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Gold Rush Jim Thurber: Wiki bio, Net Worth, age, married, wife.

Gold Rush Jim Thurber

Jim Thurber is an American television star who has gained popularity through his work with the discovery channel. He is a part of a mining crew featured on the Gold Rush.

In this Wiki-type biography, let’s find out more about Jim Thurber’s net worth and age. Thurber works as a camp security officer for the Hoffman crew. Also, Meet his wife Cynthia Slauson and their two children.

Gold Rush Jim Thurber is Married to his wife Cynthia Slauson, and they have two Children Together.

Jim Thurber is a married man. On April 19, 1991, he married his high school sweetheart, Cynthia Slauson. Before sharing vows, they dated for some time.

Jim finally took the relationship to the next level when he asked Cynthia to marry him, and she couldn’t say anything but YES!

He is currently celebrating the 30th anniversary of a happy love-filled marriage. The couple is still in love even after all these years. Together they’ve had two children, Nathan and Breanna.

Gold Rush Jim Thurber with Wife Cynthia Slauson.and kids Nathan and Breanna.
Caption:- Gold Rush Jim Thurber with Wife Cynthia Slauson and kids Nathan and Breanna.

Currently, Jim Thurber and his family live in Portland. Jim is a proud dad as both his kids are thriving. Nathan is a graduate of Oregon state university, where he earned a degree in (BIS) Business information systems. On the other hand, Breanna earned an associate degree in medical assisting.

Jim Thurber’s Net Worth is $350,000

Jim Thurber’s net worth is estimated to be $350,000. He has accumulated this enormous amount of money through his appearance on the Gold Rush. He also built up his bank account from his previous job as a sheet metal worker.

Besides this, gold mining has also brought him thousands of dollars. Sources say that he earns about $20,000 for every show’s episode.

Gold Rush Jim Thurber Net Worth is $350,000
Caption:- Gold Rush Jim Thurber’s Net Worth is $350,000

Thurber’s net worth is set to increase as time passes. With gold mining, there is always the possibility that you can strike gold at any given moment.

Wiki Bio, Age.

Gold Rush’s Jim Thurber was born on June 13, 1963, in Boring, Oregon, Clackamas County, making him currently 58 years old.

Jim attended Centennial school for his high school education, graduating in 1978. Before joining the Hoffman gold mining crew, he was a metal sheet worker and a fisherman for 30 years.

Jim Thurber work on Gold Rush

Source:- Discovery 

He eventually quit his job searching for greener pastures, deciding to join the Hoffman team as their camp security officer. Jim was a famous motocross racer in his youthful years(the 70’s and early 80’s).

Today, he still enjoys watching motocross racing, even though he doesn’t compete. He does, however, teach his daughter Breanna how to race.

Additionally, Jim Thurber is a volunteer at a veteran’s organization, ‘Home with Heroes.’

This organization gives hunting and fishing opportunities to veterans. Jim has said that he enjoys being a part of the organization.

Jim is also serious when it comes to working. He ensures that there are no injuries at the mine site, where grizzly bears are often found. Jim Thurber quickly rescues mine site workers from the dangerous areas. He has been with the crew since the show kicked off.

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