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HGTV Page Turner is a mother of 3 kids. Who’s the husband?

Page Turner has emerged as one of HGTV’s beloved home improvement personalities, garnering widespread acclaim in recent years. Her appearance on the HGTV show “Rock The Block Season 5” has pushed Page towards more fame. As a seasoned real estate broker, she captivated audiences alongside former NFL star DeRon Jenkins on Flip or Flop Nashville. Delve further below for the latest updates on Page’s romantic endeavors.

Is Page Turner Married?

Page Turner isn’t married yet. Fans adored Flip or Flop Nashville for the delightful banter between Page and DeRon, as well as their seamless collaboration in bringing their visions to fruition. Despite being exes at the time of the series premiere in January 2018, their ability to work together remained a strong suit, reflecting their enduring professionalism.

DeRon shared with Us Weekly in January 2018, “The secret is respect and trust. We respect each other. We feel like we both are at the top of our craft. We work well together as far as trusting. I know what she’s going to do, she knows what I’m going to do. Our expectations of each other are very realistic. We make it work.”

Over a decade ago, the former couple’s paths first crossed when Page, in her role as a broker, showed a property to a client while DeRon, a contractor, was involved in its renovation. Their connection sparked, leading to a romantic relationship soon after.

However, as Page recounted to HGTV, their dynamic shifted over time, and they found that their romantic partnership didn’t align as seamlessly with their professional collaboration. Nevertheless, their synergy in the realms of home building, selling, and renovation remained strong.

Despite their breakup, the pair remained committed to their shared aspiration of becoming HGTV stars. When asked about the possibility of rekindling their romance, both Page and DeRon appear more focused on their business endeavors.

“I think we’re in such a great place right now,” Page expressed. “We work really well together.”

Page Turner Reveals how it was like raising 3 kids as a single mother

Page Turner HGTV Daughters

Juggling the responsibility of raising three daughters single-handedly wasn’t a simple feat for HGTV personality Page Turner. Reflecting on those years, Turner acknowledges that she may have been stricter than necessary.

“I was a helicopter mom, super-controlling,” admits the Fix My Flip star in a conversation with Yahoo Life about her approach to parenting her now 26-year-old twins Quincy and Qai, and 28-year-old Zaire. “Looking back, I would be a different mom. I was good, but I felt the need to be like a soldier because there were three of them, and I had to maintain authority and order.”

During her early years as a single mother, Turner sought support from her own mother, who ended up moving in to help raise the girls—a decision that proved invaluable over the 14 years she stayed. Turner also credits her close circle of friends for their unwavering support through the challenges of single motherhood.

“It truly took a village, along with my dear friends who were like family to my kids,” she reflects. “In the toughest times, I felt incredibly blessed.”

Amidst the trials, Turner found success in the real estate business, and she’s set to return for Season 2 of Fix My Flip on HGTV. She credits the industry for teaching her how to “pivot,” a skill honed during her time as a single parent.

“I learned to pivot from being a single mom,” she explains, highlighting the additional complexities arising from her daughters’ close age proximity. “Handling three homecomings, three driver’s licenses, three proms, three birthdays simultaneously—it was chaotic. But I firmly believe in vision and planning. I never said ‘we can’t have it, we can’t afford it.’ I simply emphasized the need for structure, planning, and hard work.”

The journey was even more challenging without the financial support of a co-parent. Turner reveals she “never received a dime in child support” from her ex-partner. “I don’t even know where that man is, to be honest,” she adds. “It’s just been me, my girls, and my mom, and that’s what kept me going every single day.”

When advising other single mothers facing similar struggles, Turner emphasizes the importance of self-care in effectively raising children.

“I always tell single moms, regardless of their financial situation, you have to prioritize self-care,” she asserts. “Find that time for yourself—it’s essential.”

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