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Jenny & Dave Marrs Make Surprise Appearance on Another HGTV Show

Jenny and Dave Marrs, beloved stars of the hit show “Fixer to Fabulous,” are gearing up for an eventful year ahead. Amidst the highly anticipated return of their original show, they’re also set to debut a captivating spinoff series titled “Fixer to Fabulous: Italiano.” In the midst of these busy endeavors, the talented design duo managed to carve out time in their bustling schedules to extend a helping hand to some dear old friends on a special project.

Sharing the excitement of their day in Detroit, Jenny took to social media on August 22nd to share a heartwarming snapshot. The image captured the Marrses alongside Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas, the hosts of “Bargain Block,” a show that similarly captivates audiences with its creative transformations.

Jenny’s post encapsulated the joy of their collaboration, recounting how Keith and Evan had approached them with a project that begged for their expertise. Eager to reciprocate the friendship and creativity, Jenny and Dave enthusiastically joined forces with the “Bargain Block” hosts. Notably, Keith and Evan had previously showcased their talents by crafting a remarkable mural at the Marrses’ Mercantile establishment, making the collaborative venture even more meaningful.

As the Marrses wrapped up their day of teamwork, Jenny’s caption brimmed with gratitude for the connections forged through their dynamic profession. The couple returned home that evening, their hearts warmed by the camaraderie of the day and the remarkable friendships their unique career had gifted them.

Keith Bynum, clearly appreciative of the assistance rendered by the Marrses, chimed in on the post’s comment section. His words echoed the sentiment of a successful day of collaboration, expressing his gratitude for their support and the joy of their reunion.

While the exact timing of the Marrses’ appearance on “Bargain Block” remains uncertain, fans can eagerly anticipate the new season’s premiere on HGTV. The channel marked Wednesday, August 23rd, at 9 p.m. Eastern as the debut of the latest installment. As viewers tune in to witness the transformations and creative ingenuity of both “Bargain Block” and the Marrses’ own shows, the collaborative energy between these talented individuals will undoubtedly shine as a testament to the power of friendship and shared passion.

Jenny & Dave Marrs Became Friends With Keith Bynum & Evan Thomas on ‘Rock the Block’

“Fixer to Fabulous” debuted on HGTV in 2019, a couple of years ahead of “Bargain Block.” While Jenny and Dave Marrs likely crossed paths with Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas in the early stages of their respective shows, their first collaborative venture occurred during the third season of HGTV’s competition series, “Rock the Block,” in 2022.

Throughout the season, the Marrses emerged victorious in two weekly challenges, wowing the judges with their exceptional kitchen renovation and the transformation of the room above the garage.

In contrast, Bynum and Thomas didn’t clinch any of the five weekly wins. Ultimately, the grand prize slipped through both teams’ grasp, landing in the hands of “Married to Real Estate” stars, Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson. Despite the outcome, the entire cast forged strong bonds that continue to thrive.

Jenny, in response to the reunion of the two couples, playfully tagged some of their fellow competitors in a post of her own. She expressed a sense of missing Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis from “Unsellable Houses” and added a series of emojis to convey her emotions.

Leslie Davis reciprocated the sentiment, sharing her affection in the comments section of Dave’s August 22nd post, which showcased the same selfie that Jenny had shared earlier. Her heartfelt words underscored the genuine connection among the four individuals, solidifying the lasting friendships formed during their time together.

Jenny & Dave Marrs Owed the ‘Bargain Block’ Boys a Favor

Jenny and Dave Marrs made their way to Detroit as a gracious gesture in response to Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas’ previous journey to the Marrs’ hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas. The reciprocation was only fitting, given that Keith and Evan had ventured to Bentonville for a March 21, 2023 episode of “Fixer to Fabulous.”

In that particular episode, the Marrses enlisted their friends’ help to adorn the exterior of their newly established Marrs Mercantile retail space with a captivating mural. As the project unfolded, Jenny and Dave shared that they found common ground with Keith and Evan, believing that their friends were ideally suited for the task.

The mural project was about more than just embellishing a building; it also breathed life into another corner of their community. Jenny noted that the camaraderie extended to their shared love for art, particularly highlighting Keith’s incredible talent as an artist. With his artistic prowess and innate ability to create captivating art, the duo felt confident that Keith and Evan would eagerly embrace the opportunity.

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