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Andy Bassich Divorce with Wife Kate Rorke Bassich. What happened? 2022

Can you imagine living your life alone? Let’s make this a bit interesting, how about living alone in Alaskan Wilderness? Well, I guess most of us wouldn’t find that easy, right? So today we are about to talk about Life below Zero’s Andy Bassich divorce with wife Kate Rorke Bassich. So what happened to andy and wife Kate on Life below zero? Why did they end their married life?

 Why did Life Below Zero Andy Bassich Divorced his wife, Kate Bassich?

For most of their fans they seemed to be a happy couple, but then again we probably didn’t know what was going on behind the closed Curtain.  Before discussing the couple’s split which is a sad part of the story, first, let us see how Andy and his wife Kate met and got married?

When it comes to Andy Bassich’s origin her story is different; Kate Rorke isn’t an Alaskan native. It was in 2003 when the couple first met in Dawson City, Alaska.

Caption: Life Below Zero Andy Bassich with his wife Kate Rorke Bassich before the divorce.

Back when Andy was working in Alaska as a captain in Yukon riverboat, and Kate Rorke came there as a tourist, and that’s how the couple met.

And that’s how their love story began. Before Andy and Kate Bassich were married, they dated for a while.

The two lovebirds were living their lives as per their vows to live the rest of their lives happily. But it was a big shock for the fans when the couple announced their divorce in 2015. Andy Bassich divorce with his wife was announced publicly in one episode of the TV series “Life Below Zero”.

Even after they announced their split, it took about a year to officially get separated due to exhausting court’s hearing and settlement.

So what caused the split?

Most of the public couldn’t believe that their favorite Life Below Zero’s cast Andy and wife Kate were splitting after ten years of living together. After all, they seemed a really happy and nice couple on the tv screen, so why the sudden split?

It looks like the pair’s relationship was never the way we perceived it. According to Kate Bassich, she suffered violent physical abuse and mental torture during her married life with husband, Andy. She tried hard to patch things up and get the life on the right track, but only to get disappointed at the end. This is the reason why life below zero Andy Bassich and his wife Kate Rorke Bassich’s decided to divorce and live their separate lives.

After separation, Kate left Alaska and never returned, and Andy is living his lonely life in the cold Alaskan Wilderness.

63 thoughts on “Andy Bassich Divorce with Wife Kate Rorke Bassich. What happened? 2022”

  1. It was not hard to tell that Kate Bassich had battered women syndrome. Andy displayed it all the time. The way he spoke to her as if she weren’t an equal but a child. I am surprised she stayed that long but again its a syndrome. Good for her. I’m sure he misses her now, and all he could say was now i have to do the work alone, or its difficult doing certain jobs by himself. Time to think Andy, ,plenty.

  2. I thought he treated her very badly. That’s the impression I got from the show. God forbid she not live up to his expectations during a project. I’m not surprised.

  3. Life Below Zero is one of my TV shows I do not ever miss I love this show!! But, I haven’t heard of one person i know of that even likes the male chovanist pig Andy Bastard !! How kate put up with him is a mystery..we are so glad she dumped his sorry butt.she deserves so much better . when they show him I Hit the fast forward button they need to kick him off this show

  4. I knew Andy was physically abusive to Kate because he was mentally and verbally abusive. The fact that Life Below Zero kept him on is a mystery to me. Kate put up with many years of abuse. She tried to make excuses for him along the way. I am so glad she moved on with her life. Best of Luck Kate. Now Andy is whining about being alone. Well Andy, your behavior is the reason, figure it out!

  5. I’m glad Kate left the A hole . I watch the shoe and remember him always putting her down . Jerk .Good luck Kate you did good leaving him . ??

    1. christine nemeczek

      No he’s a bastard because he always yelled at her, even when he screwed up he blamed her. That woman took so much shit from him, now I know why she had a black eye in 1 of the episodes. But I think one day in particular she had enough of him,I tuned in and noticed he had a black eye, then he was caught from another camera angle and I noticed he had 2 black eyes. I guess that was the way she told him she wanted a divorce, good 4 u Kate.

    2. Make America great again

      I love it. Nobody knows his side of the story. I wonder how many “head games” did she play day in and day out. I wonder if she was a burden more than a help. I wonder if she “carry” her own weight. Drives a man crazy!! She was very quick to play the victim role in the eyes of the public. He has kept his story to himself.

  6. I was actually happy that they had split, I felt sorry for her and did not understand how she dealt with the insults. Glad she had the courage to move on from this remote area with an abusive spouse.

  7. Having been in an abusive marriage for 36 (yes, you heard right – 36 years).i finally got up the courage to divorce. It was a hard choice but I was encouraged and supported by my adult children and ALL of my friends. Having the kind of marriage I did has given me the ability to spit a bartered woman a mile away!! I’m so glad that Kate dumped the hairy wart in her life and I hope she goes on with her life and learns what s stupendous woman she is and she NEVER NEVER NEVER lets another man treat her like that!! Shame on you Andy!!

  8. I like Andy on the show and think he has a lot more to contribute now that his other half is gone. Personally I do not think she suffered nearly as much abuse as she has everyone else thinking she did. She also had a mouth on her that opened when it should have stayed shut and her not knowing had a lot to do with her not wanting to know anything. I definitely do not blame Andy for the split and she knew what she could do so half of this blame goes to her as much as it does him. Living life in the Alaska wilderness is not easy and Andy is a hard worker and I saw Kate do little of that compared to him. Each time she just acted dumb whenever he would try to talk to her about how to do something. Even I would have known how to do some of the simple things better than she did. She was ill prepared to live in the Alaskan wilderness. I think to her it was the dream of doing it and she had no conception of how hard it would be but the blame goes out to each of them equally. Do not blame him for what she did not do or try to learn. They were both adults and I do not think there was any more abuse on one side than there was the other. Half the blame goes to each one. She got half of everything so she fared out well enough. I do not believe one single thing of what she says. She was just as much a smart aleck off the show as she tried to be on it. I have been there and heard it all. I also came from an abusive household and I got up and left his butt. No person in this world can spot a battered woman from a mile away. Most of the time you never know who they are and what they are going through. There is plenty of blame here to go around. She is now gone and the show continues and people like to watch him and learn from what he teaches. Andy can carry the show alone. Kate never could have. Lesson well learned by them both. Leave Andy on the show because he has a much better show to watch without her on it. She was not as nice as some of you may think. There were things happening that none of you who are replying know about. This split was not all a one sided blame. Leave Andy on the show. The show is too good the way it is and please stop trying to make Andy be something that he is not just for your satisfaction or due to whatever it was that you all went through. Do not destroy someone when you only think you might know. The only two who really know are not talking so let it all go. They are both not talking about one another so why should everyone else?

    1. christine nemeczek

      Sharon u should go up there and be with Andy,help him with the work,u said u could do it better than Kate, and besides I think u thrive on abuse,u can’t even recognize it!!!!. Your way of looking at it is basically,ANDY can’t do anything wrong and Kate was a real bitch……..NOT. This came out of ur mouth,(Do not destroy someone when u only think u might know. The only 2 who really know are not talking so let it all go. They are both not talking about one another so why should everyone else). U should listen to ur own advise because the way u went to bat 4 Andy was ridiculous and any sane person would agree,u heartless person.

      1. So Christine you seem to think sharon can’t recognize abuse, can you? The only thing I saw in Kate was her ability to PLAY victim and SHE is talking Andy is not she has no proof nothing to back up her stories. Hummmm so maybe YOU should shut your mouth unless you can back up what your spueing!!!!

    2. True enough!
      She was definitely out of her element. She should try
      I really think a man of the wilderness is not like one from civilization.

      1. …and Andy was delusional thinking she could be a wilderness wife…think with the head on your shoulders Andy!!

      1. Sherrie – I do know what I am talking about here and Kate Bassich was not abused. She got her licks in on him plenty of times. She is playing poor little victim so she can sell her book. She obviously has not other way to make a living after spongin g off Andy and getting her rerun money (of which I never watch whenever she is in the show) and he is doing much better her. He is surely more pleasant to watch and I have learned much more from him since she has been gone. I really hope he stays. Thanks for your support. I am right. I do know what abuse is because I have lived it. She never had abuse because she could have left anytime. All she wanted was to play “poor me” and while we are at it what in the heck makes anyone think she is pretty. I see nothing rely about anyone with dyed blonde hair of which men would never know about. Nothing pretty about her.

    3. Violence between married people is never acceptable. However, I tend to agree with you. This couple brewed beer. So alcohol was a factor.
      Andy was a workaholic. Kate was well provided for in an extremely harsh environment. To survive off the grid, , where every beautiful thing is asking for homage with every mOve you make must be psychologically and physically draining. The only safe harbor would have to be your partner. If Kate was not pulling her weight and she needed to do more, she became just one more beautiful thing requiring homage. The environment , the fur babies, Kate, feeding and providing safe shelter , in the harsh environment. Could make anyone snap.
      Andy was a perfectionist. He was very sweet to the fur babies. But, they literally PULLED their weight. Some how, I wonder why he was abusive to Kate. Usually a cruel person is cruel to animals also.
      Anyway, I pray. They are both ina better place.
      Blame 50/50. Takes two to make it or break it.

    4. I agree with you 100%… it wasn’t hard to tell that Kate wasn’t happy to live in The wilderness… I don’t blame her . It’s real tough to live in the rough could place … but when she committed to live with Andy she should asked herself million time if that was she really want to do in life, I like Andy a lot, he is a hard working person. Full of ideas and willing to learn and accept challenges . He is my favorite in the show.. I am wishing the best to both of them .

  9. Physical abuse? I could see for myself while watching the show that she’s dealing with being emotionally abused. For what went on and if there is proof of course of the physical abuse then Andy should be banned from the show. Just like others in the sa me country as Andy… Especially being in the public eye is showing that it’s ok and that’s where I draw the line. He should NOT be allowed to continue with the show. I’m only into season 3 episode 14. I see there is a new guy and he too has dogs. That’s another thing. I CANNOT believe the fish and game allow 500 hundred fish a day of salmon to be scooped out of the waters. WE LOVE THE SHOWS!

  10. I can’t stand that fool, I can’t stand how he thinks he’s a no it all, the show would be better with out him, good for Kate, to bad she wasted 10 years on his ass, I’d like to be the shit out of him, he’s a real turd.

  11. I never watched when she was on .. my husband did.. I see a hard working man. I see a man that likes and takes care of his dogs to me that means a lot .. so all you haters live out there, do what he does.. apparently she didn’t want to work so stop being ascending cause your not .. Go Andy

    1. It is spelled condescending. He was not good to his dogs. He was a verbally abusive man who finalized every venom spewed session with. I’m a douchebag but because I acknowledge I am a douchebag it absolves me of any backlash? Piss off with your misogyny. I’m a heavy testosterone level male specie. It pains me to say this about another of my gender but you call a cat a ?

    2. I agree. Andy seems like a good guy who picked the wrong woman to live in the wilderness with. Just because he sometimes had a short temper does not make him all the bad things people on here are saying. There are different kinds of abuse, and one of them is emotional manipulation. Kate likes to play the victim role, and I’m sure she got yelled at a few times, but mostly because she was incompetent and didn’t contribute enough. It’s abusive of her to have her husband do everything and then try to play the victim when he calls her out on it.

        1. Sherrie it is women like you that are worse than the men who champion abusers. I am ashamed for you. If you watch the intuit couple that is how tragedies and mistakes should be handled with love and tolerance. Andy had no love and no tolerance.

  12. Andy was a complete prick to her on many occasions that I saw in the show. She’s being asked to help, she can’t read flipping minds and he tears into her. He was the same douchebag with his dogs. I’m a strong male and even I would never treat anyone or anything this way. So good onion Kate and in Andy’s case God don’t like ugly. Not saying just saying.

  13. Andy knows a lot about carpentry and living in Alaska but zilch regarding a healthy marriage with his wife. His wife is not part of the woodwork, she’s his friend and companion. I can’t imagine him living in Alaska as a hermit after reaching his 60’s. He had a lot going for him in earlier episodes, but his ego got the best of him. I’m glad Kate cut the knot and moved on. To be continually degraded is demeaning and unhealthy for anybody with a good heart.

  14. Andy had a short fuse, it’s a pity but it takes all kinds to make this world. I feel sorry for Kate having to put up with his bad temper, but glad she is away now. Hope she finds a good guy.

  15. When Kate helped Andy to erect the timber greenhouse frame & it fell over, he blamed her & kicked off & it was clearly His fault If he explained things clearly & told her what to expect, when he had a “plan”, she could have worked better with him. She was scared to take the initiative, in case it wasn’t how he wanted it doing & she would then get beaten down & he would spit his dummy out!!!
    All he’s bothered about, is his home brew & wallowing in self gratification in the things HE Alone has built!! It makes me laugh when he cocks something up on camera, when Kates not around to get the blame, Prick

  16. Simply stated, when something goes wrong with a project, Andy lets out his rage on poor Kate. What I see is a childish, full grown man having a temper tantrum, belittling his (ex) wife and throwing objects around like a 5 year old. There’s an episode where Kate’s daughter (from a previous marriage) came to visit and probably told her mother to “Get outta Dodge.”

  17. Some people like Andy simply do NOT get it. They are jerks in major denial, and in-need of a wake-up call. Andy is the “biggest loser” here. As a man, even I am offended by the way he treats his wife “on camera”. My guess is that off-camera, the “real Andy” appears. Kate probably would have left long ago had she had a car and resources to leave. He may make an interesting, knowledgeable, quirky, adventurous, outdoorsy character for the show, but he would be miserable to live with. I wonder how he and the Sue Aikins in Kavich would work together.

    1. She would have wound up burying his sorry arse out on the tundra… way would she have put up with his bullshit .

  18. I think Andy Bassich is brilliant. We live in England and I think we have come either to the end of the programs as they seem to go from early to late programs. It is difficult to keep up with these programs. All the characters in this show are really hard workers. Andy Bassich is very innovative and practical. I got the feeling that Kate was trying to inject a bit of glamour to the show. That cannot be done. To live out there, if you have a carpenter for a husband, then surely, it is his perogative to tell his wife what to do otherwise they wouldn’t get the jobs done properly. Out there, survival is the name of the game. If you are not out to survive as an equal to your partner, then the Akaskan life is NOT for you. I am of the belief that if you are in an abusive relationship, then you always have the opportuity to walk out. Kate did after 10 years, Noone in their right mind would stick around in an abusive relationship. If he was so abusive, then why did she stick around. It beats me. Judy Nixon.

  19. Andy treated his dogs better than he treated his wife, Kate. I’d like to see him talk his crap to Sue Aikens.

  20. OMG you Andy haters are really so blind. Kate played victim. “Oh poor me, I’m on camera everyone look at me I’m so abused Andy yells at me he’s mean to me boo hoo I’m so sad and alone” oh please you’re all so stupid if you fall for it. So he’s rough so he yells. Hey Kate if you didn’t like it you should’ve left a lot sooner. Your fault NOT Andy’s !!!!!!

  21. Im watching this a few years later on re runs in uk… the guy is a complete narsasis… you would think that having the fortune to live and thrive in such a beautiful place/ existence he would apreciate his ‘wifes’ support for survival… but maybe its not as harsh as its made up to be… (near to other people?)… and he’s just another abuser… shame.

  22. She’s a dithering idiot and if she’s been bullied ?? I put some blame on her for being a idiot.
    Like she has no common sense or forward thinking. Always hesitating ….. just fucking do it you moron

    1. I agree that Andy could be a real jerk but I Never saw her do anything except screw up the only few times she did anything ! I’d be pissed if I worked my ass to the bone everyday and she just sat around @trying” to look pretty . Look at Cip and Agnes Hailstone , now that’s the kind of woman I’d want to live with up there . She’s a damn hard worker , she’s always happy and she knows how to do everything and anything . They both know their roles and they get it done . Agnes is awesome . I would love to have her for a wife if I lived up there ! She’d put a lot of guys to shame easily !

  23. I don’t understand why the discovery channel would keep Andy on the show. It’s like their saying it’s ok to beat up on a woman and still get to be on tv and get paid big money. Kick his a** off and put someone else on or give more time to the others on the show.

  24. He treated her like crap and the producers of the show that was there witnessing this on a daily basis should be held responsible as well!R

  25. It is television. We will never, ever, know the true story. Television is entertainment, not reality. The so called “reality” they show is an illusion. Always question what you see..
    Money is always the goal – so be skeptical!
    Having said this, One can still learn from the show.

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