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HGTV Reveals how Much the Cast of the Show Get Paid

The latest season of Rock the Block concluded just a month back, yet its impact lingers in the minds of numerous HGTV enthusiasts. Garnering over 12.7 million viewers, the show proved to be a monumental success for the network.

Loren Ruch, HGTV’s head of content, hailed it as a “ratings sensation.” While we reflect on the remarkable designs and intense moments, a lingering question arises: What compensation do the dedicated contestants receive for their hard work?

How Much does Rock The Block Cast Get Paid?

The program draws in prominent HGTV personalities, with this season’s teams including Bryan and Sarah Baeumeler from Renovation Island, Michel Smith Boyd and Anthony Elle from Luxe for Less, Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin from Farmhouse Fixer, and Page Turner and Mitch Glew from Fix My Flip.

Ultimately, Michel and Anthony emerged victorious, joining past champions Jasmine Roth, Mika and Brian Kleinschmidt, and Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson.

The labor involved can be both physically and emotionally demanding. Page reflected, “That show pushed you to your limits. We had to revamp a 5,000 square foot house in 6 weeks with limited funds. We were on-site for 6 hours after cameras stopped rolling, which meant working 12-14 hour days. It was incredibly challenging. Do I regret it? Not at all.”

However, the contestants certainly aren’t motivated by monetary rewards. In contrast to numerous reality TV competitions, there’s no grand prize or oversized check awaiting the winners.

For Rock the Block, victory is more about earning bragging rights for the winning team. As per HGTV, the triumphant team’s name is inscribed on the street sign, and a charitable donation is made in their honor to the non-profit organization No Kid Hungry.

If not for the monetary rewards, what motivates contestants to participate? Most likely, HGTV stars aim to garner more exposure for their other shows on the network.

When questioned about the importance of winning, Michel Smith Boyd expressed to the Daily Comet, “Hopefully it would guarantee one more season of my own show.” The designer also remarked, “It’s like being the king of the network for the entire year.”

While HGTV has yet to confirm whether Rock the Block will return for another season, given the show’s success, it’s anticipated to make a comeback.

Rock the Block Season 5

Season 5 of Rock the Block brings a fresh twist as four teams compete for redemption in a renovation showdown. Hosted by Ty Pennington, the HGTV powerhouse duos return to renovate attached waterfront homes in Treasure Island, Florida, aiming for victory and bragging rights.

Each team has six weeks and a $250,000 budget to transform the homes into luxurious spaces reflecting their unique design styles. The competition features former champions and HGTV stars as judges, with the finale episode judged by Jonathan Scott.

Loren Ruch, head of content at HGTV, promises unexpected challenges and intense competition. Stay updated on HGTV’s digital platforms for more information.

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