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Unsellable House Cast who Left the show. What happened?

As Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis embark on the exciting journey of the fourth season of their immensely popular HGTV show, “Unsellable Houses,” they are thrilled to introduce a fresh addition to their dynamic team, who will be stepping into the shoes of one of the show’s original cast members.

In anticipation of the Season 4 premiere, originally slated for a summer debut but subject to a last-minute scheduling change, Leslie Davis took to Instagram to share her enthusiasm with fans. She revealed that she and her twin sister are eagerly looking forward to introducing the world to their new “leading man,” Owen Mather. Owen assumes the crucial role of “in-house head contractor” within their renowned renovation and design company, Lamb & Co.

Accompanying her announcement were a series of heartwarming photos featuring the Lamb and Davis sisters alongside Owen Mather. In her Instagram post, Davis effusively expressed, “Owen is undeniably one of the most loyal, genuine, and kind-hearted individuals we have ever had the privilege of knowing. We are confident that you will embrace him with the same warmth and affection that we do, and we can’t wait for you to also meet our dedicated pawject manager, Esau 🐶.”

New Cast Member Owen Mather Has Worked Behind the Scenes on ‘Unsellable Houses’

In an Instagram post, Leslie Davis shared the exciting news that the Season 4 premiere of “Unsellable Houses” will coincide with Owen Mather’s birthday, adding an extra layer of celebration to the event. This popular series follows the creative journey of Davis and Lyndsay Lamb as they breathe new life into challenging-to-sell homes in Washington state. Remarkably, Owen Mather is intimately acquainted with this transformative process, as he has been an integral part of the show’s behind-the-scenes crew since its inception.

Before becoming a key member of the “Unsellable Houses” team, Owen Mather had been employed at J.L. Remodeling, a local renovation firm owned by Laurence, a familiar face to viewers as the sisters’ primary contractor. In his prior role, Mather contributed to the show’s renovation efforts from its very inception, occasionally making appearances in the background and featuring in social media posts related to the series.

In 2022, Owen Mather made his official transition to Lamb & Co., taking on the role of Director of Lamb Renovations, with responsibilities encompassing the management of all project facets, as stated on the Lamb & Co. website. This significant shift places Mather squarely in the spotlight of the show, where he now provides expert guidance and oversees the sisters’ renovation ventures.

Owen Mather’s personal life also brings warmth to the “Unsellable Houses” family. In 2019, he tied the knot with his wife, Ashley. Their family joyfully welcomed a baby boy in January 2022, as indicated on his Facebook page. Additionally, Esau, Owen’s faithful canine companion, plays a prominent role in his life and even holds an official position on the Lamb & Co. team, being affectionately recognized as “the goodest boy” on the company’s website.

Lamb & Co Confirms Jeff Laurence Will No Longer Appear on ‘Unsellable Houses’

In an Instagram post dated August 24th, Lyndsay Lamb excitedly shared, “Within the past year, we officially launched Lamb & Co. Renovation alongside @lambandcodesign, and we can’t wait for you to join us on this unfolding adventure.” This momentous development signifies that the dynamic sisters are no longer reliant on external companies like R.L. Remodeling to oversee their renovation projects.

This alteration in their approach, combined with the introduction of Owen Mather, has sparked some concerns among devoted fans of “Unsellable Houses.” There has been a degree of speculation on social media regarding the potential absence of Laurence, Mather’s former employer, from the show.

When a curious follower inquired about Laurence on Lamb’s August post, the Lamb & Co. account confirmed that Laurence would not be part of the upcoming season. They responded, “Jeff will not be on this season. He’s focusing on growing his business, and we’re expanding ours with Lamb & Co. Renovation—wishing him and his company nothing but the best!”

This news left fans expressing their affection for Laurence and their apprehension about the show’s future. One lamented, “It won’t be the same without Jeff!!! I will miss him,” while another shared, “Oh no!!!!! I’ll miss Jeff, loved his reactions to some of your ideas 🔨🛠️⚒️🔧🪛🪚🗜️🧰🔩⚙️.” Another fan chimed in, saying, “This is sad. He was brilliant and great comic relief off the two of you!”

Leslie Davis, however, stepped in to share her perspective, countering, “@owenpixs13 is the best thing to happen to our show since Esau 🐶.”

In the lead-up to the Season 4 premiere of “Unsellable Houses” on September 10, J.L. Remodeling made its own announcement. They uploaded a new YouTube video featuring Laurence playing pool and discussing his future endeavors. Laurence addressed the curiosity surrounding his absence from the show, saying, “So, a lot of people have been wondering what I’ve been doing with my time since I stopped filming ‘Unsellable Houses.'” The video included black and white clips of his appearances on the show via a small TV with static.

“Some people have been asking, ‘Where’s Jeff?'” Laurence continued as screenshots of social media comments appeared. He then offered a glimpse into his recent activities, showcasing footage of him working on local renovation projects and participating in mission trips. The video seemed to hint at the possibility of his own YouTube reality show, concluding with an enticing graphic that read, “Welcome to the new era.”


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  1. I liked the show at first but can’t watch Leslie be torn down and abused by her twin sister. She is soo mean to everyone. They do good work but no one likes to watch an abusive relationship. I see why Jeff left!

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