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Fans of “Rock The Block” Comment on Cast, Sarah Baeumler’s Kitchen Remodel After the New Episode.

HGTV returned with a new Season of “Rock the Block” on 6th March 2023. In the 4th Season, HGTV hosts Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin, Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle, and Page Turner and Mitch Glew will compete against one another.

In the first episode, these power duos were asked to renovate their respective houses’ kitchens, pantries, and dining rooms. And to evaluate their work, Dave Marrs and Jenny Marrs from “Fixer to Fabulous” were selected as the judges for the episode.

Jenny Marrs said while it was their great pleasure to judge the show, it was equally challenging to choose the winner. On Instagram, Marrs wrote,

“The four homes were all exquisite, and it felt impossible to pick a winner! I honestly think it was as stressful to be a judge as it was to be a competitor last year because we KNEW how hard each team had worked.”

So, though the judges hated to choose only one winner, they made Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin’s kitchen renovation the winners of the first episode.

On 10th March 2023, Sarah posted a series of pictures of their kitchen renovation on the show and wrote, “Marble & White Oak. The Perfect Mix.” To this, the fans could not stop sharing their views, and many even said their design deserved to be the winner.

“You guys should have won. I think Jon’s house was her personal taste. I love them both but was surprised they had them be judges,”

Said one of her followers.

Likewise, the other fans wrote, “Definitely should have won this round! Stunning design & remodel of the whole space. My daughter and I thought for sure you guys were winning it. We were both shocked when they announced the winner. And you guys added more of a beautiful view by including those other windows from knocking the walls down.”

The 2nd episode of Season 4 will air on 13th March, and the teams will compete by refurbishing the living rooms and entryways.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Kitchen Remodel ideas

Are you tired of cooking food in your same regular old-fashioned kitchen? If so, why not consider making changes to your kitchen to enhance the cooking area so that it will be exciting to even think about cooking?

But, if you are unsure how to renovate your kitchen and are looking for ideas, we have got you covered. Below are some of the ideas you may consider to remodel your cooking space.

  • Make your Kitchen Bright: If your Kitchen has dull, dark colors, consider changing it into something bright and neutral. And by colors, we not only mean the color of your kitchen’s wall, but we also mean that your furniture and kitchen appliances will also look better if they are bright or neutral. For example: add a white countertop or a white or grey fridge.


  • Add Lightening: Be it natural light or artificial, your kitchen will only look good if they have proper lighting. No one likes to cook or eat in a dark space. So, if possible, add windows for proper lighting during the day and for the night; it will be great to install under cabinet lighting or pendant lights. In addition to making your kitchen bright, this will also give a stylish touch to your kitchen.


  • Include Island: Kitchen islands have been quite common in modern houses these days. These islands will not only free your countertop, but you may also use it for additional space. Likewise, with a kitchen island, you may add additional seating space in your kitchen.


  • Use Sustainable Materials for Countertops: Most people do not understand the value of countertops and opt for cheaper materials. However, doing so will not only require you to replace your countertops frequently, but it will also make them appear dull. So to make your kitchen look good, choose sturdy materials like quartz, marble or granite for your countertops. They are not only sustainable but are also very easy to maintain.


  • Add a Proper Backsplash: A backsplash will not only protect your kitchen walls from all the food splashes but will also give a stylish touch to your cooking area. Tile is the best material for a backsplash, as it is easy to clean, and you will have multiple design options.


  • Upgrade your Sink: The sink is a very important yet ignored part of the kitchen. The importance of a sink is only understood by those who cook and clean dishes regularly. So, adding appealing and functional sinks like stainless steel sinks or farmhouse sinks will make your work more accessible, and your kitchen will also look appealing.


  • Rethink the Flooring: As the kitchen can be messy sometimes, its flooring must not include carpets or wood as they are hard to clean and may get damaged easily. So a kitchen’s following must always have tile, marble or hardwood.


  • Improve Ventilation: Installing a new kitchen hood will enhance air quality and make cooking more comfortable.


  • Personalise or Add Decor: Never think twice about giving a personal touch to your kitchen, be it by adding personalized photo frames or by including a piece of art. A bit of decor will always go right.

Things to Consider While Remodeling the Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen is a great idea, but before that, there are certain things you must consider;


  • Determine your remodeling budget beforehand and spend accordingly.
  • Pre-plan and identify what changes you want in your cooking space.
  • Decide on the kitchen appliances you want to upgrade or remove.
  • Choose materials for the kitchen that are durable and easy to maintain.
  • Pre-determine how to utilize your kitchen space and know the storage requirements.

Identify a good and professional contractor for your project.

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