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Krin Nelson isn’t Married to Scott anymore: Here’s Why They Split.

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Image of Krin Nelson with her husband Scott Nelson and son Colby Nelson

Krin Nelson is an accomplished hunter, fisherman, and explorer mainly recognized as one of the casts of Discovery channel’s “Last Alaskan.” In fact, many of you may already know that she is the youngest daughter of the famous outdoorsman Heimo Korth.

Now, as the show ended in 2019, its viewers still like to follow the lives of their favorite casts. So, recently, the viewers discovered that Krin Nelson and her husband had parted ways.

As Scott and Nelson dated since 2007 and got married in 2009, what must have happened to cause the split after so many years of togetherness?

Remain with us to find out.

Krin Nelson and Scott Have Spiltted? What Happened?

Recently, Krin Nelson announced the separation from her husband, Scott Nelson. On 7th March 2023, the TV personality made a lengthy post on her social media handles to reveal her personal life, where she posted a cute picture with Scott and wrote that their 14.5 years of married life were finally over.

She further wrote,

“It wasn’t all bad. But it definitely wasn’t all good. I lost myself. Lost everything I was. Lost friends and family over it. I wanted him and only him. He wanted me and all the others. He is a damn good man. One hell of a good person. Im proud of him and his accomplishments in life. And I always will be.”

Likewise, while she says she is happy about being good co-parents to their son, she revealed that she no longer wants someone to destroy her as a person. According to the post, Scott cheated on her again and again, and she kept forgiving him.

“I tried. I did my best, but I could no longer do it. I walk away, knowing I did everything to make it work,” she said.

Image of Krin Nelson with her husband Scott Nelson and son Colby Nelson

While Krin talked about Scott’s behavior, she also admitted that she was not perfect either and reacted terribly at times. But, whatever happened with their relationship,

she mentioned that she would never wish or talk ill about him and would not stand anyone saying wrong about him because Scott is a great human being and a great father, above all.

Finally, she noted, “Thank you, Scott, for the last 16 years of my life. Also, thanks for doing my math homework in Mr. Jacobsen’s class. I would never have passed Algebra 2 without you. 💙 Goodbye.”

Moreover, on Facebook, Krin said that though she was not ready to talk about this in public, as she frequently was asked why it was only her and Colby in the adventures, she finally decided to inform the public about her personal life. Also, according to the post, she and Scott have not been together for over 2 years, and the divorce was finalized months ago.

Krin fans were supportive of her announcement, and some of them wrote encouraging words in the comments section. As one of them on Facebook said, “It would be nice if more divorced couples chose to remember the good over the bad. With kids you will always be a part of each other’s lives and I applaud you.”

Krin and Scott have a son Colby Nelson Together

Yes, the duo has a son. Their son, Colby Nelson, was born on 17th April 2016.

He is almost 7 as of 2023. The little is seen joining his parents, especially his mother, on various adventures since he was born.

Likewise, in December 2019, Krin and her husband announced that their little family was growing big in June 2019, meaning they were expecting their second baby. But unfortunately, in January 2019, the mother-to-be, Krin, shared a sad update on her handle, stating about the loss of their unborn baby girl at 18 weeks.

She said that when she went to the ultrasound, there was no heartbeat, no movement, and the baby was upside down. Later it was found that the baby’s heart stopped at around 15 or 16th weeks.

Who is Scott Nelson?

Scott Nelson is popularly recognized as a celebrity husband. However, sources claim that he is a former marine officer. Like Krin, he also enjoyed exploring and was often seen joining his wife and son on various exotic adventures.

Image of Scott Nelson with his son Colby Nelson

Scott was frequently featured on his wife’s social media until their relationship showered.


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