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Is Big Chief Leaving Street Outlaws? Updated! 2022

Big Chief leaving Street Outlaws

If you are a fan of the TV show that is all about fast cars and car drivers risking their lives to be first in the lane, you probably know about Street Outlaws. Well, if you do you certainly know about Big Chief aka Justin Shearer.

We all have heard the rumors of him leaving his wife and dating a new girlfriend, but that is not what we are about discuss here today. Today’s hot gossip is about Big Chief Leaving Street Outlaws.

Why Is Big Chief Leaving Street Outlaws?

Just to open up and clear the mystery, Your favorite Justin Shearer might not be leaving the show anytime soon. In fact, he is going to be on the show for a very long time.

It is true that Big Chief AKA Justin Shearer might not be appearing in few episode of Sreet Outlaws, but that necessarily doesn’t mean he is leaving the show.

The reason to why we will not be seeing him in few episodes of the Tv Show Street Outlaws is still not revealed but him leaving Street Outlaws isn’t something you need to worry about right now.

Street Outlaws' Big Chief Leaving show
Street Outlaws’ Big Chief Leaving show

Source: Hot Rod Network

The fact that one of such legendary racer Aaron Kauffman had left the show Gas Monkey Garage last year had shocked the fans, and it might have made the fans speculate such might happen to Big Chief, but there is no such sign.

It is all just random speculation and few rumors that might have fueled the fear of Big chief Leaving Street Outlaws but trust Us; he isn’t going anywhere, at least not yet.
So now relax and wait for him to come back in the future episode.

Short Bio

Justin Shearer is one of the main cast of the popular American Tv Show Street Outlaws. He has been on the show ever since the show started. He stars alongside other casts like Daddy Dave, Murder Nova, Doc, etc.

He is married to a wife Alicia Shearer, but the couple’s married life had been a subject of rumors. Recently the fans and medias were all sneaking into their private affairs after the news of their divorce started to swirl. Without any claim made by him or his wife Allicia everyone had no choice but to cool things off.

That is not all, this cast of Street Outlaws also had been in the rumors about dating a new girlfriend Jackie Brassch while still married to his wife. But that also proved to be just a speculation.

Since many rumors and gossips have been happening in his life we can expect Big Chief leaving Street Outlaws also being nothing but a misunderstanding.

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  1. It is what it is just leave it be big chief is just a normal. Person with his own life so what there just roamers. Yes I am a big fan an yes I am a 405 I lived in GUTHRIE OKLAHOMA AN MISS IT VERY MUCH SO✌ OUT

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