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What happened to Rick Ness? Why Did he leave gold rush?

Image of Rick Ness

Rick Ness is a former gold miner, musician, businessman, and Gold Rush Cast member. He has been with the Discovery Channel for well over a decade, dating to 2012, when he first signed on.

Rick developed an interest in machines at a very young age. Growing up, he got a first-hand look at all the heavy machinery at his father’s construction company.

Surprisingly, he’d take a different route in college, opting to play football instead. However, a head injury sustained during a game would eventually put him on the path to mining. Here’s what happened to Rick Ness.

Rick Ness on Gold Rush

Rick officially joined the cast of Gold Rush during the show’s third season. His introduction to the big screen came after he took up a job working with Parker Schnabel.

At the time in question, Parker was already an established gold miner and a fan favourite on the show. Interestingly, Ness knew nothing about gold mining to begin with.

However, he was inquisitive and eager to learn. Over time, he’d take on more roles in the crew, learning every aspect of the business.

Image of Rick Ness in black dress

His newfound experience pushed him to set up a gold mining venture of his own. Suffice it to say, Ness’ determination to acquire his own claim came with its fair share of risks.

Against all odds, Rick managed to bring in an insane amount of gold during his rookie year. In fact, sources say that he broke the record for most gold mined by a newcomer in the first year.

What happened to Rick Ness?

Rick’s decision to leave Parker Schnabel’s team left several question marks, with most people wondering whether the two had fallen out. Fans of the show were aware of Parker’s outspoken and loud management style.

It did not work well with Rick, who, was quiet and reserved. After leaving Parker’s employ, Rick would go on to appear on several Gold Rush spin-offs.

These included, but were not limited to titles like The Dirt, Winter’s Fortune, and Rick’s Rally. Lately, though, Ness has been notably absent from television, which, again raised more eyebrows.

A look at his Instagram account shows that he took a trip back home to the Yukon more than a year ago. This was at the height of the Covid 19 pandemic, when, toilet paper hoarding was at an all-time high.

Image of Rick Ness and his dog

Did Rick Ness leave the gold rush?

Recently, news broke that Rick Ness had made the decision to move back to Arizona with his partner. This, of course, meant that he’d no longer be part of the Gold Rush.

A deeper dive into the story revealed that Rick apparently lost his mining claim and most of his equipment. Some sources even said that the producers of the show had cut ties with Ness, alluding to the fact that he wouldn’t be returning anytime soon.

So, sorry to be the one to spill the bad news looks like Rick Ness’ career in the gold rush is over.

Fans are Blaming Rick Ness’ girlfriend Lise Marie, for his departure from the show

It’s sad for Rick’s fans, and they surely will miss his presence on the show. Some fans speculated that the reason behind him leaving the gold rush could be his girlfriend. There’s enough evidence, as explained above, to prove this statement wrong.

Discovery Hints: Rick Ness Might be back on Gold Rush Season 13

According to one of the representatives from Discovery, we will get to see Rick Ness on Gold Rush Season 13. He said, “Rick Ness Makes one of the biggest decisions of his career, which will be included in the all-new season of Gold Rush. Be sure to tune in next month”

The above exact statement was made on Sept, 7, 2022. so, yes, we will get to see rick ness in the new season 13 of the gold rush, but is that his last season? well, that’s yet to be seen.



2 thoughts on “What happened to Rick Ness? Why Did he leave gold rush?”

  1. That’s too bad hate to see any of the gold rush team leave iv been watching from the beginning and will miss Rick and his team.

  2. Slideshare downloader

    I’ve been a huge fan of Gold Rush and loved watching Rick’s adventures. I had no idea that he left the show, but it makes sense that he would want to retire from the mining scene after all the years of hard work. Thanks for filling me in on what happened to him!

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