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Street Outlaws Cast Net Worth. 2022

Street outlaws cast net worth

The reality TV show is all about the city of Oklahoma and the coming together of some fastest street racers in America. The composition of 10 Best racers who are full of pride, elegance, and thirst for glory. These guys came from different parts of the country with the best driving skills, from Texas to Kansas and California. They challenged one another and on the top list is Big Chief, and the reality is that if you want to move up, you will need to challenge someone, and that is how life works.

The competition is brutal, the race is powerful, the stakes are high, and gender equality is absolute because one of the top 10 racers is a female. This article will reveal and take you through the Net worth of each Top cast in the Reality TV show (Street Outlaws).

Street Outlaws Daddy Dave Net Worth

Daddy played the role of the main character in the tv show Street Outlaws, Daddy Dave, whose real name is David Comstock’s net worth is $1 million. He already had fame and popularity at the early stage of his career as a cast of Street outlaws. The company he had the contract with the TV show changed his financial structure, and by 2017, Daddy Dave’s net worth was estimated to be $1 million.

With his heavily modifying 1963 Chevy II, he has over twenty to thirty years of racing experience and an amazing team supporting him and working together.

Big Chief’s Net worth

One of the famous cast in Street Outlaws is called Big Chief. With the actual name Justin Shearer’s net worth is $2 million.

He has demonstrated, in his opinion, the fact of not relying on the earnings from the reality TV show. He did this by saying racing is not one of the profitable sports.

Big Chief built his racing machine called 1972 Pontiac LeMans and further named it The crow, and it became a deal changing and life elevation for Big chief in the TV show. Big Chief was worth is $2 million.

Dominator – Net worth

Dominator is popularly known due to the role he plays in the Street Outlaws. His real name is Joe woods, and his net worth is $1 million as of 2022. With a good number of fans and popularity on some channels, social media has been favorable to him due to the huge number of followers he has, for instance, on Facebook, where he has over 1.5 followers. Even though his first racing car was Chevy 56’, he was able to race in other cars, mainly muscle cars, because of his interest in them, which influenced his personality even outside the show.

Street Outlaws Monza – Net worth

Monza, who rides a black Chevrolet Camaro, became a star and famous cast on the Reality TV show Street Outlaws.

He started earning an excellent salary owing to his role, and Monza’s net worth is $500,000.

His name is Jerry Johnston, and he is nicknamed Monza. And he is regarded as one of the legends and professionals among all the street racers. He owns a 1972 Chevrolet Camaro Rally Sport, named it “Sinister Split Bumper.”

Street Outlaws Cast: Monza Net Worth is $500,000
Street Outlaws Cast: Monza’s Net Worth is $500,000

The engine of the car made it highly unique, outstanding, and different from other also is, the sound of the engine.

Farmtruck  Net worth

Street Outlaws produced a lot of popular casts who later turned into stars, and Farmtruck, whose real name is Sean Whitley, is surely one of the biggest casts produced by the Reality TV show.

Framtruck net worth is $3 million. Even though he uses the old car but the tuning of the car is very much unimaginable.

His car was heavily customized and used to compete in harsh and smooth environments. The car engine and interior accessories were indeed a demon to be reckoned with by the other racers. Whitley’s C-10 Chevy Pickup Truck which made him glorious

Chuck – Net worth

Chuck is one of the biggest stars on Street Outlaws. And the series, which was a huge hit since the time it started, has influenced the lives of its cast, and Chuck became one of them. Chuck became popular and rich through the Reality TV show.

Street Outlaws Chuck’s net worth is $2 million. His car, Ford Mustang from 1989, is tuned in a heavily modified way and has a small block Chevy engine with a supercharged turbo.

Chuck is known as Deathtrap because of the characteristics of his car tire, which is one of the fastest tires.

Street Outlaws Doc – Net worth

Doc, whose real name is James Love, also played a great cast in the Reality show, and this made him become one of the most famous cast in the show.

Doc’s net worth is $550,000.

He owns a Vintage Chevrolet Monte Carlo, which he used in winning many races and became very famous as one of the professionals in racing, he turned the 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and turned it to a racing beast, and this is why the car is called “The Street Beast” with a great engine.

Street Outlaws Cast: Doc Net Worth is $550,000
Street Outlaws Cast: Doc Net Worth is $550,000

AZN – Net worth

AZN, whose real name is Jeff Bonnet, was one of the famous cast members of Street Outlaws.

His net worth is $1 million. He’s Sean Whitley’s sidekick or partner, and he as well customized his car, which is the old VW Beetle called The Dung Beetle.

Even though AZN has been helping Farmtruck out, he was later determined to be on his own and own his car.

When he purchased the old Volkswagen Beetle, it was much damaged, he repaired it and tuned it greatly, and he turned it into a racing monster with high turbo engines.

Kamikaze – Net worth

He is also very popular with over 200,000 followers on Instagram and has a website where he promotes himself.

Street Outlaws Kamikaze’s net worth is $300,000.

He owns 1980 El Camino, also named The Elco. It is filled with nitrous and powered by a big block Chevy engine. Furthermore, he even promotes his car on social media.

Moreover, He always admits the habit of teaming up with other big racers to be on the advantage and not on the losing end of the game they play.

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