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Jenny Marrs’ Surprise to her Parents: This is what she did.

Jenny Marrs Surprise her parents

Jenny Marrs is a designer, DIY expert, writer and tv personality. If Jenny’s name sounds familiar, it’s because you probably recognise her from HGTV’s Fixer to Fabulous. Jenny and her husband Dave have been appearing on the show since it first aired back in 2019. The show catered to old homes in the Northwest Arkansas Region, particularly historic ones.

Aside from this, Jenny is also an advocate for orphan care across the globe, which is why she and her husband set up The Berry Farm. This is a place they set up to help underprivileged children from Zimbabwe. Find out what Jenny Marrs did to surprise her parents recently.

Jenny Marrs is the daughter of Joan and Steve Smith, who are both natives of Orlando, Florida. Her father, Steve, was born in April 1956, which makes him 66-years currently. Steve’s wife, Joan, on the other hand, is a year younger than him.

Jenny’s relationship with her parents

It is fair to say that Jenny has a great relationship with both of her parents. Two years ago, Jenny decided to devote a whole episode of Fixer to Fabulous to her parents.

In this special, Jenny goes into detail about all the times her parents stepped in to help her. Several years back, Jenny’s parents dropped everything to make the long overnight drive to Little Rock after learning that she was going into pre-term labour.

When Jenny was finally ready to give birth a month later, Joan and Steve decided to make the arduous journey once again. They booked a flight to Branson, before renting out a car to complete the rest of journey.

Jenny’s parents even went as far as getting protective gear on so that they could hold their grandkids. Steve and Joan flew out again once Jenny’s c-section had been organised.

They stayed at home with the twins while Jenny and her husband were at the hospital. After the baby was born, they’d even bring the twins to the hospital to meet Charlotte.

These weren’t the only instances when Jenny’s parents went above and beyond for her. Back in 2013, she and her husband decided to adopt a girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

However, before the process could be complete, the Congolese government was thrown into complete disruption. Joan and Steve were there for their daughter as she did everything in her power to bring Sylvie to America.

When the time finally came, Jenny’s parents drove for over 17-hours so that they could meet the newest member of their family in person. Unsurprisingly, they made the trip one again after their youngest son Luke was born.

They’d even spend an additional seven days with the family, helping Jenny and Dave with the new baby. From this, we gather that Jenny’s parents value family very highly.

They put their daughter, and grandchildren first at every turn. Therefore, Jenny and Dave decided to go out of their way to show her parents just how much they appreciate everything they’ve done for them.

Jenny Marr’s surprise for her parents

Dave and Jenny decided to do something very special as a way of thanking her parents for all the love and support they’d given over the years. The couple built her parents a house in Arkansas so that they wouldn’t have to make the long commutes anymore.

As such, Jenny and Dave set to work, restoring the property as best as they could. Jenny described it as one of the most challenging, stressful, and fun experiences she had ever had.

The whole place took several months to renovate, but it was all worth it in the end. Once they are done, Jenny called the rest of her family so that they could be part of the surprise.

Her parents were understandably left speechless, but all the more grateful. Luckily, all this was recorded in a feature episode of Fixer to Fabulous.

We should point out that the decision to move to Arkansas was not an easy one. Most of their extended family were still based in Florida. As such, they wouldn’t get to see them a lot from then on.

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