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Jenny Marrs Reveals her Biggest Fear and Failure.

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Image of Jenny Marrs

Marrs is a popular and highly adored figure in the world of interior design and the television industry. She is a very familiar face among HGTV viewers as she and her husband, Dave Marrs, host the popular home restoration show, “Fixer to Fabulous.”

The power couple has been continuously restoring the properties of Bentonville, Arkansas, since 2019. The show just wrapped up its 4th Season on 7th March 2023.

While fans eagerly await each new program episode, many may be unaware that Jenny overcame one of her greatest fears during the first Season of “Fixer to Fabulous.”

What could possibly frighten such a pleasant and confident host? Please continue reading to know what Jenny has to share about her biggest fear and failure.

What is Jenny Marrs’ Biggest Fear?

According to the host, she is terrified of flying. However, she said the fear was not always there, and she got it after having children.

While talking about her fear, she also shared that she faced an incident once where her airplane’s engine caught fire, and they had an emergency landing. She also talked about the incident in one of her Facebook posts in 2020, “Y’all. I once jumped out of an airplane, and as I hurled toward the earth, MY PARACHUTE RIPPED.”

Image of Jenny and Dave Marrs

The host also joked about it and said that she learned the biggest lesson of her life, which is to stay on the ground. However, seems like this is not the only thing that the host fears.

In fact, she revealed that the fear of living a life without significance is even greater than flying in airplanes. She believes that the world’s standards must not measure a person’s significance, as being famous or having a high social media presence does not make someone meaningful.

Similarly, Jenny says she understands how every day is unique, even though it may seem completely normal or boring. So what is essential is to listen to the lord, embrace simplicity and be kind to everyone.

Jenny may feel her significance from the simplest things, like changing her baby’s wet sheets, or even through bigger things, like organizing concerts to provide food to orphan children in Congo.

Hence as long as Jenny is kind and giving, she feels like she is living a good life full of significance.

Fixer to Fabulous Jenny Talks About her Failure

While many may think that celebrities like Jenny Marrs never fail and are born perfect, it is not valid. According to Jenny, she has her limitations.

Image of Jenny Marrs

Like any average person, she says she fails a million times everyday, even on the most minor things. For example,  she fails when she loses her temper or forgets to return her voicemail or when her email inbox is full.

But despite the failure, Jenny says it is crucial to note that failure is a normal part of life, and one must remember to be graceful to ownself and others.

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