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Life Below Zero Cast Net Worth and salary

Life Below Zero

Below Zero is a television series documentary which tells how the subsistence hunters daily make their living in remote places in Alaska.  it airs on National Geographic Channel and is produced by BBC Worldwide. Before getting into Life Below Zero Cast’s net worth, first, let’s see who the cast are.

The show includes six people ( Sue Aikens, Chip and Agnes Hailstone, Glenn Villeneuve, Jessie Holmes, Andy Bassich and Erik Salitan)who reside in the remote areas of Alaska, trying to survive in the below zero conditions, showing their everyday struggles as they hunt and depend only on themselves and survive with whatever resources available to them.

 Life Below Zero Cast Net Worth

Sue Aikens’ net worth

Her net worth is estimated to be over $500,000

Sue Aikens lives 480 miles from the nearest city and 75 miles from the closest road in Alaska. She is the caretaker of Kavik River Camp, a home for hunting groups, which she also calls home. She has lived there for more than seven years but has lived in Alaska for more than 30 years.  During hunting season, She shares with joy the unique experience of the camp with hunting groups and it can house more than 80 hunters at a go.The camp is a fully functional base well take care of.

Aikens income triples from June through September before winter sets in and shut her off from the rest of the world. Life in the camp is expensive.  A gallon of gas costs $10 a gallon if available. Rent is $350 per day and $4500 per week.

Sue Aikens with her pet in house
Caption: Sue Aikens with her pet in house

Source: Kenmarend

Sue treats her visitor well and ensures they are comfortable throughout their stay. Time is of no importance to Sue. She lives alone but not lonely. There is never a dull moment with her life. Although she regards animals her friends, she is fully aware that when something bad occurs, there is no one around to help her.

Chip And Agnes Hailstone Net Worth

Chip and his wife Agnes live with their seven children on the Riverside known as Kobuk which is in the North West of Alaska. with their seven children. Twenty-five years ago, he came to visit Alaska from Kalispell, Montana. As a fisher and hunter, the hunting opportunity appealed to him and he never left since then. He has been fishing, hunting, and gathering raw material for the past 20 years.

His motto is: live for the day but plan for tomorrow. He has encountered death scene regularly but says he is not afraid. He is always vigilant going with his available materials as this is part of living off the land. He moves with his family, setting up tents on the ice or in the snow, tracking the best hunt, skins and get the remains of the animals to trade and barter. They hunt animals and fishes like caribou, bear, bison, fox, wolf, wolverine, fish, walrus, waterfowl, seal and whale. All part of what they catch are put into use for sale. Chip and his Inupiaq wife Agnes Net Worth is estimated over $250,000.

Chip And Agnes Hailstone in Life Below Zero
Caption: Chip And Agnes Hailstone in “Life Below Zero”

Source: Pinterest

Jessie Holmes Net Worth

Jesse Holmes is a dog sled racer, fisherman, and hunter who lives alone in Nenana, Alaska with his over 50 dogs trained,  bred and raised on his own. He also has carpentry skills which have helped him to sustain his remote lifestyle. Jesse’s uses his sled dogs for racing, wood hauling for his carpentry works, run dog sled tours and trap. His fishing wheel alone fetches an average of 3,200 salmon in the summer and fall and this helps to sustain him and his dogs.

During winter, he sources food from the land. He supplements his income by hunting, trapping furs to trade and barter with neighbors of the Nenana community. Jesse depends on his dogs as they depend on him. Jessie is aware of the danger that lies within the Nenana River that has claimed so many lives, but says he cannot live his life in fear.Jesse Holmes net worth is still under review.

Jessie Holmes net worth
Caption: Jessie Holmes in “Life Below Zero” journey

Source: Twitter

Glenn Villeneuve Net Worth

Glenn moved to Alaska from Vermont in 2000. He lives alone in Chandler, 200 miles north ofFairbanks, Alaska and 65 miles from the nearest road in the remote mountains of Arctic Alaska.

He is living his dream of subsistence lifestyle of hunting and gathering, in the remote mountains tops of arctic Alaska. His camp is located on a lake in His living an extremely remote lifestyle of isolation, as he can go for months without seeing people. He likes the simple way of life nature brings, Glenn lives in a cabin without tap water. The firewood he fetches is used as fuel for heating and cooking. The Electricity he uses is for only a few times items, such as a headlamp, satellite phone for talking to his son and daughter and a camera.

During summer he travels on foot and in winter by snow boots. He gathers wild plants for food and he also hunts caribou, moose, sheep, and small animal. Glenn hunts alongside with wolves and was once rounded by a pack of 20.

Glenn Villeneuve net worth
Caption: Glenn Villeneuve in “Life Below Zero” journey

Source: Pins Daddy

Initially, he was not interested having a filming crew following him everywhere around the Alaskan Bush, but after looking t it as a way increasing his net worth while living a subsistence lifestyle, he gladly took the  National Geographic’s offer. Glenn lives a Million Dollar Lifestyle. His greatest motivation for becoming an Alaskan Reality Star was not the money, but for his two children living in Fairbanks. Glenn values the nature and experiences that he encounters along the way.

Glenn Villeneuve does not spend money when living His Life Below Zero and therefore his net worth cannot be measured yet.

Life Below Zero’s Cast Andy Bassich Net Worth

Andy Bassich was known as McGyvermoved from Washington D.C to Alaska with his wife and dozen sled dogs. He lives on the Yukon River and the only way in or out is by snowmachine or boat. After living two years living in Anchorage, he moved to a raw land, Alaskan bush. He was able to build his life from the resources available in his surroundings in other to sustain him and his dogs. He has dozens of sled dogs, grows, hunts and harvest what he eats and drinks — salmon, moose, caribou, black bear, wolf, beer, and vegetables.

On the Yukon River, he runs a survival school and dog mushing school called Alaska Yukon Adventure. It runs at a cost of $2500 per week for singles, or $2000.00 per week for couples.

Andy Bassich net worth
Caption: Andy Bassich’s journey in “Life Below Zero”

Source: National Geographic Channel

Andy’s knowledge is mainly self-taught and he turns his hand to anything with resources within his reach. He is living his remote lifestyle with style, love, class, and comfort and he finds it fulfilling that he builds, develops and shapes his style of living.

According to him, living in remote Alaska is the best place to be. He loves the way his life has transformed and feels that he has realized his dreams. He believes that he’d rather stay here than anywhere else.

Andy Bassich ‘snet worth is estimated around $250, 000.

Erik  Salitan Net Worth

Erik Salitanis a 29 years old man, a life below zero’s cast and he is living with his wife Martha. Erik Salitan lives 65 miles north of the Arctic Circle. He lived in a primitive tent with no floor for two years. Erik is a skilled hunter and he personally kills the meat he eats and prepares the rest of the animal for clothing and tools. Erik moves to Alaska at the age of 18 searching for a better life and he believes Alaska is his final resting place.

Erik Salitan net worth
Caption: Erik Salitan’s journey in “Life Below Zero”

Source: BBC South Africa

Living in Alaska presents a lot of challenges, but Erik loves doing what he knows best from watching animals, walking around, climbing a hill, sitting on mountain edge, and watching the beautiful scenery. He is always vigilant, fears nothing and has his rifle by his side always. Life Below Zero Cast  Erik Salitan’s estimated net worth is more than $400,000.

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  1. Hailstone family take more than they need from nature. They never make a clean shot so the animals suffer, take all of the eggs from a nest.
    I think they over exploit the environment

    1. I wonder what part of the lower 48 you live. It’s obvious that you are making an observation based on city life experience and no real idea what life in the bush really means.
      It would be nice if you were able to offer judgements in areas of your own, real life, experiences rather than applying city logic to subsistence situations.

      1. Agree,
        Every time they take eggs they leave some for the bird to continue the species. They mentioned it several times during gathering so the person who made that statement wasn’t paying attention.

    2. Yes, the hailstones should be investigated for poaching for hunting out of there limits on there tags to which I have never heard them say they had when hunting…

  2. I think we have no ground to judge those living in the harsh condition. Even an expert will not always gets a clean shot in the breezing wind and moving object.

    They are utilize everything out animal when they caught versus to the recreational hunters in cities.

    In many ways we ruined their living condition by polluting the environment. We in cities, consume more than what we needed for living.
    Exploit? How do you scale against our luxury life? Do you
    – Compared to oil and gas, coal, minerals, methane… many more companies who drilling every corner of the earth?
    – Seal hunts for fur
    – Sand theft to build concrete buildings (It takes thousands of years to form sand for rocks to breakdown into little pieces). Without sand river will not sustain water.

    Check out when and how Somalia became to this stage. It never been the same before 60s”.

  3. Glenn Villeneuve is full of crap and a left is family to do what he wanted to do. He talks like we are all morns and he is some kind of teacher. “Hey look it’s a DUCK.” He has left his family to live his dream and is trying to justify is lack of responsibility to is wife and kid. He is right about one thing he is just acting like a child every day. I guess in Alaska you do not have to have any morels or well anything. Look I hunt and fish but I would never just dump on my kids. I had them they are my responsibility to cloth and feed not the states or someone else.

      1. No joke! It’s true! The show wasn’t going to bring him back from what I’ve heard, but he promised not to be such an ass anymore so he was allowed to continue. Now that’s what I heard, but what I think is that they should’ve fired his ass! If you watch the episodes when his wife was there and compare them to the ones after she left you can see a huge difference in his attitude.

  4. I wonder what part of the lower 48 you live. It’s obvious that you are making an observation based on city life experience and no real idea what life in the bush really means.
    It would be nice if you were able to offer judgements in areas of your own, real life, experiences rather than applying city logic to subsistence situations.

  5. I thought Andy and Kate were never married just a common law thing. The way he treated her, with nasty commands, screaming at her if she made any kind of mistake, always made me cringe and wondered why she ever stayed with him….so glad she got out of that abusive relationship, she waited to long, in my opinion
    as she is a very sweet lady from what I observed watching the show,,,,,LOVE THE SHOW

  6. OMG I totally agree with you.It’s kind of a turnoff that these people make the kind of money that they make.I was under the total naive impression that they really did live off the land…but now im not so sure.

  7. Don’t forget that all of these folks were hard frickin core subsistence lifestyle living people and earned the opportunity to make the money that Nat Geo has paid them to invade their lives! B4 u criticize, go libe 20 years in the arctic.

  8. I’m not a fan of Naked Guy & what’s w Agnes tattoo chin she’s Native yet comes across as dare I say a lil clueless yet her kids know things Basic things so who taught them the Dad and dang they make way more them we do then again the dad dose side jobs on top of the show & they have a Reg house and maybe an even better one then show aired but I like her bless her for having that many kids I saw how much diapers cost up there yet wonder how they did it cloth diapers ? kinda hard unless have washer/dryer which they prob do so Don’t buy there Hunting Shacks as houses & was I the only one who thought ? might get Hooked w so many ppl in that lil boat but didn’t see it & am Glad,my parents taught me basic skills & not sure how much of this is for Show,if your eating Rice & drinking coffee you gotta go buy that & Gas ect I’d like to go up there but it’s expensive I watched video of store prices Isn’t cheap but still like to know how much TP is gotta have it or Leaves yes I’ve done a bit of camping lol & Naked guy boy he sure uses allot of wood for a tiny house go but a energy star stove & stop burning so much wood,yeah I bet it’s a Harder life but most live near stores but I wish them all well,stay safe.

  9. They couldn’t pay me a million a show to live like that. I just couldn’t do it. I give these people credit. They deserve every dime

  10. For you people to criticize these people working their asses off to make a living in these places , shows exactly how much any of you know. You all have this self reightous attitude that these people shouldn’t be human they should follow a script carefully it seems. Andy glen sue and the hailstones I guarantee will produce more work and have a better life than any of you critiquing them. Go ahead see if you folks can go do this. If not shut up and just watch the show and if you don’t like what happens don’t. That simple.

  11. I cannot understand the fact that these people talk about bears killing people and destroying cabins, etc. and yet they halfway close the doors when they leave for the day or longer.

  12. I enjoy watching the show. There are bad people all over the world. In Alaska you must get off your ass and work for your food etc. Not a personality contest folks..hay I can’t out run that Big Ass Bear right over yonder but I can OUT Run you…see Y’all..!!!!

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