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Jackie Braasch: Possibly Big Chief’s new girlfiend. Check out the facts. 2022

Big cheif and his new girlfriend Jackie Braasch

Big Chief is a popular name in the field of the fast lane. His real name is Justin shearer, but he is well known as Big Chief to most of his fans and followers. With the new season of the tv series “Street Outlaws” airing, people have some real concerns about his personal life. People have been asking if Big Chief has a new girlfriend. Today we are about to tell you about his rumored girlfriend, Jackie Braasch.

Does Big Chief have a new girlfriend?

Hard to tell. When it comes to revealing information, Big Chief is as good as nothing. He likes to maintain privacy. But sometimes, keeping celebrity life too private can cause negative effects. For example, the divorce rumors could have been cleared if he had spoken out. It was just about yes or no, simple as that.

To know more about his new girlfriend, we checked through various sources and found very little evidence to prove that he has been dating any girl right now, but many people speculate that he has been dating a girl named Jackie Braasch.

Jackie Braasch. may be Big chief’s New Girlfriend
Jackie Braasch may be Big Chief’s New Girlfriend

Source:-Car Chix

Jackie Braasch could be Big Chief’s new girlfriend?

It could be, be but hard to tell. His divorce from his wife is still uncertain, making it hard to assume that Big Chief could have a new partner. But he has been spotted with Jackie several times, which made us speculate she could be the one in Justin’s life right now.

Big cheif and his new girlfriend Jackie Braasch
Big Chief and his new girlfriend Jackie Braasch

Both of them are from the same professional field could mean something concerning their relationship.

And again, the fact that Justin is still married and has two kids could clear everything about his current relationship.

Big Chief’s married life with Alicia Shearer and divorce rumors.

His married relationship with his wife, Alicia Shearer, has been controversial. There had been a lot of rumors about the couple’s divorce. Without any official statement provided by Big Chief or his wife Allicia, there is no hard evidence about their split, but the news had no doubt taken its height for a while.

Whether they are divorced is still a mystery as people have been talking about the split, but there has not been any official announcement.

Big chief’s with his Wife Allicia Shearer and Child
Big Chief’s with his Wife Allicia Shearer, and Child

Source:- Articalbio

Wiki-bio on Jackie Braasch

Big Chief’s rumored new girlfriend is a member of the motorsports organization for women named “Car Chix.” Her ride is a 510ci Big Block Chevy, Spitzer Dragster. She has been seen as a regular competitor in Rockett Brand Race Fuel Brackets and another series SuperPro.

Her racing career started at a young age. Before she got into the big series, she was a regular winner in Junior Dragster Division.

Jackie Brassch is a member of the motor sports organization "Car Chix"
Jackie Braasch is a member of the motorsports organization “Car Chix.”

Source:-Car Chix

She is not the only one in the family who loves cars

She once stated that,

My dad has been involved in motorsports since he was young. He started taking me to the track as a baby and always included me when working on or racing the cars. He started building his ’85 Chevy Camaro the year I was born, so I was always out in the garage helping him, bringing him tools or whatever he needed. I started in junior dragsters when I was eight years old, and I’ve been racing ever since.

This means she is somehow following in her family’s footsteps. Her family has been a part of drag racing for as long as she can remember.

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