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Is Parker Schnabel Leaving Gold Rush Eventually?

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Parker Schnabel is a television personality and gold miner who is highly adored by the fans for his appearance on Discovery channel’s “Gold Rush.” Inspired by his grandfather, Schnabel was introduced to gold hunting during his teens, and now at 28, the man has made a name for himself with his multiple gold mining adventures.

He joined “Gold Rush,” in 2010 with his grandfather, who was the owner of Big Nugget Mine. However, Parker’s role on the show gained importance after his grandfather left and transferred his possession of his mining business.

Though Gold Rush is currently on Season 12, Parker Schnabel’s involvement in the show has been decreasing, causing concern among fans about his future on the show. So, why is he not active on Gold Rush? Is it because the gold miner is leaving the show?

Continue reading to find out.

Why is Parker Schnabel Appearing Less on Gold Rush?

One of Gold Rush’s lead cast, Parker Schnabel’s decreasing contribution to the show, has been a matter of concern. However, in an interview, the TV star says that he is currently busy with his business.

In his  Facebook post, he answered the public’s concern and said that as his business has grown, it demands more of his time. Parker says he has to deal with paperwork, employee stuff, permission accounts, taxes and many other things.

Image of Parker Schnabel

So, as his business is expanding, he is happy and thankful that his mining team have varied skills. He says he does not know welding stuff and is not a mechanic, so he is thankful that he can look up to his crew for those kinds of stuff.

Moreover, he also talked about how he likes to keep moving, learning, and improving rather than being stagnant. So, at present, Parker said he has been contributing a lot of his time in the field to grow his business.

Is Parker Leaving Gold Rush?

No, Parker has not formally departed from the “Gold Rush.” However, he has been less visible on the show, which has concerned the show’s audience that he will soon leave the show. But, the gold miner has yet to confirm his current stay or departure.

But, with his mining business flourishing and expanding, he might soon have no time for the television. So, whether Parker stays on the show or leaves, it’s actually in the hands of the show makers and producers of “Gold Rush.”

As Parker many viewers only watch the show to view Parker’s gold mining adventures, it would be wise of the producers to offer him attractive offers and facilities to keep him on the show. It is likely that Parker will only remain on the show if the advantages he gains from being on television exceed those he gains from his mining business.

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