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Jenny Marrs recalls how she survived the Skydiving Accident: Is She Okay?

Jenny Marrs, 44, is an experienced designer and reality TV star who claims to love all things creative. She is one of the cheerful HGTV hosts who has been presenting the home renovation show, “Fixer to Fabulous,” with her spouse, Dave Marrs, since 2019.

Now as the show just wrapped up Season 4 on March 2023, Jenny’s fans are passing their time by trying to know her better. Speaking of unknown facts about Jenny, the host once spoke about facing a skydiving accident and her biggest fear. So let’s see what caused the accident.

Jenny Marrs Skydiving Accident: What Happened?

In an interview in 2016, Marrs revealed having a skydiving accident during her early 20s. According to Jenny, she was once fearless about flying until she went skydiving with her now husband, Dave Marrs, at 22 years.

She said she was in Arizona for work training with friends when they decided to go skydiving. As her friends took turns jumping out of the airplane one by one, she had to wait her turn and move forward one step at a time to jump.

Image of Jenny Marrs and Dave Marrs

But the closer she came to the airplane door, the more she regretted her idea. However, she had no choice but to jump, so she did it and watched the altitude watch the entire time of her free fall so that she could pull her parachute just at the right time.

She said she was relieved after finally pulling the parachute cord. But the relief didn’t last long as she heard her parachute making a strange sound.

She then asked what the sound was to a guy who jumped with her, and he paused for a while before saying that her parachute appeared to have a little problem. Jenny then shouted,


The guys said that her parachute was ripped.

Fortunately, the HGTV host landed safely on the ground, and as soon as she touched the ground, she remembers kissing the ground and crying. Jenny says she does not understand how she thought that jumping off a plane would be fun.

She now says she will never do such a thing in her life. So flying is her biggest fear.

What Does She Do for Fun?

The “Fixer to Fabulous” lady host says she loves to read for fun. She claims reading makes her relax, and she tries to make time to sit on a swing on their porch and have a good read.

Interestingly, the host said she is not a kindle or e-book person and needs an actual book to read. Likewise, her favorite movie is “Under the Tuscan Sun,” which is also a movie version of a book by Frances Mayes.

Image of Jenny Marrs

Jenny says that she liked the book better, but the scene from the movie makes her happy. Moreover, she also talked about how Tuscan is her favorite place, and she often daydreams about restoring an antique home in the area.

Nonetheless, Jenny claims to have watched the movie at least once every day during her 1-month hospitalization before her twins were born.

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  1. Oh I did not realize their show is done already for the season it seems like it was way to short I could watch them every week out of all the rehab couples I like them the most they don’t but on airs to me they act very down to earth just like themselves. I am thankful she made it thru such a horrifying ordeal.

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