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Where Do the Bargain Block Guys Live? 7 Facts

Bargain Block is a home renovation program featured on HGTV since 2021. Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas, also called Bargain Block guys, present the program, along with realtor Shea Hicks Whitfield.

While the show has wrapped up only 2 seasons, it has already been a big hit, with the fans waiting for the show’s latest season.

Now, while the viewers await Season 3, they have been keeping themselves busy with updating themselves about the show’s cast. So, here we have brought to you the details about the show’s hosts, a.k.a; Bargain Block guys, Evan Thomas and Keith Bynum. Read until the end.

Where is Bargain Block Filmed?

HGTV’s Bargain Block has filmed in different locations in Detroit.

The show’s hosts, known as the “Bargain Block Guys,” specialize in renovating homes close to each other to impact the surrounding neighborhood and increase their profits positively.

Bargain Block Guys Evan Thomas and Keith Bynum

Hence, as per the source, Seasons 1 and 2 were shot in the Pembroke and Fitzgerald communities, but the third season will take place in Livernois.

Keith Bynum stated that they had previously wanted to film in Livernois, but the homes were too costly and didn’t have a good resale value. However, with recent changes, they now have the chance to restore the Livernois neighborhood.

Bargain Block Cast: Are they Married? Love Life Explored

No, the Bargain Block cast, Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas, are not married.

However, they have been involved romantically for a decade, and it has been 5 years since they got engaged.

While the regular Bargain Block viewers are well-aware of Keith and Evan’s love life, the new viewers must have been amazed after discovering their homosexuality.

Bargain Block Guys Bynum hugging his partner

When asked why they have yet to exchange their wedding vows, they state that their passion for working and renovating houses has gotten them so busy that they have no time to plan their big day.

Last year on March 2022, Keith posted a cute picture with his fiance, Evan, on Instagram and stated how 5 years ago they had been engaged on that day.

According to People, Evan and Keith initially met in 2013 while they lived in Colorado.

Bargain Block Guys, Keith Bynum, and Evan Thomas Net Worth

According to Distractify, Keith Bynum has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. While his partner, Evan Thomas, has a net worth of $ 1 million.

Keith has a remarkable entrepreneurial background, starting his first company at the age of 14. He has an MBA degree from the University of Texas and eventually sold his first business to pursue his passion for home renovation. He now serves as a designer and co-host on “Bargain Block.”

On the other hand, Evan holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Colorado and joined the renovation world after meeting Keith. He brings his expertise as a carpenter to the show and co-hosts alongside Keith.

In addition to their success on “Bargain Block,” Keith and Evan’s substantial wealth can also be attributed to their construction and renovation business, Nine Furniture+ Design.

Bargain Block Weird House Did it Sell?

Bargain Block featured a weird yet remarkable house in Season 1, episode “Detroit Pride and Weird House.”

The weird house was a bungalow-style house located at Westside Detroit. It has a full basement and a large backyard with bright, colorful rooms, including a spacious private bedroom and a bathroom having a glow-light floral design.

While the house was called weird, most of the viewers gave mixed reactions after the Bargain Block casts renovated it. The house was mainly memorable for its orange kitchen and a huge D-shaped window in front. Some viewers said they loved the kitchen, and some said it looked like a cupcake.

However, the house wasn’t sold until the end of the episode, and the fans were still curious about it.

So, the strange house that was once up for sale on the Bargain Block has finally been sold. After a long wait, the house was sold on November 10th, 2021, for the price of $110,900.

This is a significant increase from its original purchase price of $5,600, which the Bargain Block guys had bought it for before the renovation.

Do The Bargain Block Guys Have A Home of Their Own? Where Do they live?

Yes, the co-presenter couple of Bargain Block purchased a home for themselves in Detroit. And with it, they also have a house for their construction company, Nine Designs.

Bargain Block Guys Home

According to the source, the house is located on a 10,000 sq. ft area on Grand River Avenue in the Old Redford area of Detroit, and they moved there in October 2021.

Likewise, the Bargain Block Guys remember their first house in Detroit being a small brick house located the South of Livernois Avenue Juncture.

Bargain Block Season 3

For the fans who are waiting for the release of the Season 3 of a hit tv show, Bargain Block, Keith announced on her Instagram that season 3 would premiere on August 23rd.

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