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Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2023: How much money does he makes from Gold Rush?

Parker Schnabel net worth

What is Parker Schnabel’s Net Worth? Curious? Check this out. Parker Schnabel is the lead star of the popular reality show ‘Gold Rush’. This show airs on the Discovery Channel. This show is based on the workings of gold diggers and miners operating in Alaska. Parker, who is just 28 years of age, is the main cast of the show.

Career and Rise to Fame

Parker had been learning everything about the mining trade since the day he started to walk. He always had a keen interest in this field. He took over the family mine Big Nugget when he was just 16 years old. Thus it can be seen clearly that he was deeply involved with the mining operations.

He used to learn everything related to the trade and made himself experienced in every field related to it. He was handling men twice his age with perfection.

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Parker rose to fame when the show Gold Rush started airing. In the first season of the show, his grandfather stepped down and gave him authority over the mining operations. Since then, he has been rising constantly without looking back.

Gold Rush Parker Schnabel’s Net Worth is $10 Million in 2023

The net worth of Parker Schnabel of the famous reality show “Gold Rush” is estimated to be around $10 Million. He used to do summer work at the Big Nugget Mine. That mine was founded by his grandfather John Schnabel. After John handed over the business to Parker, he is now the owner of the multi-million dollar business, and he is very successful at what he does. According to Rick Ness, he makes about a million dollars from gold mining every year after 35% taxes. Recently Parker said he is planning something big, aiming to mine $100 million worth of gold.

The secondary source of income for Parker Schnabel’s Net Worth is the salary from the reality show Gold Rush when he was not working much in the Big Nugget Mine. However, in season four of the show, Parker spent the money he was given for college on setting up his own mining operation.

As a rookie, he performed very well by finding 1029 ounces of gold in Klondike. This shows that he has a bright future as a gold miner and gold digger.

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The reality shows Gold Rush is very famous and is regularly gaining viewers. The constant increase in the number of viewers results in increasing the earnings of its cast and crew.

Parker appeared in the first season of the show, in which he guest-starred and gave some advice. His grandfather John Schnabel decided to step down in that season.

Unfortunately, his grandfather and the founder of the Big Nugget Mine died in his sleep. He was 96 years old and had a lot of experience in this field.

Parker Schnabel shares picture from 'Gold Rush'
Caption: Reality show ‘Gold Rush’ star Parker Schnabel’s net worth is $2 Million

Source: Discovery

Apart from the show, gold mining will always remain the chief source of income for this young gold digger. As he has started his own gold mining operations, he will certainly increase his net worth rapidly through hard work.

Like every other celebrity, this young gold miner has bought himself a comfortable house and fast cars, and he spends it well, just like anyone with such huge wealth would do.

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  1. Parker Schnabel seemed like a nice kid in the beginning but he’s turned into a foul mouthed, angry young man. Too bad. Grandpa is now gone and Parker seems to have no one around that will call him on his bad behavior.

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