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What happened to Andy Bassich Wife Kate Bassich on Life Below Zero. Why did she leave the show? 2022

A hit American Television Series “Life Below Zero,” is currently running in its 9th season, and most fans have noticed the show not being the same as before. If you are a regular viewer of “Life Below Zero,” I’m sure you have felt the same.

So what’s the matter? Well, one of the favorite cast of many fans, Kate Rorke Bassich, has left “Life Below Zero.” So, what happened to Andy Bassich Wife, Kate Bassich? Why did Kate Leave the show? Let’s check it out.

What happened to Kate Bassich? Why did she leave Life Below Zero?

The mystery has been solved. Many might think the dispute between the show management and Kate might be why she left the show, but it isn’t true.

The only reason Kate Roker Bassich leaves Life Below Zero is her divorce from Andy Bassich. Yeah, that’s right. So the family business and relationship instability led her to quit the show ending her blossoming career as a reality tv star.

Andy Bassich was abusive to Kate Rorke Bassich. That is what led to their divorce.

They had been married for about ten long years before they split. They both understood that life was full of ups and downs and tried their best to make it work out, but at last, Kate Bassich couldn’t take any more from her abusive husband Andy Bassich and finally filed for a divorce.

why andy bassich and kate bassich divorced

And after nearly a year of filing for divorce Andy Bassich and wife Kate Rorke Bassich finally divorced in 2015, ending their decade-long married life.

Where is Kate Rorke Bassich? What is she doing now?

After the split with her husband, she left Alaska, where she stayed for about 12 years, and now she has returned to her home place. She is still trying to fill the hole left by the split. She explains how difficult it would be for her if her family and friends hadn’t been there for her. In her own words, she says,

“Being displaced without having a home of your own is overwhelming and daunting for me but I am honored to have the love in the support of my loving and supportive friends, without them this would be unbearable.”

Although her career as a reality tv star is on hold for now, she might come to the tv screen on the new show later in the future. The fans can’t wait to see her on Life Below Zero or any new show.

If she returns to the show, the fans will stop asking questions like, What happened to Kate Rorke Bassich on Life Below Zero? Why did Kate Leave Life Below Zero?

3 thoughts on “What happened to Andy Bassich Wife Kate Bassich on Life Below Zero. Why did she leave the show? 2022”

  1. He seemed to be so mean to her
    Also he dure has a cusding mouth on him and a very short fuse. I would have left a lot quicker! Good luck Kate!

  2. I noticed on the show how hateful he was and how he spoke to her. I would’ve punched him in the mouth a long time ago. I hope she is financial set and he changes his attitude. If he doesn’t, hope he stays single.

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