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Gold Rush Cast Net Worth: See How Much Does Gold Rush Cast Makes. 2022

Gold Rush Cast Net Worth

Ever wondered just how much the cast in a reality TV show/series takes home? Welcome on board, I will give you information regarding the net worth of one famous reality TV series known as Gold Rush. Gold Rush is a reality TV series that aired on Discovery. During its first season, this reality series was known as Gold Rush; Alaska. The series brings the picture of family-run gold mining companies that are in Klondike, Yukon in Canada. There are different teams involved in the mining.

Season one of the show features six men. The men are from Oregon which is a very small town that sits 30 miles on the southeast of Portland. The current cast of Gold Rush includes; Jack Hoffman, Parker Schnabel, Gary Grogan, Roger Schnabel, Fred Dodge, Chris Doumitt and Tony Beets among others. This is a show that clearly manages to bring both young and old stars. This begs the question, what is the net worth of Gold Rush?

Gold Rush Cast Net Worth and Salary

The pay that Gold Rush cast make from the reality show is meant to basically supplement their gold mining business. Investing in a gold mine can take you to a higher level financially, or take away all your wealth.

Initially, this show was based on a father and son’s dream to become affluent gold miners in the 21st century. Todd Hoffman risked his entire fortune to feature at the American dream and it paid handsomely, he became a millionaire in one season.

Team Gold Rush ( Hoffman Crew)
Team Gold Rush ( Hoffman Crew)

Source:- Facebook

Unluckily though, some of the mid-seasons did not pay too well and the two ended up spending more than they got from the show. By the fifth season, a notable majority of the crew abandoned Todd and Jack. The two took this as a positive challenge and were more determined to show the world that they are up to the task of becoming accomplished gold miners.

Below is a breakdown of each cast, their net worth, and a short bio. Let us start with Park Schnabel.

Parker Schnabel Net Worth and Salary.

Parker appears as a starring guest in Season one. He is given one of the mines, known as the Big Nugget, in the second season. Currently, Parker is 27 years old but he joined the series at the tender age of 17. Parker is said to have received good pay after a successful season five.

Currently, Parker Schnabel’s net worth is over $1 million though he claims to have more debts than an ordinary 20-year-old. Parker Schnable’s Salary Per episode is around $50,000

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Todd Hoffman’s Net Worth and Salary

As earlier highlighted, a majority of Gold Rush’s cast crew abandoned Todd Hoffman and his dad. The two left no stone unturned in a bid to prove that they were bound to become successful in gold mining. True to their effort, Todd Hoffman makes his gold mine profitable and it even begins operating on a large scale.

Having been among the most successful miners, his net worth is also above $1 million, and his salary of $30,000. Todd Hoffman is 52 years as of 2022.

The Real Reason Todd Hoffman Left Gold Rush

Paul Christie’s Net Worth and Salary

Information regarding Paul’s net worth remains quite scanty. Unverified sources claim that he is worth $20 million. Clearly, it’s only the taxman who can attest to these figures. Paul Christie’s Salary per episode in Gold Rush is $30,000

Paul Christie is the voice actor in Gold Rush. He was born in the year 1951 in Manhattan. Besides voice acting, Paul has also worked as a writer, artist, comedian, and narrator.

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Jack Hoffman’s Net Worth and Salary

Jack Hoffman is Todd’s father. Previously, Jack used to be a gold miner in Alaska for about 25 years. The opportunity to join Gold Rush is seen as a second chance to live the dream he had in Alaska.

Jack Hoffman Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth

Jack is 74-year-old as of 2022. He views the gold mining business as a means of digging millions out of the ground.

The 74-year-old continues to dig out his millionaire dollar dream and his net worth increased by $0.5 million towards the last season. His salary is around $40,000

Dave Turin’s Net Worth and Salary

With birth roots tracing back to Sandy, Oregon, Dave Turin is a civil engineer by profession. He has engaged in the engineering trade and his net worth is above $2 million. His salary per episode is close to $50,000

Dave is featured as a guest star in different episodes of the first season. In the second season, he appears full-time as an experienced foreman; this is after Todd successfully convinces him to take a break from his family business. Later on March 17, the 52-year-old is announced to have retired.

Dave Turin's Net Worth
Dave Turin’s Net Worth is Above $2 Million

Greg Remsburg: Net Worth and Salary

Greg has been in and out of Gold Rush. His first departure was in 2013 but he returned as one of the cast in the fourth season. After season 5, Greg left the show again. His reasons for leaving the show remain undisclosed. Greg Remsburg is 41 years old and his net worth remains undisclosed.

Net Worth of Greg Remsburg
Net Worth of Greg Remsburg is Unknown

Jim Thurber Net Worth and Salary

Originally, Jim is an expert in Metal Sheets work and a fisherman. He has an experience of over 30 years. Jim acts as the safety officer in Gold Rush. He is also tasked with finding the valued metal in the reality show.

He joined the show after an economic downtime that screwed up his business. Jim is 54 years old and remains a notable hard-working and dedicated member of the Hoffman Crew.

Jim’s net worth is approximately $350,000, while his annual salary stands at $120,000 which is brought about by a $10,000 monthly earning.

Jim Thurber's Net Worth
Jim Thurber’s Net Worth is Around $350,000

Monica Beets Net Worth and Salary

Like many members of the cast, Monica Beets rose to fame through the Gold Rush reality show. She is one of the miners in the show. Monica is the daughter of Tony Beets who is also a miner. In the show, Monica supervises her father’s mining team.She acquired her mining knowledge from early childhood when she used to accompany her father to the mining grounds.

Monica has a net worth of $1 million while her annual salary ranges around $175,000. Monica is the youngest in her family; she was born on 7th November 1993.She has three siblings, two brothers, and an elder sister. Let’s now look at her sister Bianca

Net Worth Of Monica Beets
Net Worth Of Monica Beets is $1 Million

Bianca Beets Net Worth and Salary

Bianca is another member of the Beet’s family. Just like Monica, Bianca helps out on her father’s gold mine. Bianca’s net worth has not been disclosed yet but unlike her sister, she does not play major roles.

Bianca Beets Net Worth is estimated to be close to $50,000 and has $3,000 salary per episode.

Kevin Beets Net Worth and Salary

Tony Beets has another son, Kevin who is also a cast in the Gold Rush. There’s not much information about him but just like his siblings; Monica and Bianca, Kevin has grown in the company of a miner which equipped him with important skills which he helps at his father’s mine.

Kevin Beet’s Net worth is estimated to be close to $30,000 and has a salary of $2,000

Mike Beets Net Worth and Salary

Just like the other members of the Beet’s family, Mike helps his father in the search for gold, a precious metal. He works with his dad in Klondike in Canada. His personal details are still under review. Mike Beet’s Net Worth is $20,000 and receives the salary of $2,000


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