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Parker Schnabel Dating New Girlfriend Brit Sheena Cowell after Breakup With Ashley Yule? 2022

Image of Brit Sheena Cowell, Parker Schnabel's new girlfriend

If you have been following the reality TV show Gold Rush that was aired on Discovery Channel; then you must be familiar with the name Parker Schnabel.

He is among the cast members who have been in the show while the program was still new.

Recent rumors revealing the life of the 24-year-old is his break up with his then-girlfriend Ashley Yule.

While you can’t always hold on to every rumor you hear, you can always clarify their reality.

In case of clarification is the main reason you are here, you can relax as you are in the correct place.

Let’s begin with Parker Schnabel’s breakup with Ashley Yule and his dating life before we can expound on Parker Schnabel’s new girlfriend.

Parker Schnabel’s dating life and break up with ex-girlfriend Ashley Yule.

The gold miner’s dating life was blessed if not predicted by his grandfather John Schnabel who was also a cast member of the Gold Rush show.

Before his death at the age of 96, he assured his grandson that he would find a woman who will take good care of him.

Not long after his death, Parker Schnabel met his then-girlfriend Ashley Yule. The queen is a veterinary nurse hailing from Australia.

You now understand why the two met in Australia before Parker Schnabel decided to invite her to North America.

Ashley Yule was introduced in the show by her boyfriend and was a star of Gold Rush for nearly two seasons.

The stars seemed to be in a perfect type of relationship since there were absolutely no dramas licked in public and the Schnabel never ceased to praise his queen openly.

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This is why Parker Schnabel breakup with Ashley Yule shocked their fans. The guy is, however, gentleman because unlike most partners who throw the blame of breakup on their partners, he admitted that the fault was on his coat.

According to him he had not given the veterinary nurse the attention she needed and was doing nothing to make their relationship work because he had devoted much of his time and attention to gold mining and the show.

In a way, this means that John Schnabel, grandson caused Parker Schnabel’s breakup with Ashley Yule.

Image of Parker Schnabel with his ex-girlfriend Ashley Youle

Parker Schnabel with his ex-girlfriend Ashley Youle

Parker Schnabel Is Dating a New Girlfriend Brit Sheena Cowell.

Since Parker Schnabel breakup with the nurse is open and authentic, fans are curious to know if their star has a new girlfriend and if he is even dating.

Well, the 27-year-old seems to be dating.

Can you take a quick guess about Parker Schnabel new girlfriend?  Of course, you cannot because she is not one of those famous stars.

Image of Brit Sheena Cowell, Parker Schnabel's new girlfriend

On the 13th day of August, the gold miner posted a suggestive photo of a lady called Brit Sheena Cowell.

The lady is thought of as being a gold miner and an associate of Knickerbocker glory TV.

As a result of the photo that the two took and posted on Instagram, sources indicate that Brit Sheen Cowell is Parker Schnabel new girlfriend.

However, we cannot confirm this detail entirely because the gold miner is yet to introduce the lady to the public.

It could be that she is just a friend, but it could also be that Brit Sheena Cowell is Parker Schnabel new girlfriend.

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In case she is his girlfriend, we sure wish them all the best and hope that their relation sop will lead to marriage.

Nonetheless, may the Gold Rush celebrity confirm this as soon as possible because we can’t wait to keep you posted on their relationship especially how they met and how their relationship is fairing.

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