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Erin Napier Shares Photos with Her Lovely Daughters, Helen and Mae

Image of Erin Napier with her husband Ben Napier and daughter

Erin and Ben Napier are a beloved couple of HGTV designers known for their show “Home Town Takeover,” where they work their magic to transform homes and communities. Their fans awaited the arrival of the second season, and the couple found a unique way to celebrate its premiere.

Read more as we will talk about Erin Napier’s Instagram posts, the comments, and the origins of the show “Home Town”.

Erin Napier’s Instagram Post with her Daughters

Erin and her husband, Ben, decided to celebrate the premiere night in a unique way. Instead of attending any fancy event or party, they opted for a cozy night at their home in Laurel, Mississippi.

The day was slightly chilly, but it didn’t affect their excitement for the new season. Erin and Ben spent the day with their two adorable daughters, Helen and Mae, enjoying the warmth of family love and the thrill of the new season.

Image of Erin Napier's daughter

Erin couldn’t resist sharing their cozy celebration on her Instagram, where fans instantly fell in love with the sweet family moment. The comments section was filled with admiration for the family.

Many fans praised Erin’s daughters, asserting that they have great taste in entertainment and are absolutely adorable. Some even commented on Erin’s parenting skills, stating that she is raising her girls right.

Erin’s Instagram has become a hub for fans to witness the heartwarming moments of her family, and they are always eager to show their support. It’s not the first time Erin has shared her daughters’ adorable moments on Instagram. On March 25th of this year, she posted a rare glimpse of her daughters painting towels with watercolors, which was incredibly cute.

Although comments were disabled, fans still showed their love by liking the post over 35k times. Erin’s Instagram has become a platform for fans to witness the love and joy that comes with being a parent, and fans always look forward to seeing the next heartwarming update from her family.

Origins of the show “Home Town”

In December 2016, Erin and her husband, Ben were on the verge of quitting their jobs as TV hosts. They were tired of working for someone else and wanted to pursue their own dreams, but they didn’t know what those dreams were.

Image of Erin Napier's daughters

Then one day, Ben got an idea, what if he and Erin created their own show? So he pitched it to Erin, who was immediately excited by the prospect of doing something new with her husband.

The next day they quit their jobs at HGTV (Home & Garden Television) and began working on this new show full-time while also building up a following on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook along with an email list that now has over 1 million subscribers!

After months of hard work developing content for “Home Town” which includes everything from shooting videos in different cities across America.


1 thought on “Erin Napier Shares Photos with Her Lovely Daughters, Helen and Mae”

  1. My husband and I are from Raymond, MS and moved to AZ in 1981 to pursue his career in Western Art. We love your show. It takes us “back home” to MS! Hermon Adams, my husband, passed away in 2021 and left behind quite a legacy in art. I have family there in Laurel and my dad was raised near Taylorsville and Bay Springs. We love what you are doing for your community and for the people there. Your restorations are amazing and inspiring to all of us who watch your show. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us who appreciate what you are doing. I understand how hard it must be to be so visible to everyone. Your attitudes and values speak volumes. You are creating so much positivity all over the country. Forgotten towns want to come together to restore the beauty of the buildings and homes, while creating an and a comradery in communities. Thank you for a wonderful journey with you and your precious family. Best wishes, Sheila Adams

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