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‘Rock the Block’ Controversy: HGTV’s Leslie Davis Issues Lengthy Apology to Castmate

The latest episode of “Rock the Block,” the HGTV home renovation competition featuring popular network personalities, took a surprising turn as what started as a friendly competition ended on a sour note.

In the Season 5 episode aired on March 18, 2024, guest judge Kristina Crestin, known for her role on “Farmhouse Fixer” alongside Jonathan Knight, was tasked with evaluating the main suites crafted by the four competing teams: Keith Bynum & Evan Thomas of “Bargain Block,” Bryan & Sarah Baeumler from “Renovation Island” and “Battle on the Beach,” Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis of “Unsellable Houses,” and “Fix My Flip” co-stars Page Turner and Mitch Glew.

After meticulously weighing the strengths and weaknesses of each space, Crestin announced Turner and Glew as the winners for the second time this season, leaving Lamb and Davis, the twins, as the only team yet to secure a victory. In a post-challenge interview alongside her sister, Davis candidly expressed her frustration, a comment she later admitted regretting.

“Davis said with a straight face of Crestin’s critiques, “I disagree with everything she said. And she needs to go back to Massachusetts — on the farm.”

Lamb gasped in shock at her twin’s comment and then countered, “I like her.”

The comment sparked controversy and seemed to fuel some viewers’ anger about Crestin’s decision. Crestin issued a response, trying to diffuse the situation with humor, but Davis has now issued a lengthy and serious apology to Crestin and others, calling her comment “uncalled for and rude.”

Kristina Crestin Coyly Responds to Leslie Davis Comment & Social Media Backlash Over Her Judging

After the latest episode of “Rock the Block” aired, social media became a battleground of opinions as viewers shared their thoughts on which team excelled. When the “Unsellable Houses” twins shared images of their creation, many fans vented their frustration and made it evident they had caught onto Davis’ comment.

One fan wrote, “My favorite master suite, you gals rocked it out of the park by far!! Leslie is right… that lady needs to go back to her farm in Massachusetts!!! 🤭😂🙌🏼”

Another commented, “When you said the judge needs to go back to the country my husband and I lost it. It was over.”

In response to Davis’ jab, Crestin playfully addressed the situation in a selfie video shared on her Instagram Stories on March 19, the day after the episode premiered. She acknowledged the fun of returning to the block, given her prior participation on the show alongside Knight. However, Crestin hinted at waking up to a barrage of divided comments from viewers online, stating, “Commentary this morning? That was interesting. Not my favorite experience so, you know, thanks half of you for what you had to say.”

While adjusting the camera to reveal her standing in her lakeside yard, Crestin added with a playful tone, “And I just want to clear something up. Just one thing. I don’t live on a farm. Actually, I live by a lake. And I don’t have any animals besides a dog, nor do I grow anything.”

Chuckling, she wrapped up, “So, you know, just thought I’d share that! Everyone, have a good night!”

Leslie Davis Responds to ‘Rock the Block’ Controversy With Lengthy Apology

Approximately 24 hours following the airing of the main suite episode, Davis took to her Instagram Stories to issue a heartfelt apology. Dressed in her pajamas and seated in bed, she expressed remorse for her comment and claimed not to recall making it.

“If you caught ‘Rock the Block’ last night, I made a comment at the end that was uncalled for and rude. It’s not at all how I meant it; I was attempting to be sarcastic and humorous,” Davis began.

Continuing, she admitted, “I’m not even sure when I said it, honestly. I don’t even remember it. It was a long week, very exhausting, and the main suite is very challenging. But that doesn’t excuse it. It was uncalled for, and you know, sarcasm can be very hurtful. I would never want to hurt somebody, especially somebody like Kristina, who is so kind, thoughtful, and deliberate in her judgments and evaluations of spaces.”

Acknowledging the difficulty of Crestin’s role on the show, Davis recalled her own experience judging the main bedroom suite during Season 4. “We judged ‘Rock the Block.’ It’s almost harder than competing,” she remarked.

Davis mentioned her prior encounter with Crestin in Colorado, where she was impressed by her creativity and poise. She emphasized that she never intended to diminish Crestin’s abilities.

“I am so impressed by her, and from the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry,” Davis expressed. “Kristina, I’m sorry if I offended you, I don’t know. But it was uncalled for and inconsiderate. So Kristina, I hope you accept my apology, and just know that’s not who I am, that’s not who I want to be, and TV is not worth being an unkind person.”

Davis also expressed discomfort at the thought of her children, family, colleagues, community, and even her faith witnessing her comment.

“So, yeah, I’m sorry, and I guess that’s all I can say,” she concluded.

Davis and Lamb further extended their apology by sharing an Instagram photo of themselves in their main suite with Crestin. They urged fans to practice kindness and disabled comments on the post.

“We understand that if there’s one thing more challenging than competing on Rock the Block, it’s being a judge on Rock the Block,” they wrote. “The ‘main suite’ challenge was undoubtedly the most demanding yet, and @kristinacrestindesign had her work cut out for her this week—all the designs were exceptional!! Just a gentle reminder, let’s spread kindness on social media—to the judges, fellow competitors, and other fans. 💗”



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