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Big Chief and Jackie Braasch Dating. It’s no Rumor Any More. What happens to his wife Allicia Shearer? 2022

Big Chief and Jackie Braasch Dating

Street Outlaws’ Big Chief, aka Justin Shearer’s married life with wife Allicia Shearer, has been a subject of rumors and controversies.

Fans keep asking if Big Chief is getting a divorce, or are they still together? It has been officially confirmed that Big Chief’s new girlfriend is not just a rumor; it is a fact. Know more.

Big Chief and Jackie Braasch are dating: It is not a secret anymore.

Yes, that’s right. Even though the rumors about their dating had been in the media for quite a long time now, they hadn’t spoken anything about it. ‘

But now, suddenly, it looks like they have decided to take it to the public.

On the premiere of Bristol Race, released in January 2018, Big Chief was found sharing his love with his new girl Jackie Braasch.

Most of the fans of Big Chief are now commenting on his relationship. Some of them even went to some extent to pity Allicia Shearer.

A fan commented,

“He’s dating her because they both said I love you to each other before his 1st race at the Bristol race on TV. Before the race, his wife used to be there saying I love you. I like the guy, but I hope he realizes what fame does to his family. Even if there are issues in his marriage, I pray that he does Everything possible to make it work for both of them and their beautiful children. Divorce is So hard on children.”

Big Chief May Divorce his Wife Allicia Shearer soon
Caption:- Big Chief May Divorce his Wife Allicia Shearer soon

What happens to Allicia Shearer now? Getting a divorce anytime soon?

Being a married man with kids in the house, Justin has been seen with other women, and now there is a massive chance of breaking into their family.

The only way this will work is if he divorces Allicia. But no news regarding the divorce has been revealed, but we speculate that the couple will split very soon unless Big Chief proves his relationship with Jackie Braasch a hoax.

Yet, that doesn’t seem to happen, it looks like he is madly in love with his new girl, and you know what people do for love.

23 thoughts on “Big Chief and Jackie Braasch Dating. It’s no Rumor Any More. What happens to his wife Allicia Shearer? 2022”

  1. Shame on YOU , chief and shame on your friends NOT saying anything against doing this. IF you want OUT then get out first BEFORE you publicly show THE OTHER woman on TV!!!! And HOW DARE DISCOVERY doesn’t block her out of screen, BIG man, chief, taking a LOW shot against your wife and FAMILY it’s gonna bite you in the ASS!! I hope your wife has a GREAT lawyer! This is the year of WOMAN STRENGTH yabbetter watch out!!!!

  2. If a man isn’t happy with his wife for whatever reason and they decide they’re getting a divorce who’s to judge him for having a new woman already? Nobody knows what was going on in their marriage. Who’s to say he didn’t find out she was cheating all them long hours at work and testing plus race nights and being the race master too. It’s not always one sided. Plus sometimes divorces can take a couple years or more when you have children involved! Nobody knows who’s to blame so why judge.

  3. I watch the show all the time. While I don’t let my kids watch it. I thought of it as the guys and their wives sharing the interest in the cars and races. While Chief has to be during the show plus all the long ours working on them not to mention all the money spent to keep the car ready to race….”..isn’t a good wife at home taking care of kids, etc., or there on race night supporting their husbands……count. I am personal very disappointed in Big Chief. I’m not judging but I’ll keep him and his family in my prayers

  4. It is what it is no matter what the circumstances are. I do believe that Chief should not put his wife out like that on Tv. Real men don’t show out like that, should have waited till everything was final in marriage. Just my world. Been watching since first show.

  5. To show your whore then say I love my family is a steroid induced crook an liar. Shawn take over the show. Let chief an hoe go peepee n teepee

      1. Steph shut the hell up!! We don’t care if he filed for divorce 2 yrs ago!! We don’t like him flaunting his girlfriend on the show. I don’t know about everybody else, but it changed my whole opinion of “Big Chief”. He has children and they probably watch the show!”

  6. Skank homewrecker!! Butt ass ugly!! Wth is wrong with you chief?? You have two little boy’s who look up to you!! What kind of example are you teaching them about being a real man. I have lost all respect for you!!

  7. I think Big Chief is a Big Asshole for what he has done on the show by putting the Tranp on the show so his wife and kids can see it Your not a man your a Asshole to not care about your family . An atleast get Devorced be for you put the Bitch on TV with you I hope they take you off the show an I hope your wife takes you for all your money there is no Fame for you anymore . Hope you go to Hell . Dan Peters

  8. Big Chief wife Alicia stopped being on the show long before Jackie appeared. Big Chief said in many interviews he felt he was letting his children down by always chasing the next big race and not growing up. I don’t think he will let his boys or Alicia down. I think is a man and he cares for them a great deal! I believe he will always take care of Alicia and his boys. So watch the show, it’s about street racing and not personal lives. I miss seeing Big Chief on No prep street outlaws. I miss Shawn, Daddy Dave and Monza also. Can’t wait for season 11 to start!!

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