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What happens to the Furniture on Rock the Block? the House is sold Empty.

Rock The Block Furniture

Rock the Block returns to HGTV and is currently on air with its highly anticipated fifth season, igniting discussions among fans with its exciting premise. This time around, all four teams are back with a vengeance, driven by the desire to redeem themselves after previous losses.

Devotees of the show are well-acquainted with its format: each team is tasked with transforming identical homes using a generous $250,000 budget for renovations and upgrades.

From sleek kitchen appliances to stylish windows and flooring, every detail counts. The ultimate victor is determined by the HGTV stars’ ability to maximize the homes’ value. Once the competition concludes, the revamped homes hit the market for prospective buyers to admire and possibly acquire.

In this exciting installment, familiar faces like Bryan and Sarah Baeumler from “Renovation Island,” Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas of “Bargain Block,” Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis from “Unsellable Houses,” and Page Turner and Mitch Glew of “Fix My Flip” are all geared up for a renovation showdown in Treasure Island, Florida.

Once the foundations are laid, the appliances humming, and the floors gleaming with freshly laid tile, the designers step in to infuse each space with their unique flair. From furniture selections to bespoke light fixtures and intricate house plans, every detail matters. With identical properties as their canvas, it’s the ingenuity of design that sets these homes apart, promising a captivating display of creativity and style.

But, once the homes are put on the market, what happens to all of that furniture that was painstakingly chosen by the designers?

HGTV enthusiasts may find it unexpected that the homes featured on the show are actually sold unfurnished. A network representative has verified, stating, “The houses are unfurnished when sold.” Moreover, the expense of furnishing the homes does not diminish the teams’ $250,000 budget. In this season, Wayfair is providing the furnishings, with the understanding that they will be reclaimed once the show concludes.

If you were hoping to snag a home adorned by your beloved HGTV star, unfortunately, that opportunity is not in the cards!

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