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Jackie Braasch: Justin Shearer Aka Big Chief Girlfriend 2022

Jackie Braasch is New Girlfriend of Justin Shearer Aka Big Chief married life women empowerment racing

Just recently, Big chief, a famous racer made known his return to claim the top position among the street racers. This return has come at a time when there are speculations about him having a new girlfriend in his life, Jackie Braasch.

These rumors have left his personal life under public scrutiny again. Many are wondering, could this rumor hold any water? Well, as it remains subject to confirmation, I bring you all information regarding the said girlfriend. Read on to know who Jackie Braasch is, what she does for a living and so on.

Jackie Braasch Big Chief’s New Girlfriend?

As earlier mentioned, rumor has it that the two are dating. Currently, Big Chef is still married to Allicia and is still involved in the business of raising their two children.

As such, there are no confirmations regarding whether the two are an item or not. Big Chief has avoided talking about the subject.

Jackie Braasch and Big chief are in relationship boyfriend and girlfriend after marriage
Jackie Braasch and Big chief are in relationship(rumored)

Nonetheless, there have been rumors swirling around that the Justin could be divorcing Allicia soon. As to whether Jackie and Justin will formalize the rumors that have been doing rounds remains to be seen.

Jackie’s Career

Just like Big Chief, she is a famous sportsperson. For her, racing seems to be induced naturally. Her love for racing began back in her childhood days, then, she used to race at the Junior Dragster Division for the children.

Currently, she is a member of Car Chix, an organization for women in motorsports. Ms. Braasch became a member of the organization after emerging among the top 12 finalists in the 2014 contest that has 398 entries.

Jackie is a regular competitor at different races in Illinois. She is known for her participation in races such as Rocket Brand Race Fuel and the Super Pro.

Jackie Braasch established her career in Racing motor racing
Jackie Braasch established her career in Racing


Her passion for racing is depicted in her social media pages. She regularly posts pictures of her, cars, her pets and many selfies. She certainly loves her life as a racer.

Her Family

Jackie says that the love for cars and racing runs in her family. Her dad used to take her with him to the motorsports. She was also brought along whenever he was racing. Jackie also helped him by running simple errands as her father was building his ’85 Chevy Camaro. Almost her entire family has been involved in drag racing.


Jackie’s Message to Women

Regardless of the allegations of being a home breaker, Jackie has an important message to all women. She Encourages women to follow their dreams, regardless of their age.

She says that if women receive any discouragement, then they should use that as a motivation to prove everyone wrong. This information is healthy especially for women who shy away from racing which is considered a male career-path.

Jackie Braasch is Motivation to every Woman
Jackie Braasch is Motivation to every Woman



Name   Jackie Braasch
Gender    Female
Career Racer
Birthplace Joliet Illinois

Jackie has been involved in racing since she was a child. Going her profile, she comes from a family of racers too. She takes part in different races in her birth home in Illinois.

7 thoughts on “Jackie Braasch: Justin Shearer Aka Big Chief Girlfriend 2022”

  1. He’s DEFINITELY dating her because at the Bristol race on TV they both said I love you to each other before his 1st race. His wife used to be there saying I love you before the race. I really like the guy but I hope he realizes what fame is doing to his family. Even if there are issues in his marriage I pray that he does Everything possible to try to make it work for both of them and their beautiful children. Divorce is So hard on children.

  2. I would say Jackie is no longer “a motivator for other women”. She is now just Chief”s Midlife Crisis. Note to Jackie: If he did it to Allicia and their Boys, he’ll do it to you too!

    1. Stephanie: You hit the nail on the head. I feel sorry for his wife and sons. We don’t know about the problems in his marriage but him sporting around with his new girlfriend on TV is sad to watch. I had hoped he had more class than that.

  3. Everyone acting like they know whats best…. worry about your own business people. and you are so classy Louie.. all you guys are perfect. congratulations – Jackie’s is actually a driver and probably enjoys every bit of racing but Jackie what every you do don’t go support your man because what will people think.. OMG get over it. BC Live your life and be a good man to your children other than that be true to your heart.


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