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Big Chief and Wife Allicia Shearer. Are they getting divorce? 2022

Big Chief Justin Shearer

Justin Shearer popularly known as Big Chief is an American street car racer and television personality. Chief has been in the OKC Street racing game since age 9, he would head down the road on his bike to watch the races on Route 66. When he got older, his strong desire for street racing got bigger. Because of his great passion for cars and racing, he was being approached by Discovery Channel and was offered a reality TV show called Street Outlaw in 2013.

The main theme of the show was to let the street racers show their talent. He moved from Kentucky to Oklahoma City in 1992 and has worked at a business called Midwest Street Cars for several years. His first car was “The Crow”, a 1972 Pontiac LeMans which was his dream car too, and was one he almost entirely customized.

Big Chief divorce with wife Allicia Shearer true or just a rumor?

He has been married to his wife Allicia Shearer since September 29, 2006. Big Chef is happily married to his longtime girlfriend, Alicia. The couple has two children, Corbin Shearer and Covil Shearer and they are currently living in the Oklahoma City. He met his wife at the gas station where he worked at when he was still 18. They got married in 2006 and their marriage is still going strong.

Being Famous has a  price, and that is unwanted rumors. For the celebrities out there it’s like common and almost inevitable. Don’t believe us? ask Justin Shearer. There have been rumors that Big Chief and his wife Allicia Shearer were getting a divorce. That’s what some people have been thinking that the couple is getting a divorce since there has been no sign of his wife on the show Street Outlaws. It’s obvious that there are sometimes in couples lives where they might disagree on things but with just that we can’t really make a huge deal out of it.

They might have been through ups and downs, but divorce? A big no. So what’s the proof? Well after all that rumors that has been on the internet and social media about their possible split, they haven’t claimed it yet. Guess that’s more than enough to understand what’s actually going on between them. The last thing is the divorce.

And there is another rumor in Justin’s table. Many people also believe that Big Chief may be having an affair with Jacklyn Braasch who is also an accomplished racer. And it seems to us that this unclaimed relationship between him and Jacklyn might have led people to question about him divorcing his wife. But then you know it’s just unverified claims and it’s nothing but a speculation.

Big Chief Justin Shearer with wife Allicia Shearer and two children
Caption: Big Chief Justin Shearer with wife and kids. A happy family picture

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 Big Chief: Justin Shearer Net Worth ($ 2 million) and Salary

In 2015, Big Chief’s net worth is $700,000. As Street Outlaws continues to grow, Big Chief’s net worth will certainly increase. His car show achieved the top spot in the rankings. One of the episodes of Street Outlaws features Big Chief flaunting his new car. Chief owns a good number of cars from his career in racing. Justin Shearer’s net worth currently stands at $ 2 million.

He nicknamed his dream car The Crow, a modified 1972 Pontiac Lemans, however, Big Chief’s net worth will continue to rise. Big Chief’s net worth has been mostly accumulated due to his consistent hard work and successful career in racing.

Short Bio.

Big Chief in TV show called "Street Outlaw" of Discovery Channel
Caption: Big Chief in reality TV show called “Street Outlaw” of Discovery Channel

Source: Street Outlaws

Justin Shearer also known as Big Chief was born in 1980 in Louisville, Kentucky. Until the age of nine, he grew up with so much love with street racing. In the year 1992, they moved to Oklahoma from his native place and settled down there. Before joining street racing permanently, he started to work at the gas station, he has also served in some restaurants in the Oklahoma City. Big Chief has also been an icon in mentoring those passionate about knowing how to driving. He is a big fun of energy drinks with the monster being his favorite, he listens to several of music and movies.

3 thoughts on “Big Chief and Wife Allicia Shearer. Are they getting divorce? 2022”

  1. If Chief wants to embarrass himself then let him but I personally love watching Street Outlaws but will not watch it anymore with Jackie smeared all over the screen. One really cool thing was when all the guys got together around a campfire race talking and the only thing wrong was Jackie had to be there sitting next to Chief and the only girl there. If she has to be around then keep her off the TV. Nobody wants to see her!!!!!

  2. I wish that the truth would come out. Here Cheif is out of town with another woman when his wife is back home with his kids, just not right. Please let us know before end of season. This is one of my favorite shows. Thank you.

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