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Farmhouse Fixer Season 3 Release Date: Facts and Information

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Farmhouse Fixer” is a renowned home renovation show on HGTV that has millions of dedicated viewers from all over the world. The show features expert real estate agent cum singer Jonathan Knight and interior designer Kristina Crestine, helping homeowners to transform their old and outdated farmhouses into beautiful and comfortable living spaces.

Similarly, the audience loves how the show focuses on preserving the historical aspect of those properties while meeting the homeowners’ unique and personalized designs. “Farmhouse Fixer” made its debut in 2021, and its second Season came to an end in October 2022.

As the show has not been renewed for a third season till present, the viewers are desperately inquiring about the updates.

So, in this article, we will look into some facts about the “Farmhouse Fixer” while also exploring the information on the release of Season 3.

Farmhouse Fixer Season 3 Will be Release Next Year: Official Information

On 4th April 2023, HGTV announced the official release date of Farmhouse Fixer Season 3. The show has finally announced the renewal of Season 3 after being on a break for a year.

According to HGTV’s latest tweet, the show will come back with new episodes in 2024. The tweet said, “Farmhouse Fixer fans. We’ve just greenlit another season of the hit HGTV show!.”

Image of Jonathan Knight

It further stated that the show’s hosts, Jonathan and Kristina, will continue to restore the antique farmhouses in New England after the show return in 2024. So, stay tuned, fans; your favorite show will soon be back on TV.

12 Interesting Facts About Farmhouse Fixer

As per the official news, Farmhouse Fixer’s new Season will only be back next year. So while we wait for it, why not uncover some unique and interesting information about the show?

Farmhouse Fixer Host Jonathan Knight is a Singer

Mr. Knight is an eminent American musical personality known as one of the former members of the band, “New Kids on the Block.” The band has many successful albums, including “Step by Step,” “The Block,” “Thankful, etc.”

Image of Jonathan Knight

Host Jonathan Knight is happily in love with Harley Rodriguez

Mr. Knight came out as gay pretty early in his life. However, he only came out in public in 2011 as his fans were shocked.

Similarly, he hates the idea of how magazines highlight homosexuality. In an interview, he said, “Apparently, the prerequisite to being a gay public figure is to appear on the cover of a magazine with the caption, ‘I am gay.’ I apologize for not doing so if this is what was expected!”

At present, Jonathan is happily wedded to his long-term boyfriend, Harley Rodriguez. The lovies have been in a romantic relationship since 2008, and they officially exchanged vows in 2022.

Jonathan Knight Struggled with Infertility

Though the Farmhouse Fixer presenter seems fulfilled in his life, he and his partner struggled with fertility issues for many years.  Despite spending an enormous amount of money on various fertility treatments, including rounds of IVFs, they do not have any children.

Farmhouse Fixer Co-Presenter Kristina Crestine Was Destined to become an Interior Designer.

Kristina Crestine is the backbone of “Farmhouse Fixer.” She is an excellent designer who owns a female-based interior designing company, Kristina Crestine Designs.

Image of Kristina Crestin

Similarly, she was sure about her future career from a tender age. In fact, she remembers listing interior design, architect, and dolphin trainer as the top 3 possible careers during her elementary school. Interestingly, she also loved legos and would create different flooring pattering while playing.

Kristina Crestin is the Winner of one of the Prominent TV Shows.

Crestin made her television debut in the reality TV program, “This Old House.” The show not only popularized her excellent design abilities among the general public, but she also received the title “HGTV’s Designer of the Year” in 2019.

The designer said she thought she had just won the competition’s “living large in tiny places” category. But she couldn’t acknowledge the fact that she was a national prize winner.

Kristina Lives With Her Husband

Kristina lives in Massecuttes with her hubby, Kirby Crestin, a constriction worker. The pair met while working on a construction site together in 2004. And after remaining girlfriend and boyfriend for 2 years, they wedded in 2006.

Farmhouse Fixer Presenters Have Fur Babies

As both the presenter does not have any biological children, they adore furry babies. Kristina and Jonathan have dedicated multiple social media posts for their pet dogs.

The name of Kristina’s dog is Cooper. Both Kristina and her husband consider him their child. On 2021 Father’s Day, the designer wished her husband a “Happy Father’s Day” and wrote,” Wishing my hubby a Happy Fathers Day.

Image of Dog

He’s the best dog Dad ever and we’re so lucky to have him in our lives.” Similarly, Jonathan is also a dog daddy with a fur baby named Oliver.

In a recent post, Jonathan posted a picture of Oliver sleeping while he was in the background on TV. Beside the picture, Knight wrote, “Apparently Oliver wasn’t impressed with his Dad being on TV tonight!”

The Show’s Host Are Now Competing in Another HGTV Show

While fans are eager to see some more transformation of historic properties in New England, the hosts are busy with another HGTV show in 2023. Yes, Kristina and Jonathan are competing in the Season 4 of HGTV’s “Rock the Block.”

The duo won the first task on the show and will probably win the entire Season as well.

Some Properties on the Show are Older than A Century

As the central theme of “Farmhouse Fixer” is to restore old farmhouse properties, the presenters once claimed that some properties they restored were over 100 years older. In fact, as per HGTV’s website, the hosts’ first venture for the program was a farmhouse based in New Hampshire that was from the 1700s.

Jonathan himself lives in almost a century-old historic farmhouse in Essex.

Property Owners Pay for their Renovation on the Show

Who pays for the renovation projects on the home restoration show? This has been one of the most inquired queries on the internet recently.

So, to clear things out, the homeowners pay for their respective renovation projects. But, it is also said that HGTV too contributes a significant amount.

FarmHouse Fixer Was Declared Back in 2018

Many of you may not know, but the HGTV show was announced in 2018. In 2018, HGTV revealed that the iconic musical personality, Jonathan Knight, had signed a contract for a new HGTV show, and it would premiere in 2019.

However, it only aired on TV after over 2 years in 2021. It may have sounded odd to some fans about a singer hosting a renovation program, but Jonathan has been a real estate agent since his mid-20s. And if you follow him on Instagram, you must have known his history and love for refurbishing old properties.

Jonathan and Kristina have been on Other Television Programs.

While Jonathan and Kristina received a lot of love and recognition from “Farmhouse Fixer,” it is not their first television appearance. As per Mr. Knight’s Wikipedia, he has been in the real estate business for a couple of decades and has also been featured on TV programs like “True Life,” “The AMazing Race,” “Fuller House,” etc.

Image of Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin

Similarly, as Kristina rose to fame from “Farmhouse Fixer,” she had previously appeared in a renovation program, “This Old House.”


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