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Fans aren’t happy with this week’s Rock The Block’s Result

The highly anticipated return of HGTV’s hit show, Rock the Block, brings with it a wave of redemption-seeking contestants. Season 5 kicked off with fervor in Treasure Island, Florida, as the familiar faces of Bryan and Sarah Baeumler (Renovation Island), Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas (Bargain Block), Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis (Unsellable Houses), and Page Turner and Mitch Glew (Fix My Flip) eagerly tackled the pivotal heart of the home: the kitchen.

Fans of HGTV will immediately recognize these seasoned competitors, each infusing their distinct design prowess into identical spaces. However, Host Ty Pennington unveiled a curveball, declaring that the kitchen and dining areas were a blank canvas with no walls to tear down, granting the teams unprecedented control over the final layout.

Stepping in to judge the transformations were Season 3 champions Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson (Married to Real Estate). Lindsey and Leslie opted for a lush tropical theme, evoking memories of Bali with their blend of greens and woods, though they grappled with functionality and symmetry.

Keith and Evan dazzled with their artistic flair and bold color choices, yet raised eyebrows with their omission of a pantry. Bryan and Sarah impressed with their impeccable craftsmanship and unique design, though their style was deemed somewhat niche, and the absence of a dedicated dining area was noted. Page and Mitch transported the judges to a Tulum getaway with their kitchen, earning praise for their inventive grocery lift.

In the end, Egypt and Mike bestowed the victory upon Page and Mitch, acknowledging their exceptional ability to enhance their home’s value through their renovation efforts. Emotions ran high as Page expressed her deep-seated sense of vindication, recounting how she felt they had been unjustly overlooked in their previous season’s kitchen challenge. Their triumph not only brought them joy but also a $1,000 budget boost for the upcoming challenge.

HGTV shared a captivating snapshot of the winning space, prompting viewers to share their thoughts in the comments section. Messages flooded in, echoing sentiments of admiration and awe. Viewers praised the impeccable craftsmanship, innovative design choices, and the palpable transformation that Page and Mitch had achieved.

  • “Keith and Evan’s place was the coolest. They brought class. The others were typical.”
  • “🔥🔥Team Page & Mitch!”
  • “❤🙌 looks so clean and sleek!”
  • “I didn’t LOVE any of them. That spice rack behind the cooktop was ridiculous! And I’m over wine walls.”
  • “Page played it safe.”
  • “Clearly Bryan & Sarah had the best design & brilliant elevator. Get with the times their attached dining table was smart!”
  • “Congratulations @mitchglew and @pageturnerunlimited THE absolute best kitchen hands down.”

In the comments section, Egypt shared her insights, shedding light on her decision-making process. She confessed her personal preference for Keith and Evan’s design, envisioning it as a place she could call home. However, she emphasized that their task was to evaluate which renovation added the most value and would appraise higher. Egypt acknowledged Page and Mitch’s success in enhancing the property’s worth through strategic additions such as the lift, walk-in pantry, and retention of the dining room, which lent an illusion of spaciousness. She highlighted their clever utilization of panoramic windows, seamlessly merging indoor and outdoor spaces with an inviting bar area, making their decision a logical one.

Meanwhile, Page took to her Instagram account to share some behind-the-scenes anecdotes and express gratitude to those involved in the design process. Reflecting on the challenge, she humorously compared it to the trials of childbirth, humorously stating that her experience with her twins was easier in comparison.

Looking ahead, the competition intensifies as the teams tackle the living rooms, with Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt from 100 Day Dream Home assuming the role of judges. Viewers can catch the action on HGTV on March 11 or stream it on Max to discover which team will emerge victorious.

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