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Andy Bassich Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Married life with Kate Bassich.

Andy and Kate Bassich from 'Life Below Zero'

Andy and Kate are the lead actors of the popular reality show, Life Below Zero. This show is based on the survival of six people who face the hardships of the least populated state of America. They survive through the bitter winters and try to find the necessary resources without which one cannot live for long. Some of those people prefer to do everything alone while some like Andy and Kate have families. They prepare themselves for the harsh winters during the small season of spring. The show is gaining viewers on a regular basis. That is so because it is unique and knowledgeable at the same time. Find out more on Andy Bassich’s Net Worth, age in wiki type biography.

Andy Bassich Net worth, Age.

The couple has made a quite good amount of money from the show. Andy Bassich’s Net worth is around $200,000. The couple’s hard work and dedication deserve what they have now or may be even more.

As of 2017, Andy Bassich’s age is 45 years old.

Life Below Zero Andy Bassich and Kate Bassich Married Life

Andy and Kate Bassich used to run a survival school together in Alaska. They also ran a dog mushing school in Alaska. The couple was one of the leads of the reality show Life Below Zero. They had been together for 10 years but the couple decided to leave the show. It came as a surprise to the viewers as the couple was living very happily and was doing everything together.

Beautiful Couple: Kate Bassich and her husband Andy Bassich
Life Below Zero stars Andy Bassich married to Kate Bassich

Source: National Geographic Channel

The couple is one of the finest couples in this television series. However, it was unclear why the couple split. There were many rumors related to this topic. Still, it was not possible to validate any speculation or rumor. Then Kate cleared the air by telling everyone that she was facing domestic abuse, Therefore, it was very hard for her to do all the work along with facing such hardships. She used to perform nearly all the chores of home and made sure that Andy did not have any complaints related to that. The separation of life below zero couple was a big shock for every viewer but as Kate has cleared everything, it seems that she is not going to return anytime soon.


Andy Bassich Wiki Type Bio:

It is very hard to imagine that someone would leave the luxurious lifestyle of cities and towns and live off the grid without any special service or luxury.

Still, Andy and Kate came to Alaska together to live a life away from the modernity with nature. When it was asked to Andy as to why he left Washington and came to Alaska, he told the Inquirer that he just liked living in the woods.

It is certain that he enjoys this difficult lifestyle because he likes living close to nature. He was traveling from one state to another and suddenly developed a strong desire of going to Alaska. He wanted a little more peace and serenity, which was not possible in the city. He also wanted quiet and a little more space which he got in Alaska.


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  1. Andy lived in the wilds of Alaska long before he met Kate in a bar. If you watched the show they were not living happily ever after. Andy was a complete dick! Get your facts straight before publishing!

  2. Andy certainly was a unique person! Even on the show you could see the tension between him and Kate! I thought Kate was a good partner but he did over-do it several times

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