing completely different textures from one bathroom to the next, but here it sounds like it might have been held against them. Seems pretty unfair.

Sarah & Bryan were a close second. The dock, the elevator…and their yard was perfect (I think it’s great they didn’t have a hot tub) – all had to have added a lot of value & their work was very well done.

I have several issues with Mitch & Paige’s spaces but overall it was nice.

Personally the only house I didn’t like was the twins’.

I love colour so it wasn’t that but the kitchen had a lot of wasted space and many of their design choices I thought were tacky. And I don’t understand how solar panels that look like my neighbour’s (ones which were damaged in a big storm here) would be a value add. Especially in Florida where the storms seem much worse.

And the screen on the patio (that doesn’t click in or sit flush which would allow bugs to get in) just makes no practical sense.

Anyways I think (to me) it clearly should’ve been Keith & Evan or if not them, Bryan & Sarah


another viewers revealed, it should have been a tie between Baeumlers and Keith and Evan, 


I called this one a tie for Bryan and Sarah and Keith and Evan because their significant architectural choices were exquisite. I thought that they were fairly even all along, even with the elevator for the Baeumlers. For me, it’s always about the finishes. I don’t know who appraised these four units, I assume that as professionals they know their buyer pool. It isn’t and won’t be me. It really was the Baeumlers and Keith and Evan’s best design and execution to date, well done! I like Page and Mitch as coming in 3rd, but I didn’t like The Twins ever before and certainly not now. They needed extra electricity for how many laundry rooms, wine closet, sauna and plunge pool. The buyers will need the extra solar energy to keep the house running. The cabinetry in the main suite bedroom looked like a breakfast bar in a chain hotel lobby.



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