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Monica Beets Bio-Wiki: Net worth, age, Married, husband of Tony Beets daughter 2022

Monica Beets

To all the fans of the character of Tony Beets, famous miner and Discovery reality star, the face and temper of both miner and his family are well known. Nevertheless, behind the beard of the great Viking (as Beets likes to be called), there is a deadly glow in his eye especially reserved for those who decide to mess with his daughter. Today we are about to tell you about Tony’s daughter Monica Beets.

About Her Parents: Minnie and Tony Beets

Tony Beets, an immigrant of Dutch origin, came to Canada from the Netherlands some 25 years ago. He met his wife Minnie when she was only six and he was seven after his family moved in her neighborhood.

The story that begins to unfold when the couple started dating when Minnie was twenty years old, they got married, and Minnie headed overseas with her husband when they asked more of life and departed to Canada.

Both being very hardworking, they created a legacy that actually ended up being broadcasted in what is now a sixth season of “The Gold Rush” on Discovery. The couple has four children, sons Mike and Kevin and daughters Monica and Bianca.

Happy Couple: Tony Beets seems happy together with his wife Minnie Beets
Tony Beets and Minnie Beets Parents of Monica Beets

Source:- Vimeo

Net worth

Monica’s net worth $2 million, which is for her age quite inspiring. Although net worth of $2 million, might not be much in comparison to other reality show stars, it should be noted that she is not married, currently single in fact and there is no potential husband that she might join her net worth with.

Monica's net worth is $1 million Huge Net-worth of Young Girl
Monica’s net worth is $1 million

So far, mining, traveling and tattoos are what gold rush princess is ready to display and teens on the show that add up some drama maybe affect her and who knows if the next seasons will show her getting married, and spice it up with some father-in-law and husband stories that might arise.

Tough as finding gold

Tony is famous to be a very tough man, great husband, and father and to have almost impeccable methods of finding gold. Nevertheless, Beets didn’t increase his net worth and wealth by sitting idly. Him being married prompted him to work harder. He engaged his entire family to support the mining business and they are taking it seriously.

All of them are well-versed in operating heavy machinery and according to the Facebook page of his daughter Monica, it is even a passion of theirs to drive all sorts of vehicles. Further self-description on Facebook is as follows: “I like working on the equipment, and being the boss.

"Before I was on the show, I'd tell people I was on a gold mine and they'd say, 'Oh, you're the cook.' No, I run equipment." Check out the full interview with Monica via Entrepreneur!

Posted by Gold Rush on Friday, November 3, 2017

Unless something breaks. Then I’m not the boss and it is not my fault. lol, Just kidding!” One can say it is going to be hard for anybody aiming to be her husband as he has to not only conquer her but also her dad who is not thrilled with the thought of his little girl getting married.

We can easily say “like father, like daughter” and conclude that net worth is not what they are primarily after. After her appearance on the “Gold Rush”, people started calling her “gold rush princess” with all the fame that follows on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This “princess” status pointed out towards not only the family relationships but also the attitude she has. As she herself stated, Monica is used to bossing around and organizing people on site who are sometimes twice her age.

Tony Beets daughter Monica Beets Wiki, bio: age.

Born on November 7, 1993, and raised in Yukon, Canada she had a rather unusual childhood. According to her statements, she loved every piece of it and driving cars and getting into the mining business was an essential part from her early age, even today when she constantly tries to learn something new and challenge herself.

Not being afraid of oil and dirt, she was on equipment when she was 12 and left by her dad to figure out the equipment herself.

The magic happened, the Viking’s daughter took after her dad and machine were up and running, getting the job done by the time he was back. At the age of 16, she was working full time for her dad and by the age of 18, she became Supervisor at Paradise Hill. Needless to say, it is not all about work.

The main season is in the summer, leaving family and Monica with possibilities to just rest in their Arizona house, or in Monica’s case get herself in some adventures while traveling.


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