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Agnes Hailstone Net Worth, First Husband, Age, Wiki, Bio

Agnes Hailstone from 'Life Below Zero'

Agnes Hailstone is the star of the show ‘Life Below Zero’ which is broadcasted on the National Geographic Channel or simply Nat Geo. She is the wife of the second star of the show and the name of her husband is Chip Hailstone. Both of them do several wild activities in the show. Chip is an experienced hunter, therefore; he uses his 12 gauge 0.22 vintage rifle and his cool bow and arrow for hunting. Sometimes he even uses bare hands to get himself a hunt. Chip has been hunting, gathering materials and fishing for more than 20 years and now he says that it has become a part of his life. He says that hunting is his way of life. She lives with her husband Chip Hailstone in Alaska.

'Life Below Zero' star Agnes Hailstone hunting
Agnes Hailstone hunting for food

Source: National Geographic Channel

Agnes Hailstone Net Worth And Source Of Income

She has become a very famous celebrity after working in the show ‘Life Below Zero’. She has successfully developed a big fan following for her and one can easily find her fans now. Agnes Hailstone net worth is estimated to be around $100,000. She hides most of her personal details from the media. It is obvious that she earns most of her money from the television show ‘Life Below Zero’. Other than the show, there are no known sources of the income of Agnes Hailstone. That being said, most probably she might have a good net worth as the show ‘Life Below Zero’.

Agnes Hailstone’s First Husband

Agnes Hailstone was in a serious relationship with a person in her youth. They get along with each other very well and their relationship. The romance eventually turned into marriage and she lived with her first husband for some time. But like most couples married at a young age, their marriage started to fall apart. She hasn’t spoken openly about her first spouse but different sources claim that due to marital problems Agnes Hailstone decided to end the relationship with her first husband. Everything that is known related to her first husband and first marriage is that she had a child with her first husband. The child is male and his name is Douglas J Carter. Other than this, there is no solid information about her first husband (and first marriage).

Married Life With Chip Hailstone

Chip Hailstone is the current husband of Agnes Hailstone. He is also on the reality television show ‘Life Below Zero’. Chip Hailstone is 48 years, as he was born in 1969. His full name is Edward V Hailstone but he uses the name Chip Hailstone more often. The couple has five children yet, out of which they have 4 daughters and 1 son. The names of their offspring are Tinmiaq, Mary, Iriqtaq, Quatan, Caroline and Jon Hailstone. The son of Agnes Hailstone from her previous husband, Douglas Carter also lives with them.

Happily Married Life: 'Life Below Zero' Chip Hailstone and his wife Agnes Hailstone
Agnes Hailstone with her husband Chip Hailstone

Source: National Geographic Channel

Wiki, Bio, Age

She was born in 1971  in Noorvik at Alaska. Currently, she is only 45 years old (2017). The exact date of her birth is 14 June 1971, this date matches with that of the Agnes hurricane which was the most horrific hurricane of USA at that time.

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  1. One question….do these people ever bathe, brush their teeth or use deodorant? I can smell them thru the screen! Cleanliness is not impossible even in Alaska! Just seems they enjoy the filth! I really cannot watch this show anymore. I have never seen anyone of them ever wash their filthy hands! No excuse for filth!!!!

    1. Wow, I am impressed with the amount of ignorance in that statement. First and foremost I am sure they do not want to bathe in front of the camera. Secondly, you assume alot. There isnt dental services as readily available the way we have them in the lower 48. They live in a town of less than 700 people. The cost of going to seek dental care would reqire a bush plane at $500 per hour, plus cost of the dentist. Most of there fincial things are done on barter, so cash for those things just isnt avalible(side note their water bill is $160 a month). Also something you may not know, if you eat a clean diet (no process foods) the need for deodorant diminishes greatly, so unless you have a smellavision you can not just assume they do not use deodorant, that they smell bad. My grandfather always said “When you assume anything your the first three letters of the word” Just because they are diffrent than you or dont make the same choices you do doesnt make them wrong, but assumeing so much about persons sure make you the first three letters. Pampas ignorant individuals like yourself disgust me alot worse than someone who didnt bathe for 2 or 3 years.

    2. Go watch the Kardashians then… Apparently you like your shit to smell like perfume!
      These peaple are as real as it gets, this is by far, what any family should strive to be like. You can barely find a family that big down here that lives together the way they do, or treat their neighbors the way they treat their neighbors. The The only filthy thing here is the comment you made and your soul!

  2. its amazing that not 80 years ago we were still hunting and fishing for our food. How out of touch people have become because of WalMart…

  3. This family is the greatest. Hunting together, building everything with their own hands. It takes some smarts to live a subsistence lifestyle with little dependence on cash. And Skill! Respect to them. They are living clean my friends, and an honest life. Im sure they feel incredibly good accomplishing all they do everyday…I wish them the best!

  4. Of everyone on the show the Hailstones are my favorite for many reasons. They seem to love each other very much, enjoy their lives and I love the way they teach their children. They do what they do as a family!! I would personally love to see more of that in this world!!

  5. I agree. It’s a delight to see them live as they do and with a clean mouth. It really hurt to see Chip put away in jail for they truly need him and he them. Hopefully he can regain his position as family leader as well as dad and husband. Does anyone know when he might be released? I like all who appear on LIFE BELOW ZERO. May the LORD continue to bless them.

  6. To be honest I would trade being clean for a life like that any day. No job living off the land basically just like it used to be.

  7. I love this show, but l think l missed some along the way. I didn’t know about Chip going to jail. What did he do. I guess l have to go back and che k what l missed.

  8. I’ve told my brother if something should ever happen to me and my significant other I would be living off the grid, I absolutely love this show and it would be a blessing to be that close to nature and away from all the corruption here in the lower 48. I think to have that kind of happiest would also bring you closer to God. I think they are all amazing people.. God bless them all.

  9. Bloodthirsty lot the hailstones….at least when sue aikens or Glenn Villeneuve do kill, they do it with respect, unlike the hailstones who kill far too much for my liking.WHY should Sue leave the show?…if anything it should be the hailstones who should go, they feature far too often for me. As for them being the stars of the show…like HELL they are!l

  10. I love the show. Really miss Kate it’s not the same without her. I wish they show more of Erik and his new wife. Question does Chip and Agnes kids get any education or do they think you don’t need it? It would be a challenge if any of their children decide to leave and interact with the REAL world

    1. Chip said they asked the kids if they wanted to learn their way of life and they said yes. The state requires that they teach them how to live and respect the land and be able to survive and support themselves.

  11. @Anna The Hailstones aren’t blood thirsty! They have 5 children and themselves! (Not counting the older son) They need a way of getting the things they need, trade and barter is the way it works there. It takes one caribou to feed Sue or Glen for a month. That should tell you it’s going to take them 7 times MORE to feed their family for a month.

  12. I noticed sue Aiken’s wears the same dirty yellow pants over and over again with all her money can’t she buy a few pairs and wash them once in a while?

  13. I love the show, the Hillstone’s not only feed their family with the subsistence living but they take care of Agnes‘s family who are a lot older and they help out the elders and their community as well. Very tightknit family takes care of the elders in my opinion that’s amazing in today’s world. I read yesterday that The government gives people an Alaska money to live there. Everything is so expensive In Alaska. 45 miles from them is one of the largest cities in Alaska. So they’re not completely without any civilization. Agnes follows her tradition when it comes to the animal she hunts, like giving the Seal his last drink of water,They cut the throat of the animals to release the spirit. Takes a lot of strength and ambition to live a subsistence lifestyle only wish I could do it.

  14. Eddie B.
    .The Hailstone kids are a breath of fresh air, you don’t seem them with ‘zombie iphones’ stuck in front of their faces, glued to Facebook, they are well adjusted useful kids, a credit to their parents.

  15. @Barbara mcintosh Maybe Sue likes those yellow pants and has several pairs because of that. I have some dark grey shorts that I love, so I bought six other pairs. There is nothing wrong with wearing what one likes to wear everyday if you want to, even if it’s the same color pants! Besides, I highly doubt Sue Aikens cares about fashion where she lives anyway, or what other people think about her wearing the same pair of pants everyday if that’s what she’s doing! It’s people that think like you, that make it difficult for people like Sue to live in town. Gosh, instead of focusing on what others wear, try to focus on yourself and changing your habit of judging others. Try instead, to seek becoming a positive thinking, non-judgmental person.

  16. I love this show.I do not care about dirty hands or if they smell. I am sure most people who watch would love to try to live the below zero life. It is a great escape from lower 48 stress.

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