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Allicia Shearer: Big Chief Wife Bio, Married Life, Divorce, Facts 2022

Justin Shearer wife Alicia Shearer

Justin Shearer also knew Big Chief is the star of Discovery Channel’s hit show, “Street Outlaw“. This is as for how is similar to the Fast and Furious and has gained a lot of popularity because of his daredevil riding skills. The current divorce rumors about the star Big Chief’s divorce with wife Allicia Shearer have got fans wondering. But is it true or just a rumor? Scroll down to find the answer.

Married life as Justin Shearer’s wife

Justin and Alicia met way back when he was 18 years old. He used to work in a full-service gas station. Apparently, Allicia passed by the same station and it was love at first sight. He says that upon seeing her he instantly got nervous. Additionally, he says from the moment he saw Allicia he knew he would have trouble with her.

Big Chief stated that he was right because he’s been in trouble since then. The couple dated for years and finally decided to take their relationship to the next level. On 29th December 2006, the duo announced their marriage vows.

They have been living together happily as husband and wife.

Big Chief Justin Shearer's picture with wife allicia shearer and kids
Caption: Allicia Shearer with husband Justin Shearer and two son

Source: Pinterest

Big Chief divorced with wife Allicia Shearer.

There have been rumors that the entertainment icon Big Chief and his longtime girlfriend and now wife are getting divorced. It seems that the couple has been unable to solve the problems between them. The reason behind the alleged separation is still unknown. They have not come clean to say that they will split up anytime soon. In the previous shows of Street Outlaw, Justin has been seen hanging out with a certain woman. Rumor has it that the woman is Jacky Braasch. She is my new girlfriend of Justin.


Alicia together with her husband is blessed with two children.

They both adore their kids. He shared Instagram posts where he regrets not having spent enough time with his two sons. Through hard work and determination, Justin has been able to provide his family a luxurious life. Moreover, he mentioned that his mother is his source of inspiration. He further describes her as his icon.

Net Worth

The net worth of Allicia Shearer has not been determined. There is no information that indicates either her salary or net worth. However, Big Chief has a net worth of $2 Million. He has been participating in the OKC Street racing scene since childhood.

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    2. You suck !! Mind your own business .. and dont get your pantys all in a bunch over big chief and his famed life . Sounding a little Jealous …. Just saying dude .. #BIGCHIEFKINGOFSTREETS #OKC405BADASS

  2. Justin is a Big piece of shit and a cheating bastardized and I hope he gets what he deserves. He is a dumb bastard for throwing his marriage and family away for a piece of ass. He should be ashamed of his self I hope his wife burns his damn ass.

  3. Rudeboy , " Venice cali "

    Well i would just like to say a few things about “big chief his show and his marriage ” first of all i love the show to me it’s da bomb ,and as far as his marriage, one there is always two sides to every story and when I last checked his wife has had not one word of negativity or bad words to say about him so who am I to “period ” if they have Grown Apart that’s their business maybe they’re happier but again that’s their business keep living brother and keep being happy wishing you and her the very best of God’s blessings in your life.

  4. If it wasn’t for the show street outlaws chief wouldn’t have crap. And if it wasn’t for his wife who stood behind him through the bad times he wouldn’t be where’s he’s at. To walk away from your wife and kids to be with another woman is the way of a spineless coward. (Little) big chief sucks ass and is a big pile of crap

    1. Well,it’s Bigs life, so if his wife had something to do with his success, that’s something she chose to do as a wife, and if chief wants to be with other women, that’s his business too. By the look of things Big Chief is doing pretty damn good and takes care of his kids and his ex wife, it’s they’re business like show business. You are free to speak your mind tho.

  5. He let the little tv spotlight give him a big head in a fake ass show like his fake ass remember who was with you when you had nothing fake ass Bad ass

    1. It is sad that after all they have been through together, it had to end in separation. Allicia has always been there for him, supporting him through his passion for racing and the show. It is actually very strange not to see her on the show, like he replaced the Crow with the Crowmod, now only he replaced Allicia with Jackie. But, I suppose there must have been a reason for it. Big Chief has made many stupid mistakes before and this separation smell like another one of his stupid mistakes.

  6. Shiite happens. Until you are in his shoes, you have no right to slam the guy. The new girlfriend is a cutie that has racing cred of her own. Maybe they were meant to be. Who knows? I watch the show, but I still believe that spending your entire life racing is a waste. Very little to no family time, very dangerous, very expensive, and all just for the testosterone rush. I would rather know a little about a lot of things than a lot about just one thing. I’ve been married to the same woman for 46 years and we dated (didn’t live together) for 4 years before getting married. It just doesn’t work like that for everyone especially in these times.

  7. How is it people get so upset about somebody else ? Help your fellow out
    Keep the hate on your yard, because nobody wants more shit to deal with.
    Life is way to crazy to get all involved with “BS” …IF you cant say good things or give great info
    Stay the Hell off the Internet.

  8. Who really knows what’s going on? If you don’t know then no need for your input. Did he cheat, did she cheat, did they just split or is their other reasons? They are grown ups, let it be.

  9. Chief,u just do what u do.these clowns no shit.that the reason street outlaws exist is because of chief.thats why he is one no’s off air what goes on in ur house hold n what problems where there before if in life ur no longer happy,then moving on is the next best thing.full surport bro.jeff from australia.405 fastest baddest on the shit kye.

  10. I’m not a commenter but you commenters are fucking pathetic losers. He’s a cool character on a cool show about racing. Who gives a fuck about his personal life. You people need a fucking hobby. Try racing

  11. If anyone is worthy of an ads kicking it is the milky mouthed Doc.
    As for Big Chief, he has done a good job of try to keep the club organized. I just find it comical that a 5 second run takes about 1 minute to watch.

  12. He doesn’t care for his guys like JJ the boss. He is in it for himself and now he is getting very cocky. U guys in the 405 r on your own.

  13. Yea the reason for their split … Would be… Blind ass’s… The MF’er is tweekin like hell. He acts like a dam meth head and has all the signs. He is so f#cked out of his mind it is sad… To see him hurt his wife and kids like that. Ray Charles could see.. He is on that shit!!! Duuuuaaaaahhh

  14. All the jealous haters make me laugh. You have absolutely no idea what has gone on between Chief and his wife over the years or whether their relationship is currently good or bad in spite of their separation. Your comments are based on pure speculation and jealousy, which fuel your apparent need to espouse your views as self-proclaimed experts.

    In this case you are much better off, as they say, to ‘never pass a good opportunity to shut up’. Seriously, you watch a little TV, you read a few blogs with other ‘experts’ of your ilk making comments based or on little or no factual evidence and, suddenly, you’ve become expert enough to comment not only on what is going on in their personal lives but also whether it’s right or wrong???

    Whether Chief, Alicia or Jacky are right or wrong is not for you to judge. Let them live their lives, make their own mistakes and God will take care of the judgments in his own good time.

    Make sure your own life is in perfect order before judging others. It’s TV for pity sake and if you think it tells the whole story you need to have your IQ checked!

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