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Is Chase Looney Coming back on “Fixer to Fabulous”? Why did he leave?

Chase Looney is the unsung hero of ‘Fixer to Fabulous.’ The show started airing on HGTV in 2017. And since then, Chase had always been on the show as the right-hand man of Dave and Jenny Marrs until his departure from the show back in 2022.

He is a professional carpenter and construction manager in the show. And the TV star’s role is significant in the success of the projects that Dave and Jenny complete in the show.

What happened to Chase Looney’s Eye from Fixer to Fabulous?

If you want a short answer, it’s fireworks.

In 2017, the crew had just completed filming for the first-ever episode of Fixer to Fabulous.

It was July 4, Independence Day, when the crew had gathered to see fireworks. And our man Chase was assigned to lit them up for the show.

Image of Fixer to Fabulous cast Chase Looney wearing Eye Patch

As he was lighting up mortars in succession, a mishandling occurred in the fifth firework. It burst up close to the TV star’s face, and he lost consciousness soon after.

As the star recalls on his blog website, the weather was pretty bad that day as a storm was approaching. That is also why they had to complete the fireworks before the storm.

The crew rushed the star to the hospital. The doctors had to operate on him for 8 hours. However, the damage to the TV personality’s left eye was permanent. He lost his vision and covered his left eye. Since then, Chase has continued filming with the patch on.

Chase Looney on Fixer to Fabulous

The TV personality played a crucial role in Fixer to Fabulous. Like all tech companies have their tech-guy, he is the wood-guy in their construction business.

In addition, the star is passionate about carpentry. He previously ran a blog, ‘’ This is also where the star opened up about his eye injury. However, the site is no longer running.

Image of what happened to Chase from fixer to fabulous eye

When it comes to woodwork and carpentry, Chase is the go-to guy on Fixer to Fabulous. He is a very close friend to Dave and Jenny, and they have worked on multiple projects together outside of the show.

In this post on Looney’s Instagram, he flaunts the special river table that he built with the co-stars of Fixer to Fabulous.


The TV personality is a divorced man. His ex-wife is Chelsie Lamborn, and the duo separated in early 2021. Mr Looney has never stated the reason for his divorce. However, Chelsie has made some claims about their separation.

According to his ex-wife, the TV star did not want to reconcile the problems between them.

He was consistently refusing to provide her with love. She further accused Chase fulfilled his “selfish desires” outside of the house and didn’t give her much attention and value. She thinks that a relationship should be balanced and fought for what she deserves.

We have to be patient before laying out judgment. Even though Fixer to Fabulous cast Chase Looney has not spoken on the matter, it is evident how much he loves his family.

His Instagram posts of his wife have still not been removed. Furthermore, Chelsie is now in a new relationship with a military man.

According to the sources, she waited about six months before revealing her relationship with Douglas Demeritt. Here, you can see the TV personality posing with his wife and kids.

Image of Fixer to Fabulous cast Chase Looney's family


From Fixer to Fabulous, Chase and Chelsie shared two children, Landon and Lucy. Maybe we are quick to conclude, but the TV star seems more attached to his son, as evident from his Instagram posts.

On Christmas 2020, Looney presented his son with a special knife. It was his knife from his first deer hunt with his dad. And the TV star hopes that Landon will someday pass it to his offspring.

The TV personality is a proud dad. He takes his kid to firefighting sessions and hopes that he grows up to be responsible. This post featured Landon with his special gift from his father.

Image of Chase Looney's kids
Fixer to Fabulous Chase Looney’s Kids

Why did Chase Looney Leave Fixer to Fabulous

Although there isn’t any official statement from Chase, people close to Chase revealed that Chase was let go by the producers of the show. Many fans are not happy with Chase leaving the show and has been asking Chase to return back to the show or do his own show. Let’s be honest, Chase has hundred of thousands of fans, and if he decides to go solo, it’s likely the show will be a hit.

So, Is Chase Coming back on Fixer to fabulous or doing his own show?

Although Chase has abandoned his facebook page, he constantly posts on his Instagram account. On one recent post about his current gig, which is a nice looking table made from epoxy; a fan commented if he is coming back to the show “fixer to fabulous”. To which, he replied,

thank you for your kind words and concern, but that’s definitely not happening

Another fans questioned,

If you are not coming back to Fixer to Fabulous, why don’t you do your own show?

Chase replied,

I definitely loved being the part of the wonder tv show and I’m blessed to have so many friends and well-wishers, all thanks to the show. But there are times in our life where we have to sort our priorities and do what’s best for our family

From this we can make an assumption that the reason why he left the show is; after the split form his wife, he has the custody of their two kids, and now Chase wants to focus on his family. Chase is not only a great carpenter, he seems to be a great father. Respect Chase!

Wiki Biography and Net Worth

Mr. Looney was born in 1986. The 37-year-old celebrates his birth anniversary on the 8th of March. From an early age, he was passionate about woodworking. Furthermore, he is an experienced firefighter and takes pride in the profession.

Chase Looney is a dependable man and is proud of his woodworking abilities. We can see a pencil on his ear on many occasions, which demonstrates how attached he is to his work.

Thanks to his excellent career on Fixer to Fabulous and his amazing carpentry abilities, the man has a net worth of above $350k. A mediocre carpenter earns roughly $40k in a year. However, Looney has exceeded that and is moderately successful.

Full Name Chase Looney
Profession Carpenter, TV personality
Show Fixer to Fabulous
Date of Birth 1986, March 8
Star Sign Pisces
Age 36 years
Ex-Wife Chelsie Lamborn
Children Two (Landon and Lucy)
Net Worth $350k

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