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Chris Doumitt wiki Bio, Net worth, salary, wife. Did he leave Goldrush?

Chris Doumitt

Chris Doumitt is a reality star and gold miner with almost 30 years of experience in the business. Moreover, he is one of the many faces that light up your screen when Gold Rush airs on the Discovery Channel.

Chris regularly appears on screen with a broad smile and a cigar in his mouth. He is the most hardworking member of the cast. Let’s uncover Chris Doumitt’s Net Worth, Salary, and age right here. Also, he knew more about his married life and met his wife, Sharon Doumitt.

Chris Doumitt’s net worth & salary.

Chris Doumitt’s net worth is estimated to be $400,000. He has gained this amount through his appearance on the reality television series “Gold Rush” and also from mining gold.

His bank account is set to rise over time as they adopt new ventures. One such business is his cigar brand, “Doumitt cigar.” Owing to his popularity on the show, there was significant demand for Chris’ products. They brought him a handsome amount of profit.

Chris Doumitt Net worth is around $400,000
Caption:- Chris Doumitt Net worth is around $400,000

Chris Doumitt is married to his wife Sharon Doumitt. Her wife Sharon was a cancer patient.

Chris Doumitt is a married man. He has been with his wife Sharon for nearly 53 years now. Chris has stated on multiple occasions that Sharon is the love of his life.

Together, they’ve had two kids. But life for the Doumitts has not always been easy.

His wife Sharon suffered from about two forms of cancer and underwent treatment for five months. Moreover, Chris Doumitt had a problem with his back which required surgery.

Despite this, the couple was able to persevere. As soon as Chris’ wife Sharon was in remission, the former took to Facebook to spread the joyous news. He told fans that his wife was finally cancer-free.

Caption: Chris Doumitt reveals his wife Sharon is cancer-free.

Did Chris Doumitt leave gold rush, or is he still on the show?

Chris Doumitt is still on the show. It has 11 seasons available for viewing already. In total, Chris has been featured in about 165 episodes across ten years.

This is a remarkable feat for anyone in television. Moreover, Doumitt shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. We reckon he’ll keep appearing on television as long as the show is still on the air.

His Death Rumour.

During the 7th season of the show, Chris took a back seat from everything. He didn’t even appear on the show for most of the season. This was when the rumors began, as some fans believed that he had died after a mining accident.

However, it emerged that Chris was recuperating from his back surgery. If that wasn’t enough, he had even gotten his truck stolen. We can, however, say with absolute certainty that Chris Doumitt is not dead. He is alive and kicking and happy since his wife is now cancer-free.

Chris Doumitt is not dead

Short Wiki info and bio.

Chris Doumitt was born in Portland, OR. He is currently 62 years old. His bio shows that he was originally a carpenter before he engaged in gold mining. Chris joined Hoffman’s crew after being asked to build a cabin for them using his carpentry skills.

At the time, he was only given 10 days to complete the project. After completing his initial goal, he’d stay on for an additional 5 months. In the process, Doumitt learned how to mine gold.

He caught the mining bug and decided to stay with the team. Later on, he joined the Parker crew at Scribner creek.

During his free time, Chris Doumitt enjoys rifle shooting, making wine using grapes, playing golf, and enjoying his cigar.

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