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Life Below Zero Sue Aikens Net worth, Husbands, Son, Wiki Bio.

Sue Aikens

Sue Aikens was born on 1st July 1963. She was born in Chicago but later moved to Alaska with her mother at a very young age and then brought up there. Susan became a celebrity who is famous for her show “Life Below Zero” on the National Geographical Channel. Moreover, she transcended her role in more appearances. Let’s find out more on Sue Aikens net worth and Wik-bio, including information on her husbands and kids.

Sue Aikens Net worth Update in 2019: $500,00

Sue Aikens net worth is mostly generated from her shows. Life below zero made her a talking star in the city. She has become popular on National Geographical Channel and other big platforms which gave her a considerable fame day by day and built her a substantial amount in a short period. Sue Aikens net worth is not just relying on one show; she is part of three other different shows.

The reality star is quite accustomed to nature and the inhabitants of the Kivek river camp. In her field, she has managed to have at least six people and secures a salary of about $4,500 per week. Sue Aikens Net worth is over $500,000. Her camp is the best place for fishing and hunting with full equipment provided.

Sue Aikens Husbands and Children

Sue Aikens has been married thrice in her life. Sue’s first two husbands are both dead. The first one succumbed to a brain tumor while the second husband’s cause of death remains a mystery. Presently, she is married to Michael G. Heinrich.

Sue has two kids; a son and a daughter who are both married and living in the United States. She also has grandchildren whom she adores very much.

Sue Aikens with her children
Caption: Sue Aikens with her granddaughter

Sue Aikens sees her children not so often since they are so far away and her grandkids get to visit her mostly in the summer season. However, social media means a lot to her since its the way to cut the bridge between their distances. She also gets to connect through some social network. When she is in trouble, she has a code that she sends via Facebook and other platforms to notify her kids.

Caption: Susan Aikens checking her friends and family from a Twitter post

Nothing much is revealed about her dating history in social media. However, there are reports that she was married thrice and divorced just as many times. Sadly, two of her husbands died of mental issues, whereas the other left her for a younger woman.

Sue Aikens, son

The reality star has a son. We wouldn’t know about her son if she didn’t post the picture of him on her Twitter account. Sue Aiken’s son got married to his longtime girlfriend in October 2016. Here is the exact Twitter post where you’ll see the Life Below Zero actress during her son’s wedding.

Sue Aikens Age, Wiki-bio.

Sue Aikens is a star who hails from Alaska. She was born on July 1, 1963. The 54-year-old lived on a tropical island at one point in her life, which she doesn’t recall the name. At the early age of 12, she encountered so many challenges and hardships but always emerged out victorious.

Bad Weather, scarce food supply, and Fuel are some of the challenges she has encountered. Throughout her life, she has learned to wake up each day without fear of injury, death, or loss of career to cope with the extremely harsh conditions that she lives in the Alaskan wilderness.

Sue is a TV persona and casting crew from the National Geographic Channel who knew she’d be great on TV after seeing her on “Flying Wild Alaska” a few years ago. Susan Aikens, a cast of the new National Geographic reality series “Life Below Zero,” is living a life most people had a dream of complete fear. She runs a camp called Kavik River camp.

Sue Aikens at Kavik River Camp
Caption: Susan Aikens in the door of her tent at Kavik River Camp

Source: GrindTV

Moreover, she also holds court over the camp, with no neighbors except the wild animals nearby. So how does she cope with living alone in the wilderness? The survival expert states that she is most happy when alone. She loves nature and enjoys her life by living close to it. Susan Aikens mostly connects to the world and her fans through social media platforms as technology makes it way more comfortable.

Sue Aiken’s Wikipedia page doesn’t exist.

Quick Info

Name Sue Aikens
Net worth$500K
ProfessionTelevision personality
SpouseMichael G. Heinrich
BirthdateJuly 1st, 1963

15 thoughts on “Life Below Zero Sue Aikens Net worth, Husbands, Son, Wiki Bio.”

  1. I think Sue is one woman who knows what she wants and is living her dream! I just wish had her courage and confidence. She is a great roll model for many women all over. Love to watch her go at living in the Wilds of harsh Alaska. You go girl!!

  2. Your a favorite of mine on life below zero! I’m hooked on the show after 2 weeks I’m in season 3. Best wishes to you sue! And keep it going, your are a
    Tough dame! And in the best possible meaning!!

  3. Sue, I have been watching Life Below Zero for several years now and I love it! You are my favorite. You are so down to Earth and honest. Its refreshing to see a strong, single woman doing her thing! Stay strong and when its time to come in….you will know it. Rock on Sista!!! Sue

  4. I have been watching Life Before Zero since it first began. My favorites are Sue and Agnes. I always admire strong women. I hope neither leave the show. Agnes is such an incredible mother to her daughters, taking them everywhere and teaching them all that she knows. It is so fun to see all of these people from the show building things and finding ways to make their lives easier.

  5. Sue you are a real woman. Someone we all look up to. I try to remember some of the cool phrases you use. You give all of us female spunk. Keep on truckin’ girl

    Donna, st Louis

  6. Sue, I was really worried for you when I saw you fall off your snow bike and badly hurt your shoulder. It made me realise just how tough you are. I think if that happened to me I’d probably come home again. My husband and I both wondered what would have happened to you if the camera men were not there filming you. We are so glad they were there to raise the alarm. Life is so fragile. Don’t know how long the show has been running as it seems to go from one phase to another in England. For a lone woman to survive alone in Alaska, really takes some beating. Raather you than me, but \i have alot of admiration for you Sue. Take care. Judy Nixon.

  7. Susan,
    I am one of your biggest fans!! I have been watching “Below Zero”, since it began and found you to be my favorite.
    I relate to your strength and tinasity. I commend you being the strong independent woman that you are.
    You have seriously inspired me as i battled three seperate cancer diagnoses in the last 7 years. All in remission now. You helped me stay strong watching your strength in what you do and how and where you live.
    I am a 57 year old native Oregonian from the Southern Cascade mountains. Raised on wild game as i continue to enjoy the outdoors.
    I now live in the city near Portland. Is where my oncologist are that helped with my battle of all 3 cancers.
    Watching your show, listening to you talk has really helped with keeping my sanity.
    You and i have much in common, we both have daighters, i too am a widow, we both love animals and the outdoors. And we never give up on anything we face and or on ourselves.
    I highly respect you as the strong independent woman you are. And you are so smart!
    I loved the show i just watched this week in your new season, on how you created a way to have hot water! That’s just one example of how you use your noodle AKA brain. Super creative!
    You practice the triple R’s, reduce, recylcle and reuse which i do as well. I wish everyone did. Our mother earth would be much healthier and happier if doing so.
    I love your wit, your expressions and how you present yourself. A true image of strength.You make me laugh at how you speak. Especially when you tell it like it is with cussing. You ate a no bull shit kind of woman. I admire that in you. I being the same way.
    If i ever win the lottery, i will come to visit Camp kavik just for the wild life and if willing on your part, a private tour of your home in the tundra.
    I will be sure to bring fresh brown eggs and elk sausage to share with you.
    Keep on keep’in on dear lady! Im going to continue doing the same!
    Representing all strong women around the world. Thank you for sharing you life at camp Kavik with us.all. You’re truly an amazing woman!

  8. Hey lady, you’re not getting paid enough for being on that show. You endure so much alone and you’re the only person on that show who does. Your agent should renegotiate your contract! Love and admire you.

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